Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Bit Of Nesting

Hello Everyone!
I've been in a nesting mood for a few weeks and
have made a few simple changes around here.
Join me and I'll show you around.
I found buffet lamps at Kirklands for the dinette.
I always enjoy a balanced look.
They give a nice warm glow in the evening.
I have always wanted to try a red shaded lamp
and I'm glad I did for this reason. Cozy.
They feature a glass pineapple and tassels.
They were on sale for $19.99.
The sofa in the living room needed a new M pillow.
I think we are set for life on monograms around here.
On sale at Kirklands for $14.99.
I found a chandy picture at Kirklands
that matched our M from Ballards.
It's mini size and has a leopard print and rhinestones.
Chestnut had a hairball accident on a bathroom rug.
It had to be replaced. Marshalls has some nice ones.
I threw away a dead ivy plant and found this chair.
The chair is from Marshalls and was $29.
The striped fabric was a perfect match to our towels.
I found the fleur de lis sconces at Kirklands.
They were a good match to the shadow artwork.
This fleur de lis topper was on sale for $11 at Kirklands.
I added it above the doorway in the master bathroom.
I added some towels to the bar in the guest bath.
They are Croscill and were at Marshalls.
I thought the beads and tassels were snazzy.
A few mini palm prints for the guest bath.
On sale for $6 at Kirklands.
A few days ago my dear blogger friend Gloria
at Happy To Be mailed me this pretty lamp.
I displayed it in the guest room as a night light.
Here it is displayed on the bottom shelf.
I love it! Thank you Gloria!
One more look so you can see the beading. I recently won Chari's giveaway.
Here are the design books and the grape towels.
Thank you Chari!
Have a wonderful week!


Sandra said...

Hi Melissa! I always like what you do to your home! You are talented, girly! What pretty lamps!

Kelly B said...

How lovely!! We had a Kirkland's at our mall, but they closed. I just found out that in the next month or so they will be opening a large store over by Target in town. Yeah!! Boy will I be in trouble then!! I love you bathroom!! I am pea green with envy over your bathtub!! :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love the lamps you got; the shape of the shades is great. I love the color on your walls in your living room {is the dining room the same color?} very warm and seems to go well with everything. You did really well with these purchases! I hit Michaels today with my Mom and will be putting together a post of what I got {50% off coupon and all}. I put together some things from my purchases and what I already had on hand. I have a few blogger friends to thank for their inspiration and ideas {you are one of them, btw!}.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Melissa, I love those lamps. I like everything you have done. I too am in a nesting mood. Now if I can just find the time. LOL
Take care ~Sue

ceekay said...

Oh Melissa, you make me want to go shopping...but Sept is a no shopping month! You found some wonderful things!!


Melissa - It looks like you are Kirland's best customer. Do you subscribe to the site? If you do, you can get lots of great coupons.

Have a great day and thanks for sharing your wonderful "nesting".


Jenglamgirl said...

OH' Melissa I love all your decor, its right up my alley! Your taste is fabulous. Everything looks so beautiful. You would be so fun to shop with.

P.S. you have to stop by my blog, I just put up my fall wreath. Take care!

Brandi said...

Everything looks wonderful! Every time I visit, I remind myself that I REALLY need to go to Kirkland's! Your home is so lovely. Have a wonderful Labor Day as well! :)

Denise said...

ooh I love seeing pictures around your home, it always looks so lovely and cozy. I had to laugh when I saw your fleur-di-lis topper, I just bought the exact same thing at my Kirklands last week... but mine was still $14!
I love your lamps in the hallway, I want that look in my hallway too but the lamps on sale at Kirklands this week were cream shades and I want red or something dark because the wall is light colored. I know I could just buy new shades but that isn't as cheap as just getting the right lamps on sale. So I'll wait ;-)
I made window treatments for my dining room this weekend, will be posting about it tomorrow.

Cathy said...

