Monday, May 24, 2010

A Blog Chat

Hello Friends!
How are you? Everything is going well I am
just out of blog decorating ideas right now.
I cut my finger wide open watering my flowers
and haven't done much. It's finally healing.
Don't drop a plastic flower pot and
then try to catch it in midair. Ouch!
In the meantime how about having a chat
about our thoughts on blogging overall.
I have seen others discussing these things and
thought you might want to share your thoughts.
Why do you blog? Do you advertise?
What are your pet peeves? Your favorite aspects?
What is the meaning of the *follower* widget?
Does it even have one really?
I'll start with my thoughts...
First let me say I blog for you! Really.
The friendships are the most important aspect for me.
I do not accept advertising and don't plan too.
This is just a fun way of connecting for me.
I don't really care to read a blog with a cold feel to it.
I have a few pet peeves and they are *music*
and *comment verification*. I read and
comment alot and I cannot multitask. I mute
the music while I'm trying to read even if I like the song.
Comment verification seems like a step that is not needed.
Try taking it off and see what happens. It really
makes it easier for your readers to comment and you
may find you like your blog better without it.
Finally I will share with you my thoughts on the
*follower* widget. For me it's plain and simple.
It works well! I have to tell you if it wasn't for this
handy dandy feature I would never be able to keep
up with all of you. I have tried using the *subscribe*
feature as well and receiving constant emails
was not for me. I enjoy using my google reader
to browse blogs on my time. Many have said they
don't care for it being called followers as it sounds
like a popularity contest or reminds them of high school.
I admit to having those pesky hurt feelings over it when I
have lost followers and then wondered why. I have
decided no more of that. It's not a personal thing.
I am grateful for each and every one of my readers.
I consider you an automatic friend.
You're always welcome here anytime!
Please feel free to share your thoughts.
I'll be back with a decorating post or a
healthy recipe as soon as I can.
I plan to visit all of you this week!
You are all good people. Thank you.
Blogging is a wonderful thing!
Have a fantastic week!


Love the Decor! said...

Happy Monday Melissa!!

Sandra said...

Hi Melissa! I love this topic.
Hmm, I need to put my thoughts together for a second here.
There are times that my feelings are hurt somewhat? I wonder why I only get 1 or 2 replies on my posts:( I reply to just about everyone I follow so I know it's not that i'm not reciprocating the love, so to speak. There are times that I get so busy and I do try to catch up with my blogger friends. I just don't know? I've thought of not blogging anymore but I remind myself that I love blogging and love meeting people. Even if we'll never meet in person, kwim? What else? I wonder what I could do to make my blog more inviting? I did take my music off because I read some wonderful tips from a blogger that the music apps slow or freeze some people's computers. Especially the bloggers that do not live in the U.S. I had no idea. lol So my music came off.
Thank you for this awesome post, Ms Melissa!
Have a good day!

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Hi Melissa, I don't blog as you know so a lot of your good questions and concerns don't apply to me but the follower one does "stump" me. Does it mean sign up as a google blogger or comment regularly on your favorite sites? I love your home and life style blog.It is so nice to see a new post or to read or view a new idea to incorporate into our home. Thank for being so sweet as to share your talents with us. Hope your cut feels better soon. Emelia

Jennifer said...

Hey Melissa!!! Some of my favorite blogs have gone to nothing but advertising. It drives me nuts! I'm still new and learning something new everyday. I will go take that verification off now!

Have a good week! I am trying to get ready for my sale at a flea market on Memorial Day! I have a lot of junk to get rid of!

Sandra said...

Oh girl, you are too sweet! It makes my mind go bonkers when I go to some sites that are full of ads. I feel overwhelmed! lol I like the blogs that are clean and full of beautiful yours!
I am cleaning house like a mad woman here!
Have a good day!

Samantha said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly on most of what you said about blogging. I don't like music or the comment verification, either. Sometimes I try to get through the verification step so fast that I type it wrong and end up wasting even more time!

I also don't like extensive advertising and sponsored product reviews. I'll actually skip over blogs like that or stop following along if someone I normally read goes too extreme. (A few here and there are fine, but not all the time!) I read blogs because I love the friendships, the personal connections, and hearing others' stories. I don't need a bunch of ads! :)

I blog for myself and for the friendships I form. I love to write, and blogging is a way that I get to do what I love. I never knew there'd be such an amazing community along with it, but I feel so blessed that I've gotten to be apart of it.

Ann said...

Hi Melissa, I totally agree with you on the music thing. I especially dislike it when I am trying to catch up on my blog reading on quite Saturday morning with a cup of coffee.

Your post also reminded me that I need to chekc my comment verification. I turn it only only when spam starts to become a problem =(

Julie Harward said...

I could not agree with you MORE and on every point! All the advertizing makes a blog feel like a business. Music makes it SO slow to load, verification, so unneeded (who is it that makes all that up anyway?) Followers are good, just to get to know new people, And my pet peeve...people who's have the big blogs that never come comment back to you..rude! I don't have time to grovel to them. If someone does not have time to comment then they should expect others to constantly come comment on their blog! I am seeking friendship not numbers. I just hope people will forgive it when I misspell words LOL That about sums up my feelings...I am so glad to have connected with you! Come say hi :D

Kimberly said...

