Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scary To Clean

Hello Everyone!
It's time for Outdoor Wednesday.
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Do you have a part of your home
you hope no one ever sees? Please say yes.
Well part of our backyard was a disaster area
until just last week when I took a good look at it.
Needless to say it was time for a clean up job
by my hubby. I have the worlds worst allergies
to anything outdoors so I sure did need his help.
Welcome to the jungle! The corner beds were a complete mess.
Complete with a scary garden spider. Yikes!
The after is looking much better.
Some of the plants didn't make it so they had
to be removed. We will work on filling it all back
in with prettier plants and flowers this weekend.
The bradford pear trees were overgrown too.
They really needed a little something extra.
He planted four small holly bushes and a new border.
A close up of the mess.
The circles were uneven and no tarp underneath.
The grass will fill in around it very soon.
In the middle of all of this we had a horrible thunderstorm.
It was so bad that a neighbors chimney was struck
by lightning and their house caught on fire.
No one was hurt thank goodness.
Finally...a beautiful day.
Thank you!
Now this one needs a clean up. Does yard work ever end?
Have a wonderful week!


Brenda said...

No, hon, it never ends. I have someone mow my west side yard (I'm on the corner of these garden homes) and my front yard, as it is lawn. But in my east side yard, that is my special place and where you see me take all the photos. I took up what little grass was there when I moved in and am creating garden rooms throughout. No, it never ends! But you're doing great!

Journey said...

Very nice. Everything looks so neat and clean. I love the corner gardens. The fruit trees are a great idea...may try that myself.

PAT said...

It looks beautiful and no, it never ends!:-)

Sorry to hear about the lightning strike!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your yard is gorgeous and HUGE, Melissa!! I am so like you with allergies. And I get rashy touching plants but I plow along because no one else will!!

The hubby did a great cleanup job and you have a lot of points of interest in your yard now. If you want to make it easy on yourself, plant flowering shrubs next year. All the pretty and no work!!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday, my friend!! BTW~that spider is enough to make me stay indoors more than allergies. Yuck!!


blushing rose said...

Beautiful 'clean up' ... I am a huge gardener, allergies or not. Never ends... TTFN ~Marydon

Denise said...

I would love a nice big thunderstorm about now, but of course wouldn't want any damage from lightening. So glad no one was hurt at your neighbors. Loved your before and after pics. I really can't wait til the weather cools and we can get outside more to clean up. All our veggies are coming to an end and it will soon be time to plant more cool weather crop. I'd like to get nicer flowers in the flower beds too, perennials that will stay there every year!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Melissa, don't feel bad, your corner bed is nothing compared to areas I have! I'm dealing with beds I put in when I was a stay at home Mom, and had the time and desire to garden. It is even harder now because I have to keep it maintained since our house is for sale.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Ooops, I forgot I wanted to say that I got the package today! Lovely and you wrapped it so nicely. I took some pics as I was opening it and I'm going to do a post on it. The blue frame ~ it matches my bedroom perfectly! Thanks so much!

Stacey said...

No yardwork doesn't end. Thank goodness! That's my favorite thing to do. :) I can surely understand how you would not feel that way with allergies, though.

You redos look great! I love to add new mulch. It just makes it all better.

mbkatc230 said...

No, yard work never ends. Of course, we have no yard this year due to the drought lol. But I think that just means more work this spring if it ever rains. Hubby did a beautiful job getting everything spruced up. You have such a pretty green lawn! Kathy

Tara G. said...

When Mr. YH was deployed, I did a ton of landscaping. I planted a magnolia and a Natchez crepe myrtle. When he pruned it, I accused him of crepe murder- I wanted it to be a tree, not a bush!! :) Your yard looks beautiful!

Thanks for following the big story! You need to hop in next week when the question was popped!

Lisa said...

WOW! What a truly exciting post! Great pics. Glad your neighbors are ok!
Hugs, Lisa

ceekay said...

No, it never looks so pretty when it done and then relax a bit and you are right back at it!! It looks real nice though!

Grandma Nina said...

It never ends, just like housework and laundry. It's so easy to get behind with it, and that's how I feel right now. We've had so much rain I haven't been able to work outside. Now it's getting so bad that I'm overwhelmed and don't even want to do it. Vicious circle! Your yard looks great. It feels so good when it's clean and neat, doesn't it?

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Melissa, what a great hubby you have!I know it feels good to get things cleaned up. Your little beds around the trees look great! We didn't put the black plastic around our trees and I am constantly pulling grass! The rocks look good, but definitly don't prevent grass and weeds. Your yard is really pretty! I'm glad your neighbors are ok, that's scary! Talk to you soon, Kristen

Risa said...

super cute girl! My backyard is next :-) We just got our grass good, now we need some shade trees.