You really have been nesting!!! All of the changes you have made are beautiful!!! I love the lamps with the red shades!!! I don't think I have a single off white shade in my home!!! I usually change them to something for fun as soon as I can!!! I just love a colored shade!!!

You are so great with all of the fine details in your home...they are all absolutely wonderful!!!

I loved the tour!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You and
I have such similar tastes...I have those same lamps, the same towels and one of the same pictures....and Kirklands is one of my fav places to shop...which I should do rarely as I do not have an empty spot anywhere in my in packed...I should give some stuff away...I come home from market in Dallas and will have things I have bought to sell, but they end up just finding a spot in my house...

marty39 said...

Oh Melissa, I love all of your new finds. YOur red shade lamps are so pretty as well as all the other wonderful touches you have added. Don't you love the accessorizing book that you won. I have that book and it really does have great eye candy. Your home is just so lovely and so warm. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

bj said...

Ummm, I love all your new nesting items. I love Kirklands, too.
Great lamp from Gloria..she is such a sweetie. And your giveaway items are wonderful.

Rhonda said...

Happy Sunday, Melissa!
You know I always love looking at your home and the latest "finds" you've found! Gotta love that Kirkalnd's. I LOVE the fleur-de-lis topper and what a bargain. I'm going to have to get over there.
Hope kitty is okay :)


Hi Melissa,
You home is very lovely and that lamp was a nice gift from a blogger :)
It's always fun to win giveaways.
Take care.
Deb :)

PAT said...

It all looks beautiful, Melissa!

xinex said...

The lamps are beautiful, Melissa and so perfect for your lovely home. I like all the new stuff that you got...Christine

~Kristen~ said...

Oh Melissa, you always find the loveliest treasures for our already stunningly beautiful home!!! I love everything you did!

I know what you mean about being in a nesting mode. I think fall does that to me! I am working on my fall decor and hope to have pictures to share soon!

Love the Decor! said...

Yet another wonderful array of fun things.
i am so enjoying getting to know you through this fun blogging world.I always love when you visit.

fiberdoodles said...

Hi Melissa,

Everything looks wonderful! We so have to go shopping together someday ;) I especially love those buffet lamps ~ red is my favorite color!

I'm having a party I hope you can join in!


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Some great finds Melissa. Your home is beautiful and I could and do spend hours in Kirklands! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

Lynette said...

Hi Melissa - all your lamps are so pretty - love that red one - I have a larger version of that one (from Kirkland's) on my foyer table and it is so pretty!!

Have a safe holiday weekend - (what's left of it)

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...


It is beautiful...all of it! Such elegant, and refined style you have. I always love seeing what you've been up to and all of your decorating. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

Hugs and love friend,

Rita said...

AS always your little touches work magic. I love the red lamp shades.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Melissa...Your home is beautiful! You have exquisite taste and I always love seeing what you have added or tweaked. Is it possible to have too many monograms...NO WAY! :-) I love 'em...and your new pillow is perfect! I love the cozy, red lamp shades!

sharing with sherri said...

Hello sweet Melissa!

My goodness, what alot of great goodies you've found! They all look so pretty in your lovely home!

Your lamp from Gloria looks so perfect with your decor!, and congrats for winning those great decorating books from Chari too!

Hope you're having a fun Labor Day weekend!


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Melissa...we were leaving comments for each other at the exact same time...isn't that neat! :-)

mishebe said...

Great lamps.

Risa said...

cute stuff girl! :-)

Mary @ The Writer's Block said...

Hi, Melissa. Stopping in from SITS. Beautiful home! I'm going to look for some red lampshades now. Love that look. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Melissa, All your nesting changes are beautiful!!!!!! nancy

Tara G. said...