Hi Melissa, Happy Monday! I hate when blogs have music. I have found one or two that post a video that they want you to watch - so the video is going and the music is playing and I can't even hear the video cause of the music. LOL I don't know if people realize this but its like two things going on at one time. Also I can read the blog with music playing in general. I can't concentrate on what I am reading.
ok, that's it I guess!!! Oh, I like people to have pictures! I like to see them and their families. Some don't have pictures, just a general blog header.

InspiredDreamer said...

I have to say that my biggest pet peve is the No-Reply Blogger comments. As much as I hate to say it, I just can't guarantee that I'm going to make it over to someone's blog after seeing them comment on mine, so if I can't send them an email back I often won't follow up, unless the leave me a bunch of really witty comments, in which case I will follow their blog, leave witty comments of my own, and then BEG them to set up their email so we don't have to keep responding to comments by putting comments on blog posts that have nothing to do with the blog post on which the first comment was posted. (see how annoying that is??) :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Bonnie said...

Good afternoon! I haven't had time for creating any blogs since I have been working on my camper!! I have tried to stop by the blogs that I love and some that catch my attention on my blog roll. I am so new to blogging that it is a learning thing for me!

Why do I do it? Well, I love to decorate and I love to look at what others have done. Sort of a peeping blogger!!!! It seems that people were interested in what I am doing which makes me happy to share. I don't have a lot of friends that are interested in it like me so blogging has been a way to talk to others that do enjoy it.

Funny about the verification thing! I had it on mine as I thought it would keep spam away but hate it when I comment on others!! So I am taking it off and see what happens. I still have the authority to approve and watch for spam!!

Followers...not sure what I feel. The insecure part of me sees it as a way of feeling like people like me. However, I see others with 400 followers that have 70 comments on a post. Not sure I want to work THAT hard because I feel I should reply to as many as I can!

Ads...I don't have them, not sure if I ever will. Blogging can take a lot of my time so it would be nice to generate a little money in doing so but I'm not sure it would be enough to matter.

So...either people like me or they don't!! I am enjoying all the wonderful people I am meeting. You, Melissa, have just wonderful and welcoming to me!!

Hope the cut heals soon!!

Jenglamgirl said...

Hi Melissa~

I will start by saying I LOVE YOUR BLOG... and U TOO. I am happy to visit YOUR each and every time you post.

I Do not like blogs that you have to subscribe to and then they email you. I have signed up for two... and now when I get their emails/posts, I hit delete. Blog land is so fun... and I like to go to the individual blogs.. not receive them in my email box. Just recently I accepted an ad.. but I am a Stay at Home mom... and this may be little bit of money (haven't gotten paid yet) but its something, and when my hubs is talking about me working... I cringe. I am hoping that my blog will bring in some money. I have had Larsen Loves for almost 4 years... so I have blogged all this time until now. I blog BECAUSE I LOVE IT. I, like you, Love the friendships too. If my blog brings me some money that is great too. I totally can use it with a fam. of five.. kids are expensive. Hope you have a fab. day my friend. HUGS, LOVES, Jenn

Cathy said...

You are such a sweetie...I love visiting you! Just the tone of your words is uplifting!

Great post!


jwiess3 said...

Although I don't have a blog of my own and having only "discovered" blogs a month or two ago, I can't tell you how much I enjoy checking out my favorite blogs. I had completely lost my decorating "groove," but now I have become a whirling dervish of decorating activity thanks to blogs like yours! (In fact, just got back from JoAnn's with the goods for my latest project!!). The first thing I do every morning before work is check out what is new and am always inspired! Please keep blogging - I love your style and I too, am on a weight loss journey (20#'s down!).

Have a GREAT Monday! Jane

Tara G. said...

I'm with you on the music and verification! Hope you're having a great day!

Denise said...

Hi Melissa,
I blog mainly for my sister back in England because I know she loves reading it and knowing what I'm doing during the week, but I have blogged for many years now and have some wonderful bloggy friends, so like you I feel like I blog for them too. I agree with just about everything you've said... I have to mute the music too and I don't like once I've left a comment that I have to type a verification word too! I turned that off on mine and everything has been fine (at least I hope I did, do tell me if for some reason it's turned on) :-0
I keep up with my favorite blogs by following them too and can just visit as and when I get the time (which unfortunately isn't every day) and I try to leave as many comments as I can. I like the follower widget but try not to get hurt feelings if I don't get many comments. I like the blogs best that have a personal feel to them, the ones that I get a feeling I would like to be friends or neighbors with the moment I step in to their blog - which is how yours made me feel :-)

Julie Harward said...

I thought of two more...I do not like all the email things coming in to fill up my email and I do not want to answer all of that! And blogs that don't blog, they just list all these other places for you to go see..go here..go there..check this out! I came to see the person not a million other sites! :D

Shelia said...

