Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elegant Rooster Dishes

Hello Everyone!
It's time for the Rooster Party hosted
by Barb at Bella Vista. Pay this sweet
lady a visit for a complete list of participants.
In a previous post I showed you a small glimpse of my
new green dishes from Cracker Barrel's gift shop.
They are called Elegant Rooster and we are enjoying them.
Join me on tour of the dinette where I displayed them.
The dinette nook with the rooster tablescape.
Another view of the table.
The entire view of everything.
The quilted burgundy placemats are from Ross.
The plaid napkins are from Marshalls and
the white scroll napkin rings are from Pier 1.
Here is a close up of all the details.
It has hearts, a fleur de lis design and a beaded edge.
The dinner sized plate.
I found the green goblets at Target to match.
A colorful roo the rooster is taking center stage.
This spiral topiary is from the Ballard catalog.
It has a white textured pot with little dots and a finial.
At the top I placed a rooster tassel. It added the perfect touch.
A Colonial candle in an Indian Summer scent.
It smells delicious for this time of year.
A night time view.
Another night view.
Here are my rooster S/P shakers displayed on the stove.
Rhett & Chloe didn't want to be left out of the party.
Here are the details of them up close.
A few more rooster items.
Dish towels from Walmart, the matching bowls,
and paper rooster napkins with a ceramic holder.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Shopping Fun

Hello Everyone!
I had a nice week of shopping and thought I
might share some of my newest finds with you.
Please join me.
I could not resist another sign from Kirklands.
They always inspire me.
It's displayed on the fireplace mantel.
A plump bird from Cracker Barrel.
His home is on the hearth and it was on sale for $5.
A close up of the detail on the wings.
A decorative plate and stand for the kitchen counter.
The date on it is 1937. Both of my parents birth years.
I thought that was pretty special.
They have brand new decorative pillows
at Kirklands in this miniature size.
Look at how tiny it is.
I did some tassel shopping Bees and Fleur-di-lis.
Doesn't she have the cutest blog name?
Pay Jo a visit to view her Etsy shop.
A small M pillow for the family room.
I changed out the candles to a deep red for fall.
I can't wait to start decorating.
I love the warm colors at that time of year.
I did some online shopping from
for a few books. Do you shop with them?
This is the Farm Chicks recipe book.
I love it and can't wait to try a new recipe.
It is beautifully written.
Moving on to the bonus room and
I found this black clock at Target.
It was on clearance for $17!
Here is a close up view.
Another tiny pillow in zebra print and a basket.
A collage frame and shelf were added.
This may be my favorite pillow.
I had to share with you my new fleur de lis
plaque from Dawn at Eventually Cottage.
I admired it on her blog and she mailed me
one just because. Thank you Dawn!
Pay her a visit to view her Etsy shop.
Chestnut wanted to share his food with you.
Actually I think he's standing guard.
I finally added a C to his room.
Here's his new C from Kirklands.
Do you think he can read it?
Finally my last new purchase is the book Blogging For Bliss.
It's just a wonderful book!
Have a great week!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garage Floor Paint Treatment

Hello Everyone!
We built our home over three years ago and have been
planning to redo our garage floor with a paint treatment.
This was one of those projects that kept getting
postponed or just forgotten about until now.
Finally my hubby did the floor this weekend.
He really enjoyed doing this project.
Do you have this treatment done on yours?
Does it wear well?
We are thrilled with the result!
Join me on the tour.
Before. A plain concrete garage floor.
Before view from outside.
This is what we used. They had so many to chose from.
This treatment is from Lowes and comes in many colors.
We decided the gray was the best for our home.
My hubby rolling on the base color.
You can see how it's changing the look already.
Adding the colorful sprinkles.
Here it was this morning.
Can you see the changes?
I think it looks fresh and clean.
A close up of the sprinkle colors.
The entire view from the driveway.
Another view.
I know our garage is really empty.
I have a phobia about cluttered garages.
I am constantly pitching stuff out that we don't use.
Sometimes I look for things later I threw away.
Here is the storage side of the garage.
The stainless armoire is from Home Depot.
The red tool chest is from Sears.
In my previous post I showed your our
messy crepe myrtle tree. It needed cleaning.
Some of you suggested trimming the bottom out.
Here is the end result with a new mulch ring as well.
Thank you to my blog friends for your ideas.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scary To Clean

Hello Everyone!
It's time for Outdoor Wednesday.
This is hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.
Pay her a visit to view more outdoor posts.
Do you have a part of your home
you hope no one ever sees? Please say yes.
Well part of our backyard was a disaster area
until just last week when I took a good look at it.
Needless to say it was time for a clean up job
by my hubby. I have the worlds worst allergies
to anything outdoors so I sure did need his help.
Welcome to the jungle! The corner beds were a complete mess.
Complete with a scary garden spider. Yikes!
The after is looking much better.
Some of the plants didn't make it so they had
to be removed. We will work on filling it all back
in with prettier plants and flowers this weekend.
The bradford pear trees were overgrown too.
They really needed a little something extra.
He planted four small holly bushes and a new border.
A close up of the mess.
The circles were uneven and no tarp underneath.
The grass will fill in around it very soon.
In the middle of all of this we had a horrible thunderstorm.
It was so bad that a neighbors chimney was struck
by lightning and their house caught on fire.
No one was hurt thank goodness.
Finally...a beautiful day.
Thank you!
Now this one needs a clean up. Does yard work ever end?
Have a wonderful week!