So pretty, Melissa! I really like the buffet lamps and that little night light is really snazzy and unique! I was going to mail out your box twice this week, but someone took the van to go work on his thesis. So, Tuesday and hopefully it'll catch a fast plane! And yes, cut and pasted his entire head! I should show you a copy! :) Hope you're enjoying the long weekend with your hubby! :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Melissa,

Your home is so beautiful and thanks for showing us around.
Love everything from the lamps to the M pillow. You have done a fantastic job.

have a great week

Rita said...


For whatever reason it works when I copy the link address into my browser, but you can also find it on YouTube - search Chinese Choral Tribute To Lilly Allen. Rita

Lisa said...

I love it all, but I'm IN love with your sweet little vanity chair! That is just so cute. What a great deal. You always seem to manage those great deals.:)

Vanessa said...

WOW! If I could do half of what you did in my military quarters, I'd be in heaven!

shelley said...

good morning melissa,
i wanted to stop by and see what's "new" on your site. :) and let you know that i wrote a post on some of my new etsy friends that i met, thought you would like to see it!

Lee Laurie said...

Melissa, Everything looks so beautiful! I love all of your colors that you chose and your decor is awesome. We don't have a Kirkland's here anymore and I miss it. I use to love to shop there.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM my Dear friend..girl I love all your nesting things you have been doing...Love those towels the best WOW!! now girl I was busy last week nesting and then it Happen...All 3 of my girls came in for 2 days and took almost all my nesting stuff...I kid you not I seen chinas sets, rugs, stain glass windows being loaded to to each of there cars ha ha!! they looked like low rider when they left here this morning...Now I have an empty kitchen table that was really cute the other day ha ha!! However daughter #2 bought me a Beautiful Bell Cloche's Daughter # 3 a fall harvest sign and Daughter # 1 her appeitti does that count ha ha!!Oh girl I shown them all your home and told them about their new sister...Now Daughter # 3 wanted that lamp I send you ha ha!! Oh Yes she's your selfish sister...Well you sweet thing hopw you have a great day...Me I have to mop my kitchen floor...yes you could eat off it right now grab a fork!! And I won't even tell you about the laundry thats waiting me now ha ha!! Love ya girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Lisa said...

You found the best stuff! That chair in your bath is perfect! What a nice prize you won! Have a great day!
Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

OH! You have reminded me to shop at Kirklands! I didn't find anything when I went last week but I'm keeping my eye open!
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn said...

Lovely home, Melissa. Thanks for the tour.

Justin and Jenn said...

Oh I love the fleur di lis- you can never have too many of those!!

bluecottonmemory said...

You can come nest at my house any time!Decorating is like giving birth at my house--I get there, but it's painful:)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Very pretty things!!

Karen said...

Hi Melissa,
Your home always looks so lovely. Its warm and inviting! I love, love all your changes! You are always so inspiring.
I do have a question for you. I recently purchased wine colored drapes. I noticed that you have simular color drapes. So my question is what color do you have on your walls?
It looks like a light gold. I'm having so much trouble choosing a wall paint. I love your room!

Connie said...

All I can say is, "Wow!" Your home is beautiful. I think the beads and tassels on your towels are snazzy too. Everything looks great - love the monogramming!

Brenda said...

Honey, you know in my book you absolutely cannot go wrong with red! I love your bathroom! My cats have that hairball problem too. And I run into the same problems. Your home is looking great and very loved. Yep, see ya at the Cloche Party!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Melissa, your home is lovely and you surely have the touch. I could spends hours just looking!

I am a new Kirkland's fan thanks to you. I never go in there anymore that I don't see your pretty face in my mind's eye. I am in love with the night lights and the pillows, the signs, the pictures.....well, just everything!!!!

Hope your Labor Day is wonderful!!!

Blessings, Barb :-)

Calming Scents said...

I'm not going to say much, you know I love your home. I would give my right arm for that tub!

Debbie said...

I love all the changes. Those lamps are great, especially the lamp shades. Shopping for my house is always a fun thing, I see you love it too. Great job with everything. Debbie

Morse Farm said...

