Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pillow Parade

Hello Everyone!
It's my very first time participating in
Met Monday at Between Naps On The Porch.
Pay this blog a visit and you are in for a treat.
A few weeks ago I showed you our bedroom.
I have made a few subtle changes since then.
Here is the before photo from my previous post.
They can be enlarged when clicked.
Here is the after photo with new draperies
done in chocolate brown and aqua blue.
A runner for the dresser adds softness to the dark wood.
The drapes I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond.
They are from the "Addison" collection.
I added the tassels in the same colors.
I think I could put a tassels anywhere!
Here is a closeup of the scroll pattern.
A far off view as well.
The new runner I found at Ross.
I think it ties all the blues together.
Look at my newest "M" frame from Kristen!
She is wonderful at custom making any style.
The ivory box is also from Ross.
I thought of Vanna when I spotted it.
I freshened up the bed with pillows.
I thought I would share them.
The newest ones have an ivory
brocade with a few blue touches.
I also found them at Ross.
I wanted to give you an update on our move...
at this time it does not look like we will be moving!
one huge drawback to this is that my
husband will have to serve a year in Iraq.
Leaving me...alone...Yikes!
I know he's in the USMC and it's part
of his job but it will still be really hard.
We don't know any exact details as of yet.
Thank you for all of your words of encouragment.
Your friendship means so much to me.
Have a wonderful week!


"Blossom" said...

Melissa, the drapes are so stunning in this room. And I love tassels also. You are right you can hang them just about anywhere.
I runner really sets the dresser off. Those pillows are awesome.
The little frame that Kristen made is so cute.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Melissa, I am sorry that your dh has to go to Iraq. My son-in-law is there for two years this.. time. I know it can be lonely. Please.. thank him for serving our country. I am grateful to you as a wife of a military man.

Your bedroom is so.. beautiful!
Hugs, Terrie

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Terrie!
Where are you friend?

I noticed your blog was missing and I'm so happy you are still visiting us.

If it's your shoulder I do hope you get better very soon.

Thank you for kind words and understanding.
I'll pray for your nephew as well.

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Melissa - love the new curtains and pillows, too. Your blue bedroom really inspires me. Sorry to hear the orders didn't come thru. My son will be going back to Afghanistan in about a year. (3d tour) So we can cry and commiserate together. ((hugs)) The good news is that you don't have to sell your beautiful home you have worked so hard on. ttyl, Barb

The Bramble Patch said...


I am so sorry to hear that your hubby has to go to Iraq. Let me thank you and him for your sacrifices. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers.

I love your makeover. The drapes are so smashing! Thanks for mentioning Kristen; I just visited her blog and I can tell that I will be adding her to my blog roll! She makes great stuff and I will be making a purchase also. It helps that I am a "B" (maiden name was "M" like your name is!) so I can easily visualize how things will look from her samples.

Thanks for sharing :) Great job!

xinex said...

What a fabulous drapery, Melissa! I love the colors and the pattern and I am in love with the long blue pillow on the bed. The runner is a nice touch!...Christine

Shelia said...

Hi Melissa! Oh, I love what you've done to your bedroom. The drapes are so pretty - I love that icy blue color. The runner looks great too! Now I love my tassels and what a pretty one for your tiebacks! You have such pretty things.
Oh, I love all those luxurious pillows.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

kari and kijsa said...

Beautiful-just beautiful!! Love your drapes, tassels, dresser-stunning!!! Love those pillows too We will look for you again when the linky fun starts on Tuesday! We are so glad you joined in...there is lots of inspiration here!! Love your lighting post too!

kari & kijsa

marty39 said...

Melissa, I love the drapes. You know that I love any drapes that use two different fabrics and yours are just stunning. The extra touches with the runner, frame, little box and pillows are also just gorgeous. You always have such a wonderful eye for detail. I am so sorry to hear that your DH will have to go to Iraq. I know that will be a very stressful time for you. I will keep you both in my prayers. Hugs, Marty

Stacey said...

Absolutely beautiful Melissa! It just looks so elegant and serene.

Momovthree said...

Oh Melissa, I don't even know what to say. I'm sure it is difficult to hear he will need to go to Iraq. I'll be thinking of you both.