Hi Melissa! I feel the same as you on these topics! I don't mind folks having their Etsy shops on their blogs but the other advertising drives me crazy! Some of the blogs I have really enjoyed din the past tht are now having ads all over their blogs seem to have changed, have gotten cold and have lost their personality.
Now you know I'm a very big fan of your blog - I love seeing your pretty home and hearing about you! That's what blogging is to me too - the frineds.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Always Nesting said...

Interesting post and a great forum to safely share. I, too, dislike music and turn it off.

I've stopped following mega blogs due to too much advertising, sponsored giveaways that are again, advertising and lack of warmth. It's like the difference between a good marriage and a bad marriage. When one person is always giving (following, comments, opening advertising, etc) and the other person gives nothing in return other than posts of photos or projects, what's the point in following cold and impersonal? There's plenty of awesome blogs with awesome posts out there and my time is valuable.

I love all the people I have met blogging. It's like the olden days of chatting at the kitchen table over coffee...this is the new way of connecting and sharing.

Kim said...

What a great post Melissa. I've really enjoyed going through the list of comments and seeing what everyone had to say. It looks like we are all in agreement too! I removed my music a while ago. I realized what a huge distraction it was. I think at first, it was like I just wanted to bling out my blog as much as possible and grabbed all the gadgets I could find. After almost a year I realized that a more streamlined look was what I wanted. I don't have word verification and I hate it on other blogs. Who has the time??? I blog for friendship mostly and to share ideas with other bloggers. The idea of advertising is somewhat appealing to me as I would like to make extra money, but I admit that it is offputting on other blogs. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

Sue said...

I don't like seeing all the ads- I visit people for what they have to show and say, but when I visit many of these bloggers,I feel that some of that "personal touch" is missing.

I don't mind music- I just mute it if it is not to my taste.

Participating in parties is always fun, but I'm finding that so many people just post and never reciprocate with visits to anyone, yet, all the while, expect visitors to their site. Isn't the point of participating in a party supposed to be meeting new people and gleaning ideas and information from them?

And then there are the party hosts who never comment back to their participants. The parties are bringing traffic to the host site, wouldn't you think that a host should at least thank the participant for joining up?

As for this whole popularity contest where bloggers try to get people to sign up as followers by practically begging just blows my mind! We are so past junior high, people! LOL

I love the fact that we form such great friendships through this wonderful medium of communication known as blogging. Geez, how else would I have known that your hubs actually grew up in this area of the country? LOL

It's always fun to visit your site and see what you're up to. You'll get a lot of opinions voiced on this post. It'll be interesting to read what everyone will have to say...

hugs, Sue

Stacey said...

Hi girl! I blog strictly for the connection to people with similar interests. I really do feel like some of you have become friends.

I probably will keep my music because I love it. So please visit, with your mute button ready. :)

No ads for me.

One thing that does bug me is when I try to open a blog and it takes forever for it to load. Some of them kind of roll around on the screen too. I have no idea why. If it takes to long I leave and come back later.

I do always enjoy visiting you and you are the sweetest to leave comments.

writing4612 said...

You have a wonderful blog!

Thanks for visiting mine. Be sure to tell your husband "Thanks!" for his dedication to our country.

mbkatc230 said...

Happy Monday Melissa. I think I started my blog just to test the waters and have a place for some self expression. It's grown to be something I really enjoy, especially the connection I feel with so many people I've never met. I would never have imagined that was possible! I don't accept ads, and don't plan on it. I have enough on plate without keeping up with all of that too :) As far as word verification, I turned that off at about the 2 month mark. It's really annoying to me, and I definitely saw an increase in comments. I don't accept comments from anonymous posters, and so far I've only had to delete 1 or 2 comments. As far as followers, I'm just happy when someone wants to follow. I do wonder about the ones I lose, but I try not to lose any sleep over it. I just assume that what I'm posting isn't their cup of tea, and that's ok. Hope you have a great week and that your finger heals up soon! Hugs, Kathy

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

This post made me think. I begin blogging to record our lives, then I decided to start the holiday blog so I could give back. The tree business had been good to me...I wanted to Pay it Forward! I do have music on it and its the song that is the title of the blog. I have had so many people tell me that they had never heard the song and loved it, so I am hesitant to take it off.I do not have any music on my main blog. As for advertising, I have been asked over and over but just do not want the clutter on my blog. As for answering every comment, I so TRY,but I am sure I do not get everyone. The followers always makes me laugh, as I am wondering where they are following me to. I love everyone that reads the blog and consider all a friends...and try to always visit their blogs...I do give away a lot of things but that's just what I love to do and my shop is at my house, so it is very easy for me to do. But I just love to give. I get lots of comments but I don't post more than a couple of times a week. Recently I got over 150 comments on one post and that's not bragging as no one was more surprised than me. Plus I got a ton of emails from bloggers that had something to personal to share in the comments..All I can say is that it was one of the few posts that I have written where I never changed a word, was just writing my heart...better stop before I write a post...and I do have a good one coming. But first we are off to sail with the MOUSE. I always enjoy your blog....and these comments have been interesting..

