Thursday, February 26, 2009

Red Home Decor'

Hello Everyone!
Red is my favorite color hands down!
I thought I would share some of my favorite items.
Here are the red draperies in our living room.
I have always wanted to try the puddling effect. This is our red and yellow cheerful guest room.
The bedding is by Wamsutta at BB& Beyond.
A red strawberry candle by Paula Deen. I found this red grape jar at Pier 1 and we fill it with coffee.
Another beautiful frame made by Kristen.
This one is my favorite. I really love the red crocodile.
Have a wonderful week!


Stacey said...

First I have to say your new blog design is beautiful!

Next, I love all of your reds. That red jar from Pier 1 is great and your drapes are perfect too. :)

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Hi dear friend! Your new blog is absolutely stunning! Did you design it? Whether you did or didn't, I just love it. It's sooo "Melissa." (thats a good thing BTW!) :-)
Love all your red details. Your bedding is one of my faves. Hope you have a great weekend - its supposed to be a pretty one. Maybe I will see you at Lowe's buying pansies. LOL Hugs, Barb

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Melissa, I love.. your new blog header. it's perfect for you.
I also adore all of your red. Your bedding is beautiful.
Hugs, Terrie

tardevil said...

Love your new blog makeover! My favorite of all the red things you have is the Pier 1 coffee holder! :O) Have a great weekend!

Kristens Creations said...

Melissa, I absolutly LOVE your new look!! It's stunning and really is you! All your red is beautiful too. You know how much I love red! Great shot of the frame btw, Thanks! Well, I'm off to work on my post, this one will be easy, LOL! I am also working on my own blog makeover if hubby would get here and help me. If it doesn't look good, then I will contact Shabbee Chic. Talk to you soon, Kristen

Paula said...

Red is one of my favorite colors and a definite favorite to decorate with. I love all your red goodies! Your blog looks really nice. It's a good job!

Bo said...

Look at you Melissa in your new bloggy do...very pretty! And your reds are so rich & elegant... wonderful choices! ;-) Bo

Daphine said...

WOW! Lovin' your new blog look!!!! It's beautiful!

I love your reds too! Your drapes are very nice and I love the wall hanging between the two windows! Very classy!

marty39 said...

Melissa, you home is just gorgeous and I love all of your red. Your guest bedroom is so warm and inviting, what a great way to welcome guests. Hugs, Marty

Blondie's Journal said...


I love your blog makeover, very pretty!

I am loving all of your bold colors! Everything looks so warm and elegant! The draperies are heavenly...

Thanks for flaunting! :-)


Nancy said...

Stacey, Girl, your blog makeover is Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
You have some beautiful REDS!!! I love that frame that Kristen did!!! I will have to get one like it!!!! Thank you so much for joining in the party!!!!!! Come on by...I have Mr. Linky up now. ;)

mbkatc230 said...

Melissa, your new blog dress is just stunning. Amber did a beautiful job! And you know I love red, and that little red jar from Pier 1 would have definitely come home with me! (Maybe I should have asked DH to pick one up while he was there tee hee). Kathy

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Love all the red. Come on over for a visit and see my red front door.

Risa said...

Super cute new blog look! Mine is on its way too!

Susan said...

I love the new design! I also love all of the red in your home! Beautiful!

southerninspiration said...

Everything looks SO, SO pretty!!

Dawnie said...

Yep your new blog design rocks!

I love your decorating style to. the guest room looks very inviting, a nice place to cozy up, read and then off to dreamland!

Always Pretty in Pink said...

Love your new blog design!

Melissa Wertz said...

You have some really really pretty reds there. Love those drapes!

Momovthree said...

I love all the red and your new blog looks fantastic!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Melissa, I love your new blog rich and warm looking...I absolutely adore your puddled draperies..have to put those on the dream list.. :-)
Thanks so much for swinging by to check on us and your sweet words and prayers.. they mean the world darling...hugs ~lynne~

Melissa Wertz said...

Small world. A friend's DD is a rebelette.

Love the blog makeover. Very pretty.

Rue said...

Hi Melissa :)

I love your new blog design!! The header is darling. Isn't Amber great?!

I love all the red in your home and those drapes are so dramatic!

I'm painting and staing my stairs, so I didn't have time to join the party, but I'm going to check everyone out ;)


Nicole ~ said...

Oh Melissa, your new blog is so very pretty!!! And, your red pictures are gorgeous. Kristen did such a good job on your picture frame. I love it all!!!

Have a great weekend, Nicole.

SILVIA said...

Hi ,love the new blog, great job!!!..silvia..

Jen r. said...

Love all of your red! Those drapes are lovely!

xinex said...

