Tuesday, September 29, 2009

M Is For Mums

Hello Everyone!
Fall is in the air here in North Carolina
and I've gone Mum crazy. I just adore this
time of year and the warm colors and crisp air.
We are having lows in the 50's tonight. Yay!
Join me on a tour of our porches front and back.
I wanted to give you another update on my heathy
eating plan and B/P meds. It's going fantastic and I
feel so much better I can hardly believe it!
Some of you may have wondered how I lost 13 pds
so quickly and I should have explained further.
One of my new B/P meds is also a water reduction
pill hence the rapid loss in only two weeks time.
I knew it would start to slow down and it has.
My stats as of today 3 weeks in.
Total pounds lost-14, B/P- 100/67
I plan to increase my workout plan to include weights.
Plus continue walking and healthy eating.
No extra salt, sugar or caffeine.
I haven't had a diet soda or coffee in 3 weeks.
Thanks again for all your encouragement.
I love initials and my outdoor M flags in black.
I have three of these placed around the yard.
The welcoming pathway.
The front porch and yellow mums.
They are lush and extra full this year.
I noticed the grass has just a hint of looking a
pale green shade as cooler weather approaches.
The swag Kristen made says welcome.
Look at this huge yellow pot.
Another look at the vibrant yellows.
I have not used the yellow color before
and I love the look against our red brick.
The fern contined to flourish this summer.
It's really huge!
The yellow cushions match the new mums.
The back deck has new mums too.
I chose a warmer red and deep pinks for variety.
I had never seen the pink mums before.
Another pink mum in a black urn.
They have little yellow centers.
I had to show you our sweet hummingbirds.
They were a little family of four that perched in our
pear trees and fed all day long all summer long.
They jabbered at each other over the liquid
food and we were thoroughly amused by them.
They just left a few weeks ago to head South.
We miss them.
My hubby was sitting in the chair below and
was able to capture these fun photos of one.
They were not afraid of us at all!
All photos enlarge if you want to see the details.
Look at those tiny baby claws.
Goodbye hummingbird! Come back next spring!
We are pretty sure that this is their little nest.
It's so tiny we can't imagine what else it could be.
Does anyone know? We left it for them for next year.
Happy fall ya'll!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Etsy Finds

Happy Autumn Everyone!
I wanted to take a moment and thank each of
you that left me a comment on my latest post.
Your words of encouragement mean so much to me.
I really appreciate having wonderful friends like you.
Things are really improving for me in just two weeks!
Here are my stats so far.
Pounds lost-13! WOW!
B/P this morning 104/70
I'm surprised and grateful it's working so well.
The healthy eating plan has been easy
in some ways and harder in others.
I miss my daily vanilla flavor coffee and Diet Cokes.
It's definitly worth it though! I'll keep you posted.
I'm already tolerating both medications but
I still would like to be off of them in the long term.
Time will tell.
Do you shop with Etsy?
If you don't know what it is you can read about it here.
I thought I would share with you a few of my
purchases. I found out about it through blogging.
Thanks to Shelley for giving me the idea for this post.
The Autumn blocks are handmade by Lynette.
She has a brand new Etsy shop and it's wonderful.
I created a vignette using a sage green pumpkin
from Kirklands and a scattering of fall leaves.
The pumpkin tassel on the lamp is from
"The Tassel House" handmade by Angela.
A close up of the glittery green pumpkin.
It's not from Etsy but I wanted to show you.
One more view going up the stairs.
The table is from JCPenney and the lamp from Lowes.
I found the green floral runner at Ross.
I ordered the vinyl wall words from Lynette.
This is the garage door leading inside.
I felt like it needed a little something here!
Last year Kristen made this Fall swag.
A close up of all the warm colors.
Kristen has a wonderful shop featuring
handmade frames of all kinds. I love initials!
Another initial frame made by Kristen.
Here is a hand painted sign featuring our initial
and last name. I added the stand and bow.
This is handmade by Susie.
Another "M"! I recently ordered this one
from Jeanne at "A Bushel and A Peck".
I found her in the book "Blogging For Bliss".
Another blackbird tassel by Angela and the
fleur di lis plaque is handmade by Dawn.
"Sweet" sign handmade by Amanda.
So cute!
An ivory fringe tassel for the lamps
in our family room is handmade by Jo.
A large leopard print tassel by Nancy.
One of my favorite tassels.
A redbird handmade by Miss Nancy.
Last Christmas I bought the large leopard ornaments
from Darlene and displayed them in a vase.
This year they are hanging on our ivory and gold tree.
I also recently won Darlene's anniversary giveaway!
She owns a handmade custom rug company and
here's what I won. My own custom initial rug!
Pictured below is a sample.
I don't have mine yet but I can't wait to show
it to you when I do receive it.
Thank you again Darlene for your generous giveaway!
This is just a small amount of what Etsy has to offer.
Pay your fellow blog friends a visit and shop with them.
They will really appreciate it!
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Big Wake Up Call