What a nice blog you have and a wonderful home.
Have a nice week.

Kim Kasch said...

Beautiful!!! Such warm colors - I love it.

tardevil said...

Ok, I'm officially jealous. Your Kirkland's is better than mine. Love those fleur de lis sconces and topper. In fact, I love all of your purchases and gifts! I wish for 1 minute I could keep my house as neat as yours. I have to move stuff to take blog photos! ;O)

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Everything looks beautiful. Love the red shades! I'm a nut about balance as well. I've tried to hang things differently but always redo it.
Very cute little chair!

Now... did I see you tellin' Rue that you had never seen GWTW?? Tsk, tsk! LOL!

"Blossom" said...

Such lovely touches; your accessories are so pretty with all that you have done lately. Beautiful as always.

cindy said...

You got some really good deals on some great things~! I LOVE Kirklands and Home Goods. Wish we had one nearby...but I guess I would be broke if that were the case. Take care ~Cindy~

Tootsie said...

it's all looking so very cozy and eloquent!

Chari said...

Hello Dearheart...

Just read your sweet note! Ohhh, I'm so glad that you got your books already! That sure was sweet to mention me...I'm just so happy that you won that giveaway, Sweetie!!!

Girlfriend, you HAVE been busy!!! Busy nesting...and busy shopping! Hehe! I just love all of your new pretties!!! Your new buffet lamps are absolutely gorgeous...I love the red shades!!! They really do add to your buffet and I love the soft, romantic glow of the pretty red shades!!! Love, love, LOVE all of your new art...especially like your little chandy picture with the leopard print! It looks so pretty with your M monogramed it!!! Oooh...and I got so excited when I seen your pretty new Fleur de lis's gorgeous!!! Girl, I'm so envious that you have a Kirklands!!! I really do love all of their's so "our" style! Hehe! I think I told you about going to the Kirklands that I used to shop at in Corpus Christi this summer? I was kind of disappointed because they were bringing more of the building line of decor into their faucets, etc. They didn't have much of the decor any more...don't know what is up with that? Hope that your store stays with the decor end of always find the prettiest things there!!! Oh yes...and I love your new bath's really pretty and you're's perfect with your bath!!!

Well Sweetie...I see that our dear, sweet Gloria has blessed you with a fabulous lamp too!!! Girl, it's gorgeous and so perfect for you...your style...and your beautiful home!!! She sure is a sweetheart and one of the most generous ladies...she is definitely one of a kind!!! Sure do love that gal!!! We were talking on the phone...were your ears ringing??? Hehe! We both were talking about what a sweetheart that you are!!! Gloria said that she adopted you...I just think that's so sweet!!! Enjoy your beautiful gift...I know that you'll think of her whenever you see it!!! Well Darlin' happy to hear from you today! You have a wonderful day and blessed week, Sweetie!!!

Love ya,

Chrissy said...

Hey stranger,how are you? Must be the air cause I am doing the same thing around here,can't keep still for a second without changing something!!Talk to you soon,Chrissy

The Blonde Duck said...

LOVE the red lamps and leopard frame! You've got such talent!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Hi Melissa!

It all looks wonderful! I love that the iron scrolly thing above the buffet mimics the iron scrolly of that piece! I like think balanced too! Great lamps...I wish I still had a Kirkland's by me. They always have such fun stuff at good prices! Ours closed a few years ago...never could figure out why!


gin said...

Everything is so lovely. I love kirklands too. There isn't one near me now. And I know I am missing out on some great finds.

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Melissa,it looks like you had a blast shopping! I love all your pretty finds. Your home looks gorgeous! Great job!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Melissa, you really have been doing some nesting. I love the red lamp shades on those lamps in the dining room. That new topper over your bathroom door is gorgeous, and what a great price for it. You always make your home look so pretty. laurie

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Melissa.....I miss you!!! I love the new changes that you have been working on. Yes, I am really into balance, too!! Those red lamps shades are beautiful!
Luv Ya! Terrie

prof en retraite said...