Your makeover looks great, I really love those curtains. They are gorgeous!

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Melissa, I am not surprised by your transformation because it's YOU! I just have to tell you how pretty your room is. You are showing us that draperies don't have to be custom to be lovely and really transform a room. I also love your dresser runner and pillows...oh, lala!

You have probably read where I want to do our guest room in blue/brown. I'm going to take a peek at BB&B for those draperies. Lovely.

I too am so sorry your husband has to leave for Iraq for a year. I know you must be dreading that but are also an understanding wife. Our family (but not my dh) has had it's share of Iraq as well.

We will certainly be here for you to try and keep you cheered up in your husband's absence.


Stacey said...

Melissa, I failed to say that I'm glad you do not have to move from that beautiful home. On the other hand, I hate that your hubby has to go. I sure hope he knows how much we appreciate his service to our country!

April said...

Hi Melissa!
I just love the combination of brown and blue, particularly in your drapes. What a statement they make!

I can't imagine what it will be like for you to send your hubby off to Iraq for a year-long tour of duty. Just know that I will be praying for you both. I so appreciate what your husband does to ensure our freedom...GOD BLESS HIM!

Chris said...

Oh Melissa, you have made your home so beautiful. And all those pillows look like a dreamy statement. I will keep you and your wonderful hubby in my prayers. Please tell him thank you again for preserving our freedom. I don't take it for granted.


Cherdecor said...

Melissa, I absolutely love your new drapes in your bedroom. You did a good job drawing the colors together.

I just put those two colors together in my living room. I like them a lot.

Nicole ~ said...

Hey Melissa, your new drapes are so pretty & elegant. The transition scroll piece between the blue & brown is so pretty & brings the two pieces of fabric together so nicely. The tassels are just the icing on the cake!! The pillows are very pretty, don’t you just love Ross!!

Kristen does such a wonderful job on the frames, and I love that fleur-di-lis on it! Pretty, pretty..

Melissa, my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your husband during this uncertain time. Hopefully, everything will work out in your favor.


Paula said...

Melissa - Your bedroom looks like both a beautiful and a restful place. Your new curtains are really pretty. They look custom made, not like BB&B.

I am grateful for men like your husband who serve their country.

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

It's beautiful! Love the drapes & the dresser runner. The new look really changed the whole feel of the room.

I'm so sorry to hear hubby will have to leave.

Bunches of great big hugs! ☺♥☺

Ellen said...

Hi Melissa....thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I have become a bit of a ghost lately. I just love the changes in your room, and the box and pillows...well just beautiful. I'm glad to hear you don;t have to go thru the work of moving. But my heart just saddens hearing that word Iraq. Maybe some how things will change and DH will be ale to stay home. I will keep you and yours deep in my thoughts and prayers.
{{{{HUGS}}}}} Ellen

Susan said...

Hi Melissa
I hope you had a great weekend! When you get a chance. stop by (my blog list page) and scroll down to the bottom of the page..... I have left something for you!


PS Comments are turned off on that page.... just send me a reply letting me know you got it!

Susan said...

I love the runner on your dresser! Also love the new drapes! Your bedroom is very elegant!

Dawnie said...

the drapes and runner make your room much more elegant and peaceful looking.

I'll surely keep you and your husband in my prayers, I cannot imagine how you must be feeling--him also.

Chrissy said...

Simply lovely my dear, looks warm and inviting!!Sorry to hear about you dh having to go to Iraq...take good care, talk soon Chrissy

ellen b. said...

This is so pretty Melissa. Those colors are just calling to me. This room just has it all together!

Knitty said...

Your room looks wonderful! I had looked at those drapes and came close to getting them for our room.

May God bless all in the military, both those who serve and those at home who wait.

kimmcl said...

Hi Melissa,
First I want you to know that I will be praying for you and your husband that this time of uncertainty will bring you renewed strength and hope. And please tell your husband that me and my family are so appreciative of his service to our country.
Now, on to your beautiful room! I love brown and blue together, expecially in a bedroom - so dreamy! I just went to Ross last night and they recently restocked all of their shelves!! Yippeee! I came home with lots of goodies :)) Take care! Kim

KBeau said...