Twice Remembered said...

Can I just say that I would gladly take your "before" pics? Hehe, I have the black thumb of death when it comes to outdoor work and it sure shows at my house! I pull weeds occasionally, but not enough apparently! Maybe when we're finally finished with the inside, I'll be more motivated - BUT I *do* have a blister on my finger from the yard work I did the other day and I'm quite proud that I did attempt to do something, lol!

You guys did a great job! I'm glad no one was hurt by the lightning - that's so scary.

Thanks for your comment on my blog today!

Barb said...

Your yard is looking great!!
A lot of work but worth it.

Thanks for coming by.

Barbara Jean

squawmama said...

Your yard is just beautiful Melissa... I love your crept myrtle and think it would just need to be trimmed up after it blooms... to make it bushy... or trim the branches off around the bottom and make it into a tree... I have done it both ways when we had a stationary home. LOL LOL

Have fun with your yard!

squawmama said...

oops I meant Crape Myrtle... DUH!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Oh yes, Melissa, I have an area that one of these days I need to spend the day attending to and clean it up.

Your yard is great and you have planted some lovely trees.
Was good to see your place ~ thank you.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh goodness...I think we ALL have parts of our homes that no one sees...than again...from some of the homes I have seen on here...maybe not! :)
I know mine does...big time! I excuse myself one way or the other but I need to get busy on things ..and soon!

Lynda said...

What a wonderful, HUGE backyard!! I'm envious! I love your fence, too!

The Blonde Duck said...

We have a bradford pear tree too! We're tree twinkies!

Jacque said...

Melissa...just thank God you have a husband that can help with all those outdoor projects! Most of ladies either don't have one, OR, have one that is disabled like mine, which limits their abilites to work. My advice to you is to "make hay while the sunshines" because someday, unfortunately, the storm clouds do roll in! Not that I am complaining, just a word of wisdom from the wise.

Have a great week!

Bonnie said...

Your yard projects look great. Glad your neighbors are ok. Storms can be a scary thing.

Amy said...

Nice neat and tidy after! We get those giant yellow spiders in our veggie garden in the summer here in Cary too. I wonder what they're called? They're HUGE!

Lisa said...

Great clean up! What a sweet hubby!:) I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor's fire! That is so scary! I'm glad you guys are alright.

Karen said...

WOW! That is pretty scary about the lightning strike! When we were driving through Nebraska last week, the lightning was striking all around us. We pulled over to the side of the road when the hail began. Motorcoach windshields are so expensive, I was so worried! My husband looks at me in the middle of it and says, "those aren't hailstones, those are chunks of ice!". Yikes!
The yard looks nice and fresh and clean again! Doesn't it feel good to see a good days work pay off? Great job! I'm almost afraid to go home after being gone a month to see what my yard looks like.
BIGGER YIKES!!!! Oh well, I have 10 more days, and I'm not going to worry about it until we get home!
HAGD! Karen

Angela said...

It looks great! After moving to the city, we have the world's smallest yard. I would love a big, quiet backyard again!

Your yard looks neat and clean just like your beautiful home!

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Dear really wasn't THAT bad! lol! It does look very nice now though and I know you appreciate your sweet husband. You'll enjoy the holly. Oh, how I miss not leaving where we can grow crepe mrytles. So scary about your neighbors!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love the improvements!!

Could you please email me?

April said...

Look at the size of your yard? Wow...the possibilities are endless! I really love what you've done. Everything looks so neat and orderly.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Melissa,
Great photos! The ones with in the misty rain are especially intriguing.
Your yard is so beautifully groomed and picture perfect! I love the design of your fence too!


P.S. I see the other giveaway winner received her package yesterday.
Hmmm, I figured mine would be here today, but the mail carrier came just a bit ago, and only had junk mail, no package for me:(
Boo hoo!
Oh well, maybe tomorrow!


KBeau said...

Thanks for stopping by, Melissa. I would be very reluctant to show anyone my laundry room. What a disaster. Your yard looks lovely.

Rita said...

The best thing about hard work in your yard is when you get to sit back, relax, and admire your work. You have done a wonderful job! Your grass looks like carpet.
I love Crepe Myrtles...I'd do a total trim off of all the small branches (suckers)from the ground up to the bushy part of the plant. Leaving the stems clean 2/3 up will give a clump tree look. Just my suggestions for a clean, manicured look.

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

The weeds grow faster than I can pull them!
Hubby did a great job on the yard. Your neighborhood is beautiful Melissa!
The storm looked so scary & yikes - a lightening strike started a fire!