Love your new blog design, Melissa! And i love all your reds. Your guest room looks very welcoming.

Happy To Be said...

OMG Melissa I love the new you really pretty..and those drapes are beautiful..and what guest room is like WOW!! and Double WOW!! love ya sis...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Melissa! I love it!!! Looks great, girl! :-)

I also love your red today. Your things are so neat! Love that M you have framed. Just so cute!
Love your drapes, too. And all of your accessories. Great job!


Sheila :-)

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Love your new blog Melissa! This is awesome! The red jar rocks - I may have to go by Pier 1 to a look see... ☺ Diane

Lynda said...

Melissa, your home is gorgeous! You do red so well!!

mishebe said...

I love your header design. Looks really good. And fond of you M picture and frame. Mishelle

Wibeche og Rune said...

I love your new blog designe:)

And I love all of your reds. You have a beautiful home.


Melanie said...

Congrats on your new blogover.

Pretty reds. I am a big fan of berry reds and cherry reds. It's such a lovely colour for those cold days we seem to be having.

The Blonde Duck said...

Love the new design! Paint the blogworld red! :)

Beth in NC said...

Wow, your drapes are luxurious! I love them!!!! I also love your red and yellow guest room. If you come check out my reds, you'll see I have similar colors in our dining room!

That is a beautiful little red jar for your coffee.

This post is making me want to purchase some rich red draperies! :o)

Thanks for sharing!

Envoy-ette said...

You have such refined taste! Who wouldn't feel welcomed in your cheerful guest bedroom? I think even a blind person would pick up on the vibe of good taste!
I like the new design on your blog. Maybe I should consider doing something with mine. It's been 4 years now.....LOL
OH- with your puddling curtains, you can hide dishes under there! You know, just encase you have to sneak any home....LOL

"Blossom" AKS Anita said...

Girl, I love the new Blog Look! It suites you well and your decor.
I always like the way you pulled everthing together. Love your Red scheme.

JyLnC said...

I love your new elegant blog decor and I see you have a Fleur de lis in the logo. :>)

Red is one of my favorite accent colors and my sofa is even red and white plaid. I love all of your reds!

bj said...

Your blog design is out of this world. Just love it!
Your red drapes are WONDERFUL...Now, I want red drapes!
Would you be so kind as to tell me the color and brand of the yellow paint in your fabulous bedroom? I am in the middle of painting my bedroom and am not likeing the yellow I chose from that tiny, tiny little swatch card. Too yellow...your's looks like just what I want. Thanks so much!
xo bj

philben5 said...

So glad I found your sight.. The minute I saw your header, I knew I had found a new blog to follow!!

Neabear said...

All your reds look wonderful! And your new blog design is so pretty. Happy Friday!

ceekay said...

Your blog is beautiful. The red jar is my favorite but you guest room is wonderful too!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Blog looks great! Love the red drapes!

Chris said...

WOW, what a great design. I think this is one of thr prettist ones in the neighborhood. It just looks elegant. Love it.


Chari said...

Mornin' Dearheart... should have heard me squeal...I'm just so happy for you and your new blog makeover! It's definitely YOU!!! It's that pretty ornate plaster look you see on the sides of your blog...I want a wall treatment like that...hehe!!!

Melissa, as soon as I seen your header...I couldn't help but think of my giveaway gift you gave me...the reds, the animal print...Girl, it would fit in perfectly with all of those photos I took of my gift...hehe!!! It really is custom and soooo YOU!!! That gal did a fabulous job designing it for you!!!

I'm so glad you participated in "Flaunt my Red" Friday...I didn't know anything about this meme till you posted! I'll definitely be participating in the know how much red I have! Hehe!!! Girlfriend, every time I see those beautiful red drapes...I just drool!!! I went and checked them out when I first seen them and you sent me the info. I still would love to do them in my living room! They're just some of the prettiest drapes I've ever seen! Seriously!!!

Love your guest bedroom too...I remember drooling over it at RMS...hehe! That red bedding is gorgeous and you've done an incredible job designing and decorating that room!!! Wished we were closer Sweetie, because I'd be coming for a visit and stay in that pretty room! Hehe!

Well my friend, I'm just so happy for you and your new blog makeover!

Have a fabulous Friday!
Love ya,
PS...hehe!...I didn't know that Paula Dean had candles too! Bet that strawberry smells scrumptious!!!

Chari said...

Ooops...forgot to mention your pretty picture that Kristen made for you! Old age!!!

It's gorgeous, Sweetie!!! There again, that pretty red crocodile background just reminds me of that pretty red makeup bag that you sent me! I love it!!!

Kristen is such a sweet gal and so very talented!!!

Love ya,
PS...I think I'm finishing commenting now...hehe!!!