You've done a fabulous job. Love the blue and brown combo.

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Melissa, The dresser is so pretty with the runner (and frame:)
I really like this blue! It's so soothing and elegant. You might remember me posting Sherry's house in Dallas. She used alot of this color, she saw your "M" frame and wants a "V".

Love the box and pillows too!

So sorry about hubby going to Iraq! Man....that is really tough. Just know I'm praying for you, let me know when you get the details. Kristen

prairiedog said...

Oh Melissa,you have made me totally fall in love with the blue and brown combo,I feel like redoing my whole room now.You should be in the designing business,you have so much talent for putting it all together!
((((hugs))) Cyndi

Martha said...

The drapes really make a difference. And I love tassels! Yours are gorgeous!

Chandy said...

Beautiful drapes! I'm tempted to show my Master... Happy Met Monday!

Daphine said...

You totally inspire me lady! Beautiful MM post! I loved you Blue bedroom before, but the after shot photo is lovely as well! The pillows are awesome!! Can you move to Dallas and help me decorate!?!?!?!?

Have a great weekend ahead!

Cathy said...

It is late, and I just finished my post, but I wanted to say hi. I love your style, we have similar taste! Your blue drapery is very pretty. My favorite place to find "stuff" is Home Goods.
Also I lived in Dubai for 5 years and was there on 9/11. Dubai is safe and fun. Many of our military take their breaks there. You might consider a trip sometime, if your husband is in Iraq for a year. I will be posting my two villas at some point, they were amazing. Well it is past my bedtime so I will say goodnight. wishing you well. Cathy

Happy To Be said...

First off Melissa give a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to your honey for his service to our wonderfu life of Freedom we have and Girl I know you will have a big void in your heart with him gone..its so hard when your best friend and soulmate is away from you...we are all here in blogland for you sweet M...

I love your drapes did you have them made?? and all your new pillows...your home is beautiful you can tell it was put toghter with love...prays for your honey girl and for you..hugs and smiles Gloria

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Melissa...your drapes are gorgeous! I'm with you on the tassels...I hang on everything that isn't moving. :-) Your bedroom is beautiful! I love your new M frame! I am sorry to hear your DH is going to Iraq...I hope the time passes quickly for both of you! So appreciate his & your service to our great country! Love to you,

Cynthia said...

Beautiful bedroom and draperies, I love that shade of blue. The pillows you added are so lovely. I am sorry your hubby has to leave you, I know that must be tough to be a military wife. Cindy

Wibeche og Rune said...

Beautiful. You are so creative:)


Bo said...

Hi sweet Melissa...I'm reading of your husband's probable deployment with a sad heart...your names will be spoken in my prayers from this day forward.
Your bedroom drapes look so rich & the colors are delicious! I love the way you decorate! ;-) Bo

PAT said...

Beautiful Met Monday post, Melissa. Your room is gorgeous!

Our really empty nest said...

Your bedroom is beautiful!! It is sad that your hubby will be away for so long, what would we do without the USMC, but you will still have your blog friends around to keep you company cyberly(dont think that is a word, but you get the idea, lol)!

Michelle said...

Wow, your bedroom is absolutely have done a wonderful job!

Sorry to hear your husband will be away for such a length of time...please tell him thanks for serving our country.


Mama said...

Hi Melissa, Happy Met Monday, I love your new drapes they look stunning and all your pillows. I have been across the pond for the last month with the family and have not had much time for blogging and have missed so much.
I am sorry to hear about your hubby going to Iraq and that you will be apart, that's hard I know. take care, Kathy.

Nancy said...

Melissa, That is blue and brown done RIGHT! It is gorgeous!!!!! I always love seeing your home! nancy

ann said...

Oh Melissa,I just smiled when I found out you wouldn't have to leave this lovely home.But it quickly turned upside down when I found out your sweet hubby would have to go fight this darn war.
I am so sorry.And so sorry he will have to leave you alone.It's just not fair....Ann

Chari said...

Mornin' Dearheart...

Ohhhh noooo!!! Oh honey, I'm so sorry to hear about your honey having to go to heart just goes out to the both of you!!! When does he have to go or do you know that yet? I'm so thankful to him and you for all of the sacrafices that you make to keep us all safe...of course, you both will always be in my prayers, Sweetie!!! So will you stay put in your home till he returns or is there still a move in the plans? Sure wished I were closer, I'd keep you company! But I know it's not the same!

