Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Red Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!
My 6 month blogging anniversary is May 1st!
It's the perfect time to have a giveaway.
Remember my previous post on toppers?
Many of you commented on my Dorothy
sign so I went out and bought you one as well.
Included are lovebirds, sachet, photo album and
the very best part is a $20 Target gift card.
It's all yours if you win!
1. Leave me a comment on this post.
2. If you are a follower of mine or would like to
become a follower not only would I love to have
you join me but you will also get two entries.
3. If you would like to post a photo on your sidebar and
a link back to my giveaway you will get three entries.
I will draw the winner on May the 4th.
Good luck to all!
A closeup of the little lovebirds.
A sneak peek of my porch makeover.
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hello Everyone!
It's time for a brand new event called Sunday Favorites.
It's hosted by one of the sweetest bloggers
you will ever meet Chari at Happy To Design.
Please pay her a visit and view all the participants.
Do you have a favorite post you want to show us?
Maybe we haven't seen it before...Here's your chance.
Repost it for Sunday Favorites!
One of my favorites was my toppers post!
I love toppers and use them everywhere.
Join me for my tour of toppers.
I have also added a few new ones.
All the photos are clickable.
Entryway with a large iron topper above.
It was my first ebay purchase.
Formal living room with two toppers.
The view into the family room
you can see I have used three.
The newest bird topper is from Lynne's shop.
HOME plaque words are from Home Interiors.
A wooden topper leading into the kitchen.
I ordered it from the Touch of Class catalog.
A new iron topper in the kitchen dinette area.
I ordered it from ebay.
Grape scroll topper used above the stove.
It's also from the Touch of Class catalog.
An iron topper leading into the dining room.
It's from Kirklands home stores.
This metal topper is new and is in the laundry room.
It's above the door to the powder room.
This piece is from Michaels. It's above the washer and dryer.
This large iron topper is in our master bedroom.
It's also from Kirklands.
A silver topper used in the vanity area.
It's from the Touch of Class catalog as well.
The upstairs hallway has a collage with a sign used as a topper.
My newest find at Kirklands and it says
"There's no place like home." It's signed by Dorothy.
Do you use toppers in your home?
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Traditional Dining Room

Hello Everyone!
It's time for Metamorphosis Monday.
It's hosted by Susan at Between Naps On The Porch.
In March of 06' we moved in our newly built home.
It was so exciting to start the decorating process.
All the pictures are clickable.
This is our formal dining room before paint.
I cannot tell you enough how important I think color
and paint are to a space. It's amazing what it can do.
After my paint color choices.
The deep Gold is called Chicory and
Cooper Molero Fandango Red is the warm red.
They both came from Lowes and are no longer in stock.
I checked yesterday since I knew I was going to post this.
Paint colors come and go over the years it seems.
The table before any decor' and accents were added.
A rug, runner, candles and florals were added.
Here you can really see the paint colors divided by the chair rail.
I have been asked if we installed the rail and flooring.
It came standard with our floorplan along with the hardwoods.
The table is from Ebay. The lamps are from Lamps Plus.
All the accessories and mirror are from Kirklands. Our chandelier is made by Quorum.
It's from the Coronado collection.
I like the look of detaled ceiling medallions.
I bought it at Lowes and it was $20.
Don't forget to paint your ceilings.
This color is called Applesauce Cake. Here's a before and after of our china cabinet.
This past week I figured out it had built in plate rails.
It only took me three years to notice them.
Isn't it funny what's right under our noses sometimes?
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birds On Holiday

Hello Everyone!
It's time for a fun event called Target Birds On Holiday.
It's hosted by Susan at Between Naps On The Porch.
Pay her a visit to see all the other birdies.
As you will see I was not able to find any Target birds.
Susan was gracious to let me join with my version.
I had a plan to join in Outdoor Wednesday this week
and needless to say the weather did not cooperate.
Can you say rain and more rain.
Please meet our new birdie friends
Barney the bluebird and Whitney the whitetailed dove.
They came to live at a home called the Millers
from a store named Kirklands where they cost 2.99.
Join them as they search for the perfect spot to nest.
They have not gone on a holiday officially.
Here they are Barney and Whitney.
Look at their pretty handpainted flowers.
As they fly down they spy a water hole to drink from.
Do you have room for us Lloyd? We like all of your toys.
Next is a place they call the guest room.
We aren't guests they say... Moving on.
What are these? Sharks? Maybe not.
Who is this big guy?
He looks nice. I think he's scared of us though.
Wait...he likes us after all.
Look a giant birdbath!
A window to look out of.
It's a bit cloudy to see anything. Moving on.
We really match well in here.
We may end up here don't you think?
What is this?
We don't like falling but here goes...
We made it!
This room is called the family room.
I think it's too big for us little birdies though.
Barney and Whitney are still exploring.
Look a dining room table.
We remember this plate from Kirklands.
We came here in the same bag.
Hello again.
Too loud.
Too flowery.
I think Barney and Whitney have decided that
where they came from was the best after all.
Sometimes you have to leave home to realize that.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!
I hope your day was wonderful.
Look who has found a home in our backyard.
It's a cute newborn baby bunny.
I did see his mother and she left when we had
our home pressure cleaned a few weeks ago.
He's safe and has been hiding out under our back deck.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bonus Room

Hello Everyone!
It's time for Met Monday hosted by Susan.
I never thought I would show you our bonus room
but I decided this week it was time for a spiffing up.
This is our workout room and pet lounge.
It now functions as my reading nook as well.
Here is the before and after.
I added a new bookcase and a chair from Sams Club.
We donated the old stereo to Goodwill.
It really opened up the space to decorate.
The blue paint is called Birdbath and is
by Martha Stewart at Sherwin Williams.
I added a throw and circle pillow from Target.
The little circle table I found at Marshalls.
The design matches and it was on clearance for $20.
I love it when that happens!
The candle holder and soy candle are from Target.
I added artwork in here and it looks nicer.
It's from Target. I spray painted the M black.
A bucket of curly ting to hide a cord.
The lamp is from Target. I added the A for my hubs initial.
Here is Chestnut's stuff. I know he is spoiled.
I won't show you the closet full of his toys.
You will think I'm the silly cat lady. Here is our buddy Lloyd the cockatiel.
He's nine years now. He's really getting older.
Have a wonderful week!