Barb said...

You have a beautiful home. I have to say, I'm a little green with envy, (or should I be red with jealousy?)
(not supposed to be either i guess).

Many thanks to your husband for serving our country.
God bless you and your family.

Barbara Jean

Tricia Anne said...

The reds in your home are lovely! Very elegant!
Also, your blog looks fantastic! I need something new too. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Connie said...

Melissa, You have one lovely home. The colors are great and the blog complements it all.
Can't say enough about it. Now you can sit back and enjoy it.

kimmcl said...

Hi Melissa,
I love your blog - it's beautiful. And the pictures of your lovely home. Thanks for sharing. I just ordered one of Kristen's frames today as a matter of fact and I have the same initial as you (I used my last name). I can't wait to get it!
p.s. I read your other post and had to laugh, because I too and a big fan of fur-de-les (did I spell that right??)LOL One day I'll have to check around my home to see how many I have!

April said...

Oh, I definitely LOVE your new blog's so YOU!

I am about to turn green with envy at how beautiful your home is! Your gorgeous bedding is a favorite of mine!

Jules said...

Hi Melissa,

I love, love the new blog design. The header is so cute and the layout looks great!

Your decorating amazes me yet again. I love the color red, especially when it comes to interior decorating. It looks great on it's own or as an accent color.

The drapes with the puddling effect look fantastic and I love the bedding in the guesroom. The red frame is super cute!

Have a great weekend!

A Hint of Home said...

I love all the red you have shown. I have a lot of red myself. Your curtains and guest room are lovely.
Your blog looks great. I always enjoy my visits.

Chari said...

Hey Girl...

I'm so glad that you stopped over and took a peek at my ebay ironstone bargain....I know, I could hardly believe my eyes when I found the listing and after seeing what a deal it was, I wasn't so sure that the seller was an honest person, know what I mean? hehe! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments!!!

Ohhh yes...all of my goodies have made it into my decor! I want to post a few photos of the crown but I'm wanting to make a moss ball to put on the inside of the crown to display. I have all of the stuff to make the ball, I just need to do it! hehe! I put the crown in on my living room table...placed it next to 3 large antique gold's perfect there! But I did do a little revamp on the crown...when I put it beside the candleholders it was too bright of a gold so I got out my black acrylic paint and did an antiquing effect on turned out perfect and looks fabulous next to the candleholders now!

Well Sweetie, I hope that you have a fabulous Friday and upcoming weekend...
Love ya,

ann said...

Thank you for coming and getting me.As usual,you were on my list.
Your guest room is lovely.And the frame-awesome.I wanted to get in on Red Friday,But I'm already in 6.I think I'd better stop.I'm on this puter so much now.
Your home is virtual showplace.If you ever work again,you should decorate...Ann

ann said...

OOPS.Your new blog dress is awesome.I LOVE it...ann

kimmcl said...

Thanks for your comments - you are sweet as pie!
I will enjoy visiting your blog for sure!!

Jo said...

Love the blog redesign! The red looks wonderful ~ that frame is too cute!


PAT said...

Gorgeous Reds, Melissa!

lvroftiques said...

It looks GREAT Melissa!!( As if there was ever any doubt!) *winks* Love all your reds too girl! I can almost smell that strawberry shortcake candle! I just bet that's yummy! Love Vanna

squawmama said...

Melissa you new blog dress is so very elegant... So like you. I love it. And your redness is wonderful... Loved all especially your little red coffee jar... Thanks for posting such a cute post...


Shelia said...

Evening, Melissa! Oh, I love your new blog dress! It's beautiful and looks just like you! I love your reds especially those curtains in your living room! I just love your pretty home.
Thanks for coming by and I hope you'll try those enchies!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tim said...


Thanks for the kind words.

I am so sorry that I have been a bit absent from your blog lately. Our fort has been sick for an entire month, and then we have had so many other things as well. I will catch up.

I LOVE the new look! The background looks to me like the texture on a wall just in a pattern. I love texture as if you cant tell by my blog and what i had done with the camo.

Your draperies are awesmoe too and i have always liked Kristens frames. I need to get one for Carey.

Love and Prayers,


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Love, love, love your blog design. All of the reds in your home are fabulous! Your red draperies are gorgeous, and I want to come stay in that beautiful red and yellow guest room. It just looks so comfortable, you might never get rid of me. laurie

~CC Catherine said...

Melissa! Thanks for stopping by! I do love your new blog makeover, totally my cup of "tea"! ;) Seriously though...I might be interested in chatting with the gal that put this together for you. Very nice! Your home is gorgeous and I love the reds mixed with your gold walls. I too have an Edwardian Gold by Benjamin Moore paints and love it! I have red accents., but would love a bit more! I also love all your fleur de lis items! Another favorite of mine! ;) ~CC Catherine

Linda said...