Well Darlin'...I love your Met Monday changes!!! Okay, you aren't going to believe this but I considered those exact same drapes when I was doing my master bedroom! Hehe!!! I just love the blue and brown and that embroidered scroll band on the drapes...they are soooo pretty and just perfect for your master bedroom! Love your new dresser scarf too...I checked all of your photos out (enlarging them all...hehe!) Your new brocade pillows are fab!!! You know that they would be so pretty on my bed too! hehe!!!

Okay, just have to say something about your new picture that Kristen made for's gorgeous!!! The aqua and silver are stunning together and Girl, I see that pretty little sparkly fleur de lis on the ribbon...PERFECT!!! Your home is sooooo beautiful!!!

Love ya Sweetie,
PS...I loved your post but sure hated hearing the news about your honey going to Iraq...gosh darnit!!!

Olive Rue said...

I love the initial frame and the colors are gorgeous. Did you make the bow yourself. I always wanted to learn to make those big fluffy bows like that I never learned.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Melissa, this transformation is so gorgeous. I love those new draperies, and your pillows look fabulous! I'm so sorry that your husband will have to go to Iraq. Do you know when he'll leave? I hope it is okay that I'm putting both of you on my prayer list. laurie

Lori said...

Lovely as always..

Paula said...

I love chocolate and aqua together. I hope to use that combo someday! I also love lots of pillows, and yours are all gorgeous of course!

I'm so sorry about your husband. I know it will be hard for both of you to be apart. We will all be with you here in blogland though!

The Blonde Duck said...

Your house is so lush and elegant! I'd feel like a queen in there!

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hi Melissa! Wow! it took me forever to get in here to comment! Thank you so much for coming by my blog! Your bedroom redo is gorgeous! I love that color combo! In fact your whole house is beautiful! Love the "M" Kristen made for you! I will be praying for you and your husband! God Bless you today! Lauralu :)

Linda said...

Melissa, your bedroom is beautiful. I love the chocolate and blue - so classy! And your pillows and other touches are just perfect. I have been visiting you for some time, but just realized I wasn't a I am : )
Linda...p.s. Would you thank your husband for his service and tell him how much he is appreciated. Without our strong militray, we are nothing. God bless him!!

Tim said...

Hey you! I just want to come live with you more and more everytime I see shots of things in your home! Make sure to stop by tommorrow as Kristen is sponsoring a giveaway of some frames at Fort Thompson. You will want to register!

Also, I am still in the process of posting it now, but there will soon be an award at my blog for you!

Love and Prayers,


A Hint of Home said...

Hi Melissa,
The drapes and the runner look so nice in your bedroom. I like the color combo.
I'm so sorry your hubby will be away. Please thank him for serving. I hope you have some family close by. That may make things a bit easier.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Melissa, Your drapes are gorgeous! You are one amazing decorator!

My MIL is a free-lance court reporter and was in Jacksonville last week doing a depostion. She called me on the road devastated because they had closed the pottery down! I bet ya'll miss it! She sure does! :(

So sorry that your husband will be going to Iraq! My thoughts and prayers are with you both! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

janet said...

welcome to your first met monday. Your new drapes and pillows are gorgeous. Prayers and thoughts to you and your husband, i hope the time goes quickly for you.

i too went to visit Terri and its saying the blog is not available.


Linda said...

Melissa, wonderful, love those drapes and that color combination.
And I am so with you on the tassels, I could have them everywhere!

Happy To Be said...

Melissa thanks for coming by know you mean the world to me...always enjoy your visits..desktop in for repair now be done by Thursday if they can get the part by then YAHOO!! girl I can still blog just can't send emails on this laptop and all my pics are on my desk top..and If I want to post I have to take new pics...I was going to do Blue Monday and took pics and my daughter came and left at 9pm last nite and was to tired to post then...hope all is well in your world girl...when does your Honey leave Melissa?? Will you be staying in your home or will it be too much upkeep for you?? Boy I am one old nosey broad aren't I?? I just keep thing about you and your DH..hugs and smiles Gloria

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Melissa, I love the drapes in your room and all of the pretty pillows. You have such a lovely home, and this bedroom just glows! And I like your new runner for your dresser. You're right, it does soften the dark wood some.