Judy said...

So glad your finger is healing...that sounds like it hurt a lot.

I have a few pet peeves too when it comes to blogging. I had to make the decision for myself earlier this year not to post quite as much as I simply did not have time with all that's been going on with my mom since last fall. I can't worry about "keeping up with the Jones'" so to speak and be "popular". If someone wants to read and/or follow my blog, great, but if not, that's okay too!

I don't like the word verification thing either, it should be outlawed!

Guess I'll go outside in this 90+ weather and get some plants in the ground.

Take care my friend!

Connie said...

Hi sweet Melissa
Your blog is GREAT! I have been enjoying your new posts. It's hard to know just how much we should reveal and how much we should hold back. I have to hold back and think I do it too much. Guess what showed up on my blog today ? Google has me on their LIST.I'm holding my breath, but I think I'm back. Now I have to get creative. I adore my three girls, but I have to think about their feeling on the subject.
I am with you with the ads. I do think they detract from what once was a beautiful blog. Just my 'lil 'ol feeling. Too bad there couldn't b a way to have one with and one without.

Lorie said...

I actually love to follow blogs as my way of saying publicly, Hey, I think your blog is great! But I actually like to subscribe to them (I do that through Google Reader) because then I can break them down into categories. I use the tags to split up the theme of the blog. So when I am interested in finding a recipe, I look at the recipes blogs, when I want something funny, I know where to look.

I do have advertising on my blog, but that isn't why I blog. I think very few bloggers make enough through advertising to make it the reason why they do it.

And I agree with comment verification. I think if you allow anonymous comments there is a little more need for it (I got a ton of spam when I did that) but without anonymous comments enabled I have had no problem with Spam.

Stacey said...

Oh Melissa, I came back to tell you that I added comment moderation because my blog was being inundated with icky messages. Some of them in English and some of them in other languages that I can't read. After getting 30+ per day I decided to put comment moderation on for awhile. It's very annoying though.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm so glad you're one of the few bloggers not trying to be famous/ make money/ get a million followers. You visit and don't just expect people to come visit and not give back.

Benita said...

Hi Melissa ~

I'm sorry to hear about your mishap with the flower pot! Glad you're ok though : )
Since I am new to blogging, it's nice for me to hear people's comments & views ! I don't like the ads either, I want a page to look pretty, not all ads ! I'm glad I found your blog, I ♥ it !!
Take care sweetie ~

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Melissa, hope your finger is better. It hurt just to read that. Ouch.

Followers widget...I'm up in the air.

Ads....A big NO for me

Music....I recently removed my music but may replace it at some time.

Blogging is changing...plain and simple and there is no way to stop it.

Love you and your are one of the kindest and sweetest bloggers around.

Barb ♥

Paula said...

Sorry about your finger. I hope that it will heal quickly. A cut on your hand can really slow you down.

I agree 100% with what you've said about blogging. I don't like music and comment verification does slow things down. My blog will never be one of the "popular" ones because I don't have time to post frequently and to be honest, I can't always think of a topic that would be of interest. I had to laugh because I did a post recently that got only one comment. It kind of makes you realize what people are and are not interested in reading.

It was fun to read your comments to see what other people thought about your questions.

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Melissa, I turned my music off and got rid of the comment verification. I've been meaning to do that anyway. The music was driving me crazy too! lol...I picked up a virus on playlist a while back,so it was time to get rid of it anyway. Kevin told me not to download anymore music, so that's why I've had the same songs playing for weeks!

As for the is tempting, but as of right now I'm not planning on it. Some of these blogs are making thousands a month! But like some others have said they are becoming cold and impersonable. It's becoming more like a business. Those are the ones that have 2000 to 7000 followers. Some blogs are even getting room makeovers from Amex! Wow! I guess it is tempting, but I'm definitly not there yet. Blogging is still fun for me. I am still enjoying selling a few things through my Etsy store. I just need to get more motivated! I procrastinate!

I used to get back to everyone who wrote me a comment. I admit, I haven't been very good about that lately. I'm ashamed of myself! I'm going to work on that. I really do appreciate each comment I recieve.

Great Post!! I'm glad I got rid of that music and comment verification. It was also good to read everyone else's thoughts. Talk to you soon, Kristen

Kristens Creations said...

P.S. Sorry about your finger! I'm glad it's doing better.

Lori E said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lori E said...

We agree on the music and the comment verification too. Any spam I have received I have gone after and demanded they stop and they have. Lucky so far.
The music is such a distraction.
I also wish that the bloggers would link their email address to their blogs so when they comment you can respond directly.
I get email notification of their comment and would like to email a response to them personally. Nothing worse than wanting to crack a joke or something back at them and having to leave a comment on one of their posts to do so. Kind of like laughing about your chin hair problem on their post about their father dying or something. Not a good thing.
I have done a bit of advertising and a few giveaways but not much. I do put some recommendations on my sidebar but they are not paid. I was asked recently to write a post for a company and asked not to disclose that they were paying me. I turned them down.
I dislike it when people join in on a meme but are just linking up a post that has nothing to do with the meme and they don't acknowledge the host in their post.
I don't expect people to comment back to my site just because I left one on theirs but if I am a regular commenter I would expect the blogger to visit once in a while and comment back.
Gosh I could go on and on. Love my "Followers" though. It brings me to the sites of some really great people. I often follow the new bloggers too because I remember how it felt starting out.

