Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone!
I will see you after the holiday with all
new Christmas decor' to share with you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Joy

Hello Everyone!
I'm back from my bloggy break.
We had a busy week and yesterday was my hubs birthday!
His gift from me was a crackberry...oops I mean a blackberry.
Yes, he is officially obssessed with it. He's a tech nut.
We are planning to decorate our trees this weekend.
I did order a new frame from Kristen I thought I would share.
Check it out.
It's a JOY Christmas tree frame with festive ribbon.
I have ordered many frames from her and this just
may be my new favorite. The details are amazing.
Look at the precious NOEL frame she included for me.
Thank you Kristen! I like them displayed together.
I added a red candle and garland.
I have my eye open for a new festive table runner.
I also wanted to share with you my Christmas ornament
exchange gift I received from Morgan at The Fountains.
She is very kind and generous. I just adore it.
She out did herself and mailed me glitter gold ornaments.
It's all Chestnut approved. I will have to keep an eye on him
for sure. Why do cats like Christmas trees so much?
Underneath the pretty paper were 4 ornate gold orbs.
They are unique and lovely.
I like the gorgeous spirals and gold sparkles.
Thank you Morgan! I will treasure them.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Taking A Break

Hello Everyone!
I just passed my 1 year of blogging and I have never
taken a blog break so I decided now was a good time.
Thank you for understanding.
See you all very soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Month Progress

Hello Everyone!
I passed the two month date on my healthy lifestyle
and I wanted to give you an update on the details.
Here are my new stats.
Pounds lost -23 / 20 more to go.
B/P tonight 103/67 I'm still on the meds.
I am very happy it is working!
Join me and I will show you my step by step process.I weigh in every morning and keep a log.I know most advice is not to weigh everyday
but it just plain keeps me super motivated.
Some days I do say HELP! My husband and I go for long power
walks together at least 4 times per week.
We walk around 3 or 4 miles each time.
We lift weights with our Bowflex machine twice a week.
I plan on increasing this as I continue on this journey.
As you know he is a Marine so I am now in training.
Just kidding...:)
It is really helpful to have a workout partner.
Thank you to my hubby for helping me.
We are eating very healthy foods.
Pretty much everything in this photo we have
in our fridge right now. No refined sugar, no extra salt
and no caffeine for me. I also cut out all diet sodas.
I really can't even put into words how much better I feel.
I would have never believed it until I tried it myself.
A few weeks ago I was ready for a reward.
I thought so anyway.
A sweet treat would satisfy my craving right?
I had a slice of coconut creme cake for dessert.
Oh my goodness did I ever feel terrible.
I was ill and tired from the sugar rush.
Needless to say it was not worth it. Really.
We are drinking healthy hot tea.
Green, black or white for the antioxidents.
My personal favorite is decaf earl grey.
I'm taking time to relax as well. I feel it's key.
I sleep much better these days.
Here's a beautiful lake in Canada.
Here's a recipe to help fight off flus.
~Hearty Chicken Soup~
2 tbls olive oil, 1 medium chopped onion,
1/2 tsp chopped garlic, 2 chopped carrots
3 chopped celery stalks, 2 quarts chicken stock
1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup white wine
8 ous wide egg noodles, 1 1/2 cups shredded cooked chicken
shredded parmesan cheese, S/P to taste
serve with saltine crackers or crusty bread
Here's everything you need. It makes great leftovers.
Chop up the carrots and celery.
The onion too.
Add the olive oil and chopped garlic for about a minute.
Here is when your entire home will smell wonderful.
Add the other veggies and cook for another five minutes.
Boil the chicken until it turns white and shred. Set aside.
Pour in the stock, lemon juice and wine. Bring to a boil.
Add the noodles and simmer for five minutes.
Fold in the chicken and simmer for a few more minutes.
Top with parmesan. Serve with crackers or crusty bread.We had some last night and it was tasty. Enjoy!
The only sugar I allow myself is dark chocolate.
It's a treat once a day and I only eat a small bite.
It's been shown to help with lowering B/P.
I know many of you have made changes as well.
How are you all doing? I would love any advice.
Happy Veterans Day!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello Everyone!
Thank you all for entering my giveaway!
The winner is.... Traci at Beneath My Heart.
#85 chosen by the random generator.
Congrats Traci! I will be in touch.
Do you display monograms? It seems to be
the stylish thing to do these days doesn't it?
I just adore them and thought I would show a
few around our home. Okay more than a few.
Join me on a tour.
The office bookshelf has my hubs letter A.
An M hangs on our wall from Kirklands.
An M print from Ballards.
A blue scroll M sits on my little desk.
A custom frame made by Kristen.
A nitelight I ordered from Ebay a few years ago.
She was the nicest lady and had a blog.
Oops! I don't remember her name though.
This was before I even knew what a blog was.
If she is reading this post come by and say Hi!
Monogrammed towels from Kirklands.
Monogrammed bath rug for our guest bathroom.
I also won a rug from Darlene you can see here.
How about a C for our big kitty Chestnut.
He is our spoiled baby with his own room.
A custom made initial made by Jeanne at
A Bushel and a Peck. Pay her a visit.
She's in the new book Blogging For Bliss.
Here is an M custom name plaque.
A red M pillow from Kirklands.
Another frame made by Kristen.
An apothecary M jar I found at Ross.
A monogrammed cheese board and spreader.
Doormats must have an initial. It's from Kirklands.
Initial pillow from Kirklands.
Last but not least a topper above our front door.
You know I'll be adding an M very soon...:)
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Year Ago

Welcome Friends!
I can't believe it was one year ago today that I started
my blog. Time goes by so quickly these days.
Thank you very much to all of my friends in blog land.
It has been a wonderful experience and I'm grateful to each and
every one of you for your kind words and support this past year.
You all are the best!
1. Leave me comment here on this post/ 1 Entry
2. Become a Follower/ 2 Entries
I would love to get to know you better!
3. Mention this on your blog / 3 Entries
Good Luck!
I wish I had a gift for each of you. You all deserve it.
I will choose the winner on Thursday evening. Here are all the items you will win.
I had fun shopping for you!
Another view of everything!
A pretty and colorful rooster platter!
Look at the acorns and sunflowers on it.
With all of the rooster fans I thought you might like it!
A matching rooster mug.
Three cloth dish towels in harvest colors.
Leaf spreaders for cheese and dips for Thanksgiving.
A red Colonial candle in a cranberry mint flavor.
It smells delicious!
A chocolate brown harvest leaf table runner.
How lovely for your Thanksgiving table!
A Welcome acorn for a cute Thanksgiving vignette.
A book of recipes on chocolate and desserts.
Just in time for the holidays ahead.
A bag of dark chocolate truffles. Mmmm...yummy!
Do you remember this?
It's a vinyl sticker that I ordered from Lynette's LAM Blog.
She has graciously donated one from her fabulous Etsy shop to
give away here. It is pictured in the ribbon topped gift bag.
Thank you for your generosity Lynette!
Wouldn't you love to have one for a door in your home?
This is shown on our garage door leading inside.
Please visit her blog and view her shop.

Thanks for visiting and here's to many more!