Happy Pillow Parade Tuesday... loved seeing all of your pretty ones!


Sheila :-)

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

I love those drapes! Your room is very serene! Love a bedroom with cool colors.

Wibeche og Rune said...

I have award for you:)


tardevil said...

Hi Melissa, Thanks for letting me know about your move. You're right - that's good & bad news. I thought Barack was going to bring all the troops home ASAP (isn't that what he promised?), so maybe he won't have to be over there a full year. Love the changes you made to the room (runner, curtains & pillows). They look great, and also the frame Kristen made. I haven't been on blogger much since last week, so thanks for letting me know!

bj said...

I love everything you did in your pretty bedroom...It looks just perfect....

jenjen said...

Cute bedroom Melissa! Those drapes are gorgeous!!!

Everything looks wonderful. I love that "m"!!


Lynette said...

Hey Melissa - love the new drapes and pillows that you've added to your room.

I'm so glad you're not going to have to move, but so sorry to hear DH will have to go off! I'll be thinking of you - and you'll have us!!

Thanks for the b-day wishes for Meghan!!

Kristen did my blog for me and I love it!!

kayellen said...

So nice to stop by for the first time ;-)
Thanks for sharing your lovely treasures.


Rue said...

Hi Melissa :)

Beautiful changes! I love the new draperies especially.

I'm so glad you don't have to move, but so sorry he'll be gone all that time. I can only imagine how hard it will be on both of you. If you need an ear, I'm here for you.


diXymiss said...

WOW ~ what a gorgeous home you've created! The rich colors, sumptuous fabrics and eXquisite teXtures are a feast for the eyes.

We are deeply grateful for your family's service to our country. May you be blessed and protected!

Cindy J. said...

My dear sweet Melissa, you are so kind to check up on me and yes I have been under the weather and my son too, hospitalized at one point. We are both doing so much better now, and I thank our dear precious Lord for that.. but I am reading here on your comments that your dear precious hubby is going to Irag... I am so proud of him and you but my heart is aching too. I am praying and I will not stop and what a reminder that we should all be praying everyday for our dear servicemen and women. God Bless you both sweetheart.. Hugs, Cindy

Deb said...

I love your new colors. My best friend from highschool's husband is in Iraq right now, I know it must be hard, I really appreciate people like your husband that defend our country!!!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi Melissa~
Thanks for stopping by...your bedroom refresh is lovely...I just love that blue and brown together!

I am sorry to hear your sweetie is going to Iraq. I will keep you both in our prayers...hopefully things will change in the next few months and he'll be able to come home just never know!
My son in law will be home next week from his last 7 months over there...these last few days are the longest for them both!

If there is anything I can do...please don't hesitate to let me know...and, when I come down to visit my daughter, I'll let you know...maybe we can meet for lunch or dinner. I'd like that!

Mary / Mariah said...

Thanks , I hope to do our Troyer / Miller family pictures soon . I'll let you know so you can take a peek .
I love your chocolate , blue colors , every thing looks so pretty .

Kathleen said...

Melissa, thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Happy St Patrick's Day to you. Your blog looks wonderful, and I love the curtains you put up in your bedroom....very nice. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers, that all will go well. Hugs, Kathleen

Queenie Jeannie said...

Very pretty hun, as always!

As for the possible deployment, if he goes, you will be ok!! I've done it three times already and yes it's hard, but I know you are strong enough to handle it!! Hugs!

Coffee With Yasna said...

Your home seems so warm and inviting...thanks for sharing.


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi glad you posted these gorgeous pillows for the Pillow Parade...they are soooo elgant and 'em!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Wow, everything you have done is gorgeous! I love your drapes, they are fabulous! I dig the box because of the M. : )

Nancy W said...

Love the curtains! I stopped by on Sunday night and didn't get a chance to leave you a comment but wanted to be sure I did. You have beautiful taste!

Sofia Striffler said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I do love my kitchen also. I love your drapes. Your color scheme is the same as my daughters. Visit again soon

Cathy said...