Gypsy Heart said...

Hi Melissa,
You've made some excellent comments here aoout blogging and the discussion is very beneficial I think. I'm so new to this still but there are definitely things that irk me. :-)

I so dislike the music and the floating hearts or flowers, etc. Blogs load so slowly with those and I get frustrated and want to move on. The verification deal is such a time consuming effort and IMHO, not needed. Some blogs that have great DIY's, recipes, etc., are so loaded with advertising that it is visually irritating. That is not for me. Another HUGE irritant for me are the giveaways that require you to go to another blog or shop, review what is offered and return to the original blog to comment. It is a requirement to "follow" and also recruit other followers. Then you have to tweet, FB, turn in circles 3 times and forfeit your Starbuck's coffee to enter. I move on. :-)

I guess for me, this is about forming friendships, learning about others and their creativity, sharing recipes, gardens, home decor, etc. I just want to keep it simple! Life can be challenging at times for everyone...why spend time online being frustrated and irritated?

Oh well, that's enough isn't it? I hope that you don't mind my comments and suggestions. :-)

I love your blog ~ the photos, decor, recipes, etc. I'm so glad we've crossed paths!

Brightest blessings,

Kristens Creations said...

Melissa, I just got the comment about your finger, but it sounded like you had left another comment earlier that I didn't get. Just checking...:)

Jemsmom said...

Great post Melissa! So sorry about your finger. I hope it heals quickly. I sprained my wrist about a week and a half ago and it is crazy how it slows you down! Get well soon!

I blog because I wanted a journal for my family to see and watch as Jemma grows. I also wanted it for me so I could write down the things that we do as a family to record. I was never good about writing down baby steps and when they happened. I regret it so now I do it on the computer. My plan is at the end of every year to use the website Blog2Print and print out my blogs for the year as a memory book! That is the main reason I blog.

I also love getting great ideas and inspirations. I have made friendships with people that I may never meet, but I would love to. I feel so much more connected to some of my blogging friends than I do those across the street!

I don't have music. It doesn't bother me, but I don't have it. I don't have the verification because I don't care for it. I do the approval thing which has worked well for me.

If I could make nice money off ads, I would do them. I don't know what it involves, but if I did them, I would still keep the integrity of my blog as it is.

The followers thing is o.k. I have had companies send me messages and say, promote us and grow your blog. I don't really care to grow my blog. The people who enjoy it and care about us will be my followers. For the first time in my life, I don't care if I have a lot of followers or not!!! Ha ha!

I just enjoy peeking into the lives of others and being able to share the joy I have in my life with those who care. I have enjoyed meeting you on here and always love to see what you have posted. I have missed a few and don't know why, but I am back!

Take care and see you soon!

Dawn said...

Hey Melissa! I love your blog and you know you are one of my favs!

Sorry to hear about your finger, but I'm glad to hear it's feeling better!

I blog because I love it! It started with me checking out various home decor and craft blogs. Then I thought maybe some people might enjoy what I have to offer.

I recently started advertising for some extra $, although I haven't gotten any yet. I have to admit that the concept makes me feel mildly uncomfortable though. Not sure why.


Richella said...

Hi Melissa! Good of you to start a conversation like this!

I blog for lots of reasons, I think, but it's for sure that I wouldn't be blogging if it weren't for the interaction with other bloggers. I appreciate my readers so much, and I am constantly inspired by the blogs I read!

I'm also not a fan of music on blogs, but I usually just keep my speakers turned all the way down. If someone wants to have music, it doesn't bother me. I do wish that more people would turn off comment verification. I think you're right that it's best to make it EASY for people to comment!

I hope your hand heals quickly and completely so you can be back to your normal activities as soon as possible. Take care!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Melissa,

Sorry you cut your finger on the flowerpot and hope that it is healing.
Lots of good chat about blogging and thanks for sharing.
I always enjoy coming to visit you dear friend.

Enjoy the week

Melanie said...

Hi Melissa. I haven't been blogging long and I was trying to get a reader base but it was all consuming. I was wasting to much time on the computer. I love blogging because I have made a lot of friends through blogging and reading blogs before I had one. Once I started blogging, I wanted readers because it's nice to know that someone is enjoying the fruits of your labor. In the last few weeks, I have had to find a balance. I read only the blogs that I love and have a connection with. The mega blogs, I deleted them. I deleted blogs that I read and comment on but never received an acknowledgement for doing so. I decided that people will read me if they like me and like what I am talking about. It is about the friendships for me. Not about being the biggest and the best.

