Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Outdoor Furniture

Hello Friends!
Long time no post! I hope you are all doing well. I've missed you!
It's been almost five months since I posted anything on my blog.
No particular reason other than I have not been doing much home decorating. Now I finally
have something to share. We replaced our outdoor furniture on the back deck. Hooray!
It had been seven years and the old set was rusted and torn on the cushions. Take a peek
at our new wicker set from Lowes. The rug, pillows and candle holder are new as well. It feels
very cheerful with the bright red colors. We have really been enjoying it so far. 
The red says welcome and gives a cheerful look.
 I plan to add some flowers, trailing greenery and a flag to the planter.
 The pillows have flowers in orange, cream and gold.
 A little cut out candle holder, fun!
Large ferns and a hummingbird feeder hang above this area but I forgot to take a photo.
 The bench is super comfortable.
A view from inside the family room looking out.
The rest of the deck holds the grill, bistro set and geranium planters.
 I moved the previous rug, blue pillow and yellow jar to the front porch. Love it here! 
 Take a look at our Japanese Maple near the front walkway. It is huge now!
I remember when it was just a little thing when we first moved in.
Feel free to follow me on Pinterest or friend me on my Facebook if you
haven't already. I'm always pinning away if I'm not blogging.
I hope to get back to blogging at least a little more often though.
Thanks for coming by and happy almost summer!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rosary Blessings

Happy 2013 Everyone!
Where did 2012 go? It was by far the fastest year of my life. The saying as you get older the faster it goes by is so true. I am ready for a new start and am happy 2012 is behind me. It was a tough year full of highs and lows. Never had I felt a time when prayers were needed more. My father is sick and suffering with alzheimers. He was diagnosed in 2009 and it has taken over his mind quickly. He is in the final stages and it is so hard on all of us. My Mom the most of course since she is his primary caregiver. If any of you have delt with this horrible disease I know you definitely understand. I know some of you do since you have talked to me privately.   
In late November a dear blog friend of mine Jan from The Comfort of a Safe Place
had posted about giving away a rosary to someone in need of prayer. I will be honest, I don't read blogs all that much anymore and the fact that I stumbled across her post I just knew it was meant to be. I left her a comment and after some email exchanges Jan not only decided to make a rosary for me but to give one to each of my parents and to each of my sisters. She is a caring and very generous person. If you do not know Jan please go by and visit her beautiful blog. She offers great decorating tips, recipes and most of all prayers and encouragement to all. I have known Jan for the entire four years I have been blogging and I am honored to call her a friend.
Thanks again to Jan and thanks from my family as well. They have all received the rosaries and are very pleased with their beauty. Take a look at the rosaries and photo collages she made.
This is my rosary in Swarovski crystal. Isn't it gorgeous?
Jan really went above and beyond. She is so talented.
I bought this pretty jewel stone box to store it safely inside.
I found this small mirror jewelry chest at Marshalls.
It all makes for a matching mirrored vignette on my dresser.
As you can see each rosary is lovely, unique and very well made.
My parents, Christmas Eve 2012. April will be 52 years of marraige for them.
It's wonderful to be married that long but very sad my Dad remembers none of us.
If you would like to know more about alzheimers click here.
Chestnut agrees ... let us end this terrible disease for good.
Thanks for coming by. I hope to be posting more often in 2013!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two Trees For Christmas

Hello Everyone!
I finally snapped a few photos of our two Christmas trees to share. 
The first is winter white and gold and the other is red and lime. I like contrast.
The white is our tree from the year of our marraige, 1999.
I've added gold picks and ornaments from Cracker Barrel. The red tree is a slim style and is pre-lit. The tree is new since the lights went out on the old one. The other tree had multi colored lights. They were sold out so I went with white lights. I miss the warm glow of the multi lights but it's growing on me. The white is in the family room downstairs and the red is in the new tv room upstairs.
These are locations we have never used before and we really can enjoy them now.
Chestnut does too. He's been chewing and batting at them non stop. Silly boy!
Enjoy the tour!

Merry Christmas 2012 from the Millers!
The white bow topper was made at a floral shop years ago.
The red plaid bow topper was pre-made at Michaels. 
Are you finished decorating your trees yet?
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