I am new also, but jumped in to the deep end without a life preserver! This Friday I am going to open my first giveaway contest. The winner will receive a “custom blogger button” that will match their site. Buttons are nice to have because the good ones link back to your site, and get your blog name out to the world! So stop by to enter for a chance to win. Cathy

DEB said...

Hi Melissa thanks for stopping by my blog. Your room is so gorgeous and the runner and pillows looks fabulous. Love the tassel details.

xinex said...

Hi Melissa, I just read about your hubby's deployment. I am so sorry. I will pray for his safety. Thanks for you kind words in my blog. And yes, you do look like a good dancer!...Christine

Anne Marie said...

Pillows are by far my favorite things to sew and decorate with...wonderful to meet you.

Lisa (aka) French said...

Love love the new drapes your room is beautiful;) Sorry I am so late trying to catch up on so many things;) French xoxo

Lori said...

Hey Melissa, your bedroom looks fabulous, love the drapes!!
I'm sorry about your husband having to be away for a year, I will keep you both in my thoughts and my prayers. :)

Happy To Be said...

GM Sweet Melissa...thank you girl for coming by also for not eating all my corn I never did find that leprechaun to get my POT of GOLD and I so wanted to take you out shopping to help me redo my house..would that not have been fun??? Me with the GOLD and you with your elegant taste I could have had a beautiful nesting place...oh well maybe next year I'll catch him...hope all is well in your world..I think I should have my desktop back tomorrow YAHOO!! oh girl I am so dead without it...all my files and pictures on in it...Also told the repair man to order me an external drive so I don't lose every thing like I did last week when my old puter crashed..I can't believe I got my first putor about 12 years ago and all I did was play games on it..Now fast forward and its like my whole life is in that dang machine ha ha!!Only got one then so I could email my Mama every day...beleive it or not before Internet we each had a fax so we could talk to each other every day...Oh yes I was a Mama's girl and proud of it...she was my best friend..she only been gone 22 months and its still upset me every day that I can't talk with her..oh well I know she still is watching over me...Hope all is well in your world Grandson gets out of boot camp in May and then we'll find out if he have to be shipped out also...He been in training now since the end of Jan...just wants to be back in Ca. when his son is born in May..its a boy this time..that will made # 4 greats for me...My grand daughter just lost her I will only have 2 this year...she was only 12 weeks along already had the nursery done..she plan that baby for 2 1/2 years...Here I was so busy trying to make a diaper cake and getting ready to have a surprise baby shower for her...she is the only grand child that lives right by me!!!Oh well God knows best but a very sad time for her and her DH...Any way I am writing a book here...don't know why I always feel I can do that with you...seems like I confess all when I come here..may you have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gloria

Ginger said...

I hate to hear that your hubby will be leaving for Iraq for a year. Even though you know it's part of the job, it's sad for him to go. Lots of letters and care packages in the works!!!
I love your bedroom. In fact, your whole house is just gorgeous. You do such a great job of decorating it.

Kristen said...

Glad you don't have to move but yuck on hubs having to leave!

Your draperies are beautiful

April said...

Just stopping by to say "you're very welcome" for my thoughts and prayers. Hope that makes sense! That what I love so much about blogging. You have the opportunity to reach out to another person in friendship and offer your support, warm thougts, whatever the case may be. Just know that I meant what I wrote...I will be praying diligently for your husband's safe return! God Bless him and God Bless our great country!

joycee said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments. I love coming to visit you, it's so peaceful to eye and ear! Your home is beautiful and I need to get busy finishing decorating ours. We built 4 years ago and I'm still dragging my feet on drapes!

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Well I'm certainly excited to inspire YOU ~~ the lady who inspires 100's on a regular basis!

Did you ever hear from Terri? I'm certainly missing her and her blog!!!

Connie said...

Hi Melissa,
I was so sorry to read about your husband's next year in Iraq. Will this be the first time you will be alone for such a length of time ? I am so glad you have your computer and all your friends here to lean on and give you support. I hope you have family nearby.
It's nice you have so many interests and shopping is a part of it yes, yes! You bedroom is a picture out of a magazine. Beautiful drapes, runner and great colors. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers.