You have a lot of followers because you are real and it comes across. Take you a break (I did a few weeks ago) and rest. Come back renewed and refreshed.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Melissa, I am so with you on the music! I do not like it at all! I always have my computer on mute. some blogs are so full of ads, and so much stuff it's like it is a job to read. I know you can NOT get much simpler than my blog!!! I don't even have pictures yet. My son is coming over tomorrow to take that dang verification off my blog. i hate it, but I dont know how to remove it. I started my blog lss than month ago and i tell you it is such a passion I can barely stand it! I love it for the friendships and the motivation from others. I am in heaven!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I have thought about these issues so many times...and never really come up with a good answer. I do not like I turn it off..I had to readd the verification because I was getting so much spam. I don't like the advertising either. What I never understand is why some blogs are soooo popular so fast. I have been blogging almost 3 years and I rarely get more than 20 some comments. Now it isn't that I really care about that, but what am I not doing that people want to see or hear? It is just confusing to me sometimes....but I blog for me and the "regulars" that have become friends.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have loved reading all the comments....Let me clarify something I I saw it pop up later...I do not ask bloggers to do anything but comment on giveaways....some blogs have you do a 10 step program to be eligible..those so turn me off. I have made some of the neatest friendships in the blog world...actually friends that I just email now..we rarely comment on each others blogs....I love hearing stories of other families.
I read blogs for at least two years before I ever wrote a post and I remember thinking this will be my one and only. I love blog names...I visit many blogs just because of a GREAT name..that I am intrigued by. I probably tell way too much and my kids are fine with me using real names. They read my blog and for some reason that is always funny to me. They tell their friends to read it.
And I am addicted to grandkids. So that gives me plenty of stories.
This has been a great post..
Hope your finger is better..Every tree season at some point I cut my finger with scissors, and it becomes a handicap in everything.

Joan said...

This has been a great blogging topic. My blogging friend Valerie and I have discussed this very thing. Before I started blogging, I found three wonderful blogs to follow. I felt right at home in there worlds. Now, these blogs are so commercialized, they have lost their intimacy with me. It takes forever for them to lad on my computer and sometimes I have computer troubles after loading them. My computer just seems to stall and lock up. I started blogging to let my family who lives away from me know what we were up to. I could celebrate family events over the blog. What's new in the garden? Look at our record snowfall. This is what is going on in the town right now. I got away from that a little with the multi blog parties and thought I had to enter each one. Sometimes I had three posts per day. Then, I decided to get a life. I have become more selective and join the parties that have meaning for me. I have regular blog friends with whom I keep a dialogue. Thanks, Melissa, for this post.

kim said...

Melissa, I don't care for the music either on the blogs and usually mute it. I also cannot stand the work verification. That drives me insane to have to type those letters in and for what? Spammers can read to. So sorry about your finger hope it heals quickly. Thanks always for your sweet comments!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning my sweet NC Daughter...WOW!! did you open a can of worms or what ha ha!!
Now I blog for me and I also love meeting all the wonderful women like yourself..I love the caring and sharing part of the word veriifcation thing drives me nuts...way too many steps just to leave a comment...And also some of my all time favorite blogs are now just fancy ads..they are like buying a magazine and it full of ads and only 2 rooms are shown decorated...But hey to each his own..And the follower thing hey that's just a number nothing matter how many you have it still the same loyals ones that stop by...Hope you have a great day my sweet girl...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Rue said...

Hi Melissa :)

hmmmm...... let's see....
the follower widget is there to make it easy for people to follow me. I fought it for the longest time, but added it when everyone started asking me to. Yes, it does upset me when someone stops following, but sometimes it's because the blogger stopped blogging and it has nothing to do with you at all. I like to pretend that's why I lose them anyway ;)
Oh and I only follow one blog publicly because she's the reason I started, but I follow a slew of others privately. I'm just weird that way LOL

Advertisements? I don't like them for myself, but I can understand those that do. Although when it gets to the point where it's all over the blog, then I rarely read it and just pop in to see if they are actually posting something interesting. Once in a while I stop reading completely because the blog isn't personal anymore and I lose interest. A blog doesn't have to be about your family to be personal, but it should reflect who you are as a person and your tastes, not what you think others want to read or what the advertisers want.

Music? I have music on my blog because it reflects my life and that's what my blog is about. What I don't like is when it's a sweet cottage blog and rock music by Metallica or some such band comes blaring out of the speakers. The music should reflect the blog, not what you turn on when you're angry at the world. I know I have lost people because of having music and that's sad, but it's my choice and it's my blog and I like to create a feeling of love and joy. I also get more complements on my music than complaints. Some have told me that they leave it on all day! Besides, Kim over at Daisy Cottage has it on hers and I don't see her hurting in the viewers department ;)

Pet peeve? When a blog doesn't have substance or you can tell that they're trying to hard to be an uber blogger. Even worse is when someone does get that status and they lose the very thing that made me start reading in the first place. I could name names, but I won't. I think most people know who they are.