Melissa, always fun to see your home, the colors are my colors!
And wow, new blog design which looks great!
Thanks for stopping by mine!
Hugs, Linda

Picket said...

Morning this new look!!!! Your home is beautiful with all the reds...hope you are having a great weekend!

Chrissy said...

AHHH!!!! I love your new look... how the heck did you do that, I have a hard time doing anything.... oh I just love it, did not even look at your post!!! I have to go to work, like right now, but I will be back... have a wonderful day!!! Chrissy

kari and kijsa said...

Love your reds & love your new blog design too!
kari & kijsa

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Melissa, Your new blog look is fabulous!!! I love the touch of leapard in the banner! How striking! :)

Love your red curtains! Gorgeous! And I didn't know Paula D. had candles now! I love her! :)

Have a great weekend! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Melissa, thanks so much for swinginb by and continuing your prayers.. with all that was going on I totally forgot:
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... although a bit late..and many many more..
hugs ~lynne~

Our Back Porch said...

Hello Melissa! This is my first time to your blog. I found you through the Flaunt Your Red party, that I am also participating in. Love your red! I decorate in the same colors. Hope you can stop by for a visit. Have a lovely weekend!

Back Porch Blessings,

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Love the new blog design! I can't wait to give mine a makeover. Your home is gorgeous, so glad I came to check out your reds!

Lisa (aka) French said...

Love the new blog makeover!! Wish I had that talent as I am working on a new one right now and need help with it (lol) Thanks for stopping in!! Hugs French;) xoxo

The Muse said...

You are sharing the joy of red...!!!
Ah good for you :) as it is a color after my heart :)

Also~yes your blog design is very delightful...the header is so you! :)

Ginger said...

Melissa, your home is beautiful in red. I like your new blog design too.

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hello Melissa!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog design. Of course all you have to do is add cheetah print and I'm sold, pair that with shades of deep red or garnet and I'm really smitten. Love it!
Oh, I am so happy to hear that you received your items and that you are happy with all of your things.
I am also very happy to view all your lovely red and yellow - of course we've talked about this before but we have such similar tastes. Your home is gorgeous.
Well, Melissa, I've got spring fever and so I took myself down to Lowe's today in search of some new paint for my kitchen. Right now my kitchen is really a pale yellow gold and it has been for 3 years. I think it's time to spice things up a little. Who knows what you will see on Carolina Panache next. LOL! See ya soon.

Happy To Be said...

Hey Melissa...thanks for coming by and seeing my pretty new dress...I still can't believe I won that girl!! Now we are both sported new dresses...hope you have a great weekend with the FlY ya sis...and thanks again...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Lady Katherine said...

Love your drapes, Love love your new blog design.

Liz said...

oh I love your M! That is such a great idea. Your reds are lovely and I like your new look. Everyone seems to be changing it up. Getting ready for spring! I like it!


Olive Rue said...

HEy Melissa! Love, Love LOVE the new blog design. I may have to check her out. OMG!!!

I love the red too. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Olive Rue said...

Oh does that mean I have a place to stay when I come back to Charleston, lol? Kidding!

Well I do love your blog and I especially love the hint of leopard she put in it along with the fleur de lis.

I don't want a completely new blog. I'm pretty happy with mine, but I would like the buttons and maybe a background behind the color I have. I'm off to check her out.

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Hi Melissa, Thanks for dropping by my Pink Saturday post. I just had to snsak another peek at your red pot! ♥ Diane

mommieofthree said...

I just love your style. I decorate with red also. Love it! I'm a Kirlands Home fan too!

Chandy said...

Beautiful showing of reds & your new bog layout is sweeeeT!!!

Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Your home is so pretty Melissa! Love all your red accents and love your new blog design!! One of these days I'll have to splurge and get a blog makeover myself!!

AndreaLeigh said...

love your red. that red urn is adorable.

The American Homemaker said...

I love your red :)

Timi said...

Love your new blog design. It's fantastic!
Love all your red. You have done a beautiful job decorating.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment at my blog last week I really appreciate it. It's taken me a while to thank you because of my Facebook/Crackbook addiction. Sorry about that.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Melissa...your new blog design is lovley! I love to see drapes "puddle." I'm afraid Max might think them just the perfect spot to curl up. LOL But I still love 'em that way! Susan

Miss Janice said...

Melissa, of course, all your "red" is beautiful. LOve the guest bedroom, the draperies, and the jar. I also love your new blog look!

glimpse of my world said...

What a beautiful home you have... not sure how I got to your blog.. but I love it.. Have a great day!