Daphine said...

Hey Melissa!
I just came back over to look at your MM and Pillow Parade....I missed the most important part of your post here about your hubby. Wow! I will definitely be praying for you and hubby as you prepare for this new phase of life. I just couldn't imagine. Keep us posted on how and what to pray for when you need to. You can always email if you need as well. My email address is:

Take care and God bless you and hubby every step of the way! I also thank your husband for serving our great country!

kari and kijsa said...

Melissa- We love you- and your blog!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment about the M platter- (Perfect just for you!! Teehee- It is promised already- but I paint each one to order!!) The platter is a fabulous size- 18" across in diameter and 3" deep. I hope it will fit looks like it belongs in your home from your beautiful side bar pictures!!
Thanks so much!!
kari & kijsa

prof en retraite said...

Hi Melissa! I love your new drapes...just perfect! The colors are so rich! Your runner and pillows are stunning. You have such a beautiful home!!! Hope you have a great weekend...Debbie

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Melissa, I have been wanting to do my bedroom in these colors. You have inspired me even more. I am going to start keeping my eyes open for the elements to put it together. You did a beautiful job. I may seek your advice.

Thanks for the warm welcome back.
Hugs, Terrie

Miss Janice said...

Iraq...I agree, yikes! Well, the good side of that is you don't have to move away from your beautiful home. Everything is lovely in today's post...the draperies, the frame, and the whole room!

Chari said...

Hey Girlfriend...

So nice to see you know that I love our visits!!! Thanks so much for all of your sweet and encouraging're the best, Girlfriend!!! So what have you been up to today? I haven't done a thing...although I needed to! hehe!!! Been checking out everyone's tablescapes...there are some really pretty ones today!

Hope that you're having a terrific Thursday, Sweetie!
Love ya,

Happy To Be said...

Hey Melissa thanks for coming by girl..and Oh the hairy roast story...really is about a Roast I brought that was full of animal hair...Yuck ruined my whole dinner.
YAHOO!! yes I got back my life today..I can't believe how much I now depend on that dang machine..I use to think people that did chat rooms needed a life..and now here I am blogging ha ha!! hope all is well in your world today..Got a picture of my grandson from Ft. leonard woods in Mo. today he looks like a little kid with his army suit on...playing soilder..and girl he might go to Japan...well know for sure where he will be send by mid-April...hugs and smiles dear sweet Melissa...Gl♥ria

Lady Katherine said...

100 comments that is a lot! I too love your new curtians, the scroll is beautiful! I love the runner, I would have thought you bought them together. I have a box similar. I designed a room around it once. After seeing yours,It is time to go and find it!

Hill upon Hill said...

I couldn't see the photo's of the pillows, probably a problem with my computer, but I did enjoy your pictures on the side bar.

susette said...

you sweetie!!! Thank you so much.

Lady Katherine said...

Yes, you can let me know. I would love to have you join me for my Tea Party on my Birthday. All you have to do is have it posted anytime or day before April 5th and I will come over and get your post link and add Your Tea Party to Mine. I will be having mine April 5th so it will be late afternoon before I start linking everyone to my post. Can't wait to see your Tea Party, and it means a lot to me for you to join me on this day.

Lady Katherine said...

I was so involved looking at your wonderful curtians and pillows, I did not say, I am thinking of you and your Hubby, I know this is hard to have him go to Iraq. May God keep him and Bless you both through this time.

PS: Thanks for saying I look young. My pictures I have on my site were taken this year. So it is me. My 5 year old grandson told me this week, Granna I wish you were not old, then you could run fast with and get dressed fast. He was wanting me to go and look at something FAST! LOL I went out in the yard yesterday, he came over to me, Granna why are you outside, you are suppose to be in the house. I guess he thinks my illness, and being old is the same. lol Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing your Tea.

Jadehollow said...

Awesome drapes Melissa.. Chocolate Brown and Aqua Blue Are My Absolute Favorite New Colors!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Melissa

I was surprised by your move update! I'm sure that it won't be easy, but I know that you and your husband will deal with the separation with grace, and dedication to our country's service.
God bless you both, and all the brave men and women and the families of our armed forces.

Hugs, Pat