In closing... Blog because you love it, blog how you want to and don't ever lose yourself in the blog. This isn't a contest, it's a way to communicate and have fun.

((((big hugs))))

Rue said...

WOW. I think I talk too much LOL

I hope your finger feels better sweet friend :)

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Great blog! I love all your ideas and I will be coming back for more! I am visiting from another blog I found your comment on and so glad I did! hope you have a fantastic day and if you ever need any recipe ideas come check me out! XOXO Jessica

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I call my followers "stalkers". Ha!

And yes the word verification thing really does slow down my comments on other blogs.

Manuela@TPOH said...

Sorry about your cut! Ouch!

Well I still use Bloglines and Google Reader for many of the blogs I "follow" so I feel the followers thing is not even necessary - but to each his own. I just know that it's the source of a lot of discontent so for that reason I wish it would go away.

Don't like music either - I mute it also. Hate comment verification - such a time waster.

It irks me when people only let you enter a giveaway if you also agree to sign up as a follower. To me that just means that all you are interested in is numbers and not if people really are interested in your blog.

But with all that, I find such inspiration and support from other bloggers that I don't know what I'd do if there weren't blogs!

Hope your owie heals soons!

Manuela said...

Have to agree - I recently wrote a post on blogging and why people do it, and the things that drive me crazy such as excessive advertising!! Had to stop by and say hello after your sweet comment on my guest post at Samantha's blog :) Hope you're having a good week!

Melissa said...

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about the followers widget too.....I've only lost one reader so far but it still made me stop in my tracks and wonder why. As for the music, I don't mind it if it's automatically paused but when it comes on first thing, I get quite a jolt!

Keep those posts comin'....I love them!

Many Blessings,

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Blogging is truly a wonderful thing, Melissa. Amen to taking off the word verification. Please PLEASE take it off! I often won't go back to a blog if it has word verification turned on. I just flat get tired of typing those letters.

Jen @ said...

Hello my friend!

I am so sorry to hear about your finger. Ouch! I cut mine open about two months ago on a sharp pair os scissors and I really should have gotten stitches. It hurt so much. I feel your pain!

I love your blog -- it's always so warm and inviting!


Lori said...

Hi Mellisa, have a beautiful week! Huggies to Chestnut! Love,Lori

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I'm so sorry you got hurt.. So much to do this time of year and a hurt hand isnt helpful..
I keep my volumn on OFF, I have to admit- and i dont want to hurt any feelings here, but if I knew in advance there was going to be a work verification, I just wouldnt respond..
I tivo so many shows so I dont have to watch the commercials:) lately they seem to be everywhere in Blogland. The worst are the flashers which cause my eyes to go wonky.. For me, blogging was supposed to be peaceful and a place to freely share ideas.. Far too many have now become Commercials and its distressing.
i truly appreciate my followers and while i dont have as much time on the pc as I like, I do try to stop by their blogs as well as the blogs of those who leave me a comment. I dont always accomplish this but I do try to let them know in my posts how much they are appreciated... thats my story and I'm stickin to it...


A Hint of Home said...

Hi Melissa! I hope your finger is healing well. I know that hurt!
Where do I begin. You had a lot of questions there, girl. lol
I blog for the outlet it gives me and the creativity of it.
I have never liked the music. When I'm blogging I keep the speakers off. Too distracting. I hate the verification thing, it just adds more time when you want to move on to other things or sites.
I personally think of my blog as a personal journal and therefore don't want to advertise or make it a business. However, if I start an etsy site I would mention that and list it on the side but that is the extent of "advertising".
I always enjoy my visits here and appreciate your candor.
Have a great Wednesday, friend!

Beth at Aunties said...


What a thought provoking subject! I started blogging with my sister to to leave fun messages for our neceices. Then she never blogged-thats how my blog got it's name.LOL
I found I loved all the wonderful friendships I made in this media and the wonderful ideas of very talented people like your self. I found that I felt uplifted after visiting and chatting with friends I have never met. I found myself praying for them and thought of them often. My blogging friendships have become REAL!
Although I have been approached many times about advertizing, I haven't because that was not the purpose of my blog. I wanted to record our lives, make friendships and share a happy place for others to visit.
I agree about the music and verifications. Maybe it is my fingers and eyesight, but so many times I have to repeat the letters too often! :)
About the followers... I enjoy reading google reader and following a friend makes it simpler. If someone feels they want to follow me, fine. I don't blog as your can tell from the lack thereof lately,(life has been so hectic lately) to gain popularity but for the beautiful connection I have found with many others.
I hope your finger heals quickly and completely! OUCH...
PS I love your blog, who you are and the wonderful ideas you share with all of us!

Melissa :) said...

Very interesting! I'm going to go remove my music off my blog right now! LOL You are totally right - I only visit blogs that I fall in love with & are very easy & quick to navigate. Who needs distracting music? :)

I hate the word verification also, & only have mine on because I was getting spammed to death. But, after reading this, I'm going to turn mine off again. If I get spammed once again, I'll try just deleting those before implementing the word verification again.