Hello Everyone!
I have a rather unusual post for my blog
which is usually about decorating.
I really want to share my experience.
If anyone would like to join me please do.
Let me know what changes you make.
We'll encourage each other.
This past week I have been dignosed with very
high blood pressure. Two years ago a doctor visit
showed it was elevated then and I ignored it.
Big mistake...
I am now on two different medications and
I am not happy about it at all.
I DO NOT like medicine...:(
Needless to say I am officially on a healthy
eating plan with no or very low sodium.
I admit it...I am a salt-a-holic. Big time.
Those days are behind me and I am feeling a
little bit better finally as of today.
I am still adjusting to the medicine though.
Yes, In case you are wondering I do have weight to lose.
The photos of me here are not recent and now I know why.
I am ashamed I'm not my small self anymore.
I may never be that tiny size again and it's okay.
My goal is to be off of this medicine in the long term.
My hubby is happy I'm joining him on a workout routine.
Wish me luck!
I'll be monitoring myself 3 times daily with this.

And eating lots and lots of this...

To have a healthier life...I owe it to me.
Let me hear from you if you have any tips.
This is all new to me and I'm pretty scared.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Harvest Cloche

Hello Everyone!
It's time for the fall cloche party.
This event is hosted by one of the
dearest ladies and friends of Blogland.
Pay her a visit for more inspiration.
I found my glass cloche at Marshalls and
was excited to join in the fun of decorating one.
Join me on a tour of my harvest vignette
featuring a sweet little redbird inside.
All photos enlarge when clicked.
Here he is!
I was shopping for something else and as soon
as I laid eyes on him I just knew he was perfect.
The cardinal is the state bird of Ohio where my hubs is from.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Bit Of Nesting

Hello Everyone!
I've been in a nesting mood for a few weeks and
have made a few simple changes around here.
Join me and I'll show you around.
I found buffet lamps at Kirklands for the dinette.
I always enjoy a balanced look.
They give a nice warm glow in the evening.
I have always wanted to try a red shaded lamp
and I'm glad I did for this reason. Cozy.
They feature a glass pineapple and tassels.
They were on sale for $19.99.
The sofa in the living room needed a new M pillow.
I think we are set for life on monograms around here.
On sale at Kirklands for $14.99.
I found a chandy picture at Kirklands
that matched our M from Ballards.
It's mini size and has a leopard print and rhinestones.
Chestnut had a hairball accident on a bathroom rug.
It had to be replaced. Marshalls has some nice ones.
I threw away a dead ivy plant and found this chair.
The chair is from Marshalls and was $29.
The striped fabric was a perfect match to our towels.
I found the fleur de lis sconces at Kirklands.
They were a good match to the shadow artwork.
This fleur de lis topper was on sale for $11 at Kirklands.
I added it above the doorway in the master bathroom.
I added some towels to the bar in the guest bath.
They are Croscill and were at Marshalls.
I thought the beads and tassels were snazzy.
A few mini palm prints for the guest bath.
On sale for $6 at Kirklands.
A few days ago my dear blogger friend Gloria
at Happy To Be mailed me this pretty lamp.
I displayed it in the guest room as a night light.
Here it is displayed on the bottom shelf.
I love it! Thank you Gloria!
One more look so you can see the beading. I recently won Chari's giveaway.
Here are the design books and the grape towels.
Thank you Chari!
Have a wonderful week!