Envoy-ette said...

I hear ya! I can barely keep up with the weed pulling! Thank goodness the neighbors have decided to help with the pond...that thing was ready to kill me! LOL!

Your yard looks so healthy & colorful. Love the curved fence! Mum season is coming! I see mums in your yard!!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Melissa, your yard looks great...everything is so neat and tidy. That spider is definitely scary looking. Yikes.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Barb :-)

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

LOL! No it NEVER ends!! That's a beneficial spider btw. It all looks great! I wish it would cool off a bit so I can go out and weed!


Glitter and Bliss said...

I have many areas that I wouldn't want anyone to see. LOL... I am not good at behind the scenes organizing. Your backyard looks beautiful!!! Your very own oasis..... Enjoy it. Leslie

Nancy said...

Melissa, It looks beautiful, now!! We have been working on the same kind of stuff this week...I ask my husband, why did we wait until it was in the 90's to work ;) I guess you just have to do it when the notion hits..;) I love everything you all have done!

jen said...

He spruced it all up beautifully!!

I scrolled down to your master bedroom post and wow!!! It's soo pretty! I love brown and blue together!! I think I would sleep realy well in that room!!


Lori said...

Never, ever!! But as plants fill in it does ease up some! Today I spent two and a half hours on a few small places! But I have tons of garden areas!! My own fault! I'm getting excited though to put in something this fall, I didn't plant as much as I normally do this Spring cause it was freezin!! Later,Lori

~Jamie said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Calming Scents said...

you guys did a great job and I would find it hard to belive anywhere in your home would be messy--lol.

Your inspiring me to "clean things up" and I've started. I'm not taking before and after pictures because no one needs to know how bad I am. My yard needs work to..big time.

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Hi Melissa!
Your yard is beautiful, so green and pretty! I could do without the spider though, that was a nasty one!
How scary for your neighbors, I'm glad everyone is okay.

I understand what you mean about having an area you don't want seen. Our whole backyard is practically a "before" shot now but we'll be working on it next spring. :)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Your yard is so amazingly huge! I love it!!

m ^..^

The818 said...

Wow - that spider terrified me! I could barely focus on anything else!

But your yard looks gorgeous.

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Connie said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for stopping over. If it was late last night I was reversing the order of my posts with the dates. I just checked and the book is there and if you scroll down the other three items are there. Again, the computer was acting weird and today it's fine.
I think your yard looks so nice with its new facelift. As for the colorful bush, could that go to one of the corners so it would balance ? It's hard to tell with a picture..... You could always put in a HUGE pool....... kidding!!! I've read that you need rain down there and it looks like it arrived.
Thanks for your message~~ will keep an eye on it.

Ginger said...

Your home and your yard are so beautiful. I don't think yard work ever weeds just keep on growing, no matter what.
Glad no one was hurt in the storm.

Lynette said...

It looks so nice Melissa - sorry I'm so late getting around to visiting - we just got home from moving Meghan in and now we have to get redy for my dad and step-mother's visit starting tomorrow and I am so NOT prepared!!

Your yard and house always look beautiful!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend -

Laura said...

No- it never ends.
I think that's a good thing and a not so good thing!

Enjoyed visiting,

Night Owl Mama said...

Very nice
Stopping in from the SITS to say Hello

Tricia said...

Great photographs. I love the spider and that is a gorgeous bush or tree in your backyard.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Dear Melissa!

I wanted to let you know that my package arrived today (Saturday)!!!

I had soooo much fun playing with all my goodies!!!

I found perfect places for them already and will be taking photos to show you and everyone on my blog soon!!

Take care, and
Thank you again dear sweet lady!


Rita said...

GREAT!!! Glad you liked the idea. I think it makes it look manicured. I'm typically more 'informal' with my shrubs. I like them trimmed and neat, but not trimmed into straight lines, rounded, squared, etc. With Crepe Myrtle, I like the top informal, with the stems clean.

Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful back yard.

Melissa said...


You are so sweet. I am, in fact, doing much better, nowadays.

Thank you so much for your kindness.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Yard work, house work, nope, never ends :0)
We've had to pull out daisy bushes (got sick) and some other bushes and now I've empty yucky looking planters. I need to get moving and pretty things up too!
I hope your neighbors are okay and that the damage to the home was minimal. How scary!

Chrissy said...

Wow...your yard is lovely...may sound odd but I love the color of your it stained or painted? Hope this finds you well,Chrissy

Krissie said...

Hi Melissa,

Your yard looks great~ Please tell me you took the before picture with a tele photo lens that spider is creppy!!!
Glad to hear that your neighbors are ok :)