Hi Melissa! I love your new finds...especially the fleur de lis sconces! I understand about the hair ball accidents. Tell Mr. Chestnut that I am glad his problem is solved! I hope you are having a happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Chari said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Just read your sweet note and thought I'd come by and see what you're up to today? It's really cool at our place...only in the 60's right now...perfect working weather! I need to get busy with more of my autumn projects! Just wanted to say hi!!!

Love ya,

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you had a fun dinner out!

Bella said...

Hi Melissa,
I fixed it and added you icon appears (with the pink lily) and so just double check on your end if my name appears in your list (which is REALLY big)....anyhow, thanks for letting me know so that I can continue to follow ! All the best, Roz in SC!

Anna said...

I love the lamps with red shades. Nice photos.Kisses.

Angela said...

Everything is Gorgeous! Melissa, you're my idol! LOL

Barb said...

Hi Melissa,

You have a good eye. Your home is lovely. You have found some great items.


Joy said...

I wish we had a Kirklands. Sounds like a great place and you are always finding beautiful things there. Congrats on your win and
love all your new decorations!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Melissa, So sorry I haven't been by! I love your new finds from Kirkland's! Those red lamps are beautiful!! The "M" pillow is really pretty too. Your sofa looks great with all the different pillows. I'm still waiting on our Kirkland''s opening soon!

Have a great weekend! I'll be in Dallas, can't wait! Kristen

Michelle said...

Melissa firrst congrats on the giveaway! What wonderful things. Second your house so much reminds me of my girlfriend's house. You have the same taste. :) Such elegance....and the deep colors like the red and black really make your place so warm. I love it! Especially love those red lamps in the first few pics. :)


A Hint of Home said...

Hi Melissa,
Looks like you've been on a shopping spree. It's so much fun getting new things, isn't it!
You have so many pretty accessories.
I just them all.

Vanessa said...

Hello Melissa! Thank you for your sweet comment! Yep, I'm back to blogging. Have a great day! Vanessa

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Melissa, I love the nesting and decorating you did. I am in a nesting mood too and have been since my staycation at home. With the change of the seasons, I love to move things around and give a fresh look. I was also just at Kirklands and found a new pic for our powder room. I plan to go back. They had so many great items and lots of iron. Love the pics you got and the chandy print is perfect.

Your home is gorgeous and I love all your decorating touches. The red shade is beautiful and the gift from your blog mom is so special. Gorgeous nite lite lamp also with the red shade. Looks perfect on the corner shelf.

Hope you have a nice weekend.
Celestina Marie

Jules said...

You always seem to find the perfect accents for your home. I love the new lamps and they were a great deal. Can I also tell you how in love I am with the chandelier art? I would love to find something like that.

Congrats on winning the giveaway!

Lee said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. As soon as your page downloaded I recognized it ... I have been here more than once. I am new to blogging so I must not have had my blog then... I looked through your followers and didn't see my face so I will leave it now. You have a beautiful home. Blessings to you! Thanks you for stopping by.
Lee @ Inspired Comblogulations

Rachael said...

Thanks for visiting...your blog is beautiful, and your home is amazing!

My husband is an Air Force Pilot, flying full-time in the Guard now (so we don't have to move anymore)! Great picture of you and your hubby in his USMC uniform : -)

I'll be back to visit soon!!!

Miss Janice said...

Melissa, Cozy, elegant, stylish, french country, comfortable, again--elegant...these are the words I would use to describe your beautiful home!

Krissie said...

Hi Melissa,

Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by there will be a future post about this though... I love your decorating you are true inspiration to me I now want to finish decorating my place. You are a decorating DIVA~


Nishant said...

I always like what you do to your home! You are talented, girly! What pretty lamps!
Blessings, How to make a website

fiberdoodles said...

Oh I just love that red lamp!