I love blog chats! :)

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Emelia!
The *follower* widget is that little box you see on blogs filled with friends faces. You click it to become a follower of your favorite blogs that you read. It really works well!

Thanks for your kind visit! My finger is finally healing up. *Smiles* ~Melissa

Melissa Miller said...

Jane thank you so much for your kind visit and comment! Come back by anytime! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm so glad you like Sunshine!

Pamela said...

Sorry abt your finger Melissa! Hope it heals quickly! Hmmm, my thoughts on blogging. I do it because I love sharing ideas and love getting inspiration from everybody. I love my Follower feed but would prefer it to be called something else. I title it Bloggy Pals. I try to visit my Bloggy Pals but don't necessarily have time to comment. That does not mean I am not grateful you follow me back.
I agree with another poster abt the no-reply blogger thing. If I can not shoot ya an email after you comment on one of my posts than I most likely will not remember to hunt ya down and thank you for your kind words or for visiting. The thing is is that I do not think those bloggers know they are no-replyers.
As for the music thing, I gotta say I am a music lover and I honestly do not mind the music but on the other hand I never thought abt how it could be slowing down the loading for other bloggers. I will contemplate the music. I may just do it for the holidays instead of all the time.
As for the verification thing, it does slow things down immensely and I need to figure out how to take it off of mine.
Again hope you heal quickly! I updated to your new button finally and stop by sometime this week. I am doing my very first give away! Yikes!:) If all goes well I may be doing another one in the near future.

The Inspired Nest said...

I have been thinking alot about blogging while my thumb is healing. I get such a kick out of reading everyone's blogs everyday. I try to comment on everyone's post because I know how hard everyone has worked on it! Blogging has opened a whole new world for me. I love the friendship with women that have alot of the same interest that I do.
I love the comments people leave, but really each post allows me to express myself in a way my everyday life does not allow!

Thanks for all of your positive feedback!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I jusr re read this post... It is so good!
Have a pretty day!

shirley said...

Dear Melissa, What a great subject and I have something to share here. I am a serious Valentine collector. Been collecting antique Val. since 1993. Not long by any standards, but have manage to collect over 500 antique cards and still growing. I wanted to be a blogger and had nothing to blog about until I thought about my collection.
The only problem I had was how to hold onto followers that wanted to come back to see 'more' Valentine's. Sure was good around Valentine season, but sure does slow down during the 'OFF' season. But, I do have a small following so I'm excited to share these beautiful images with anyone who likes to view them. Some come back and some don't but, the Valentine's are always here to see. Hope you stop by to take a peek time to time!
Hugs, Cupid and Shirley

{The Classy Woman} said...

Thanks for sharing such a heart felt post. I just found you tonight. I completely agree with what you said-including the music and the comment verification.

The music and a blogger's posted YouTube video if they have one, always compete and I need to have quiet to read, think nad write comments too.

As far as ads go-I used to have a couple well placed (not cluttered) ads and that was fine but I decided that I wasn't interested in letting my blog make money for google. I wanted it to be clean and to the point and stay focused on what the message is about.

I do have sponsors that I advertise, they donate giveaway items which is a fun aspect to blogging.

I have made so many wonderful friends via the web, and I've been blessed to get several amazing personal emails which is really the cherry on top of it all.

I know what you mean about followers, I have only had about 4 people unfollow but it does take you back for a moment to your school days and make you wonder why they stopped following. Everyone does things for different reasons and different times, we can't overthink it. Just focus on the amazing readers that value the message that we have to offer.

I'm enjoying your blog.


Shana said...

i blog to WRITE and to READ what others have written.
I do not like advertising. My sound is ALWAYS down because I hate extra noise!!!
'Followers' is easier for me.
I don't have a fancy blog at all! No extras.

I do comment a lot and do find it weird that I don't have too many follower and very few comments for the most part. Ha, maybe I am boring
Great topic!!!!

Miss Janice said...

Happy Memorial Day Melissa! I'm stopping in to visit you and your beautiful blog and have enjoyed this post. Lord have mercy, I must run and see if I have "Commment Verification" Not even sure. I agree with you about the music, I cannot read and listen at the same time...I'm so lame!

Debbie said...

Melissa I missed a few things around here....I was not on much last week at all...I love your thoughts...many are like wise. I had music but quickly took it off when I realized it was a distraction to read on another post I was reading. Followers...well it is a nice feature, and I do not think of it at all as a popularity thing...because I would have a million by no just kidding....Blog, I blog for myself and for my follwers, it is pretty much 50/50 on that....I think it should be more for me to be honest. I have found it to be a very rewarding experience so far. Much work goes into it...but the friendships of like minds and different minds has been so nice for me. Thanks for opening this topic, very well done!

Grandma Nina said...

Oh Melissa, I needed to read this today as I have been struggling with this issue. I agree with all your views. I have the one thought that I keep struggling with and that is about advertising and trying to make money from a blog. So many are doing this and I agree with you that those blogs are cold and end up being all about the advertising. That's not why I started this anyway. Like you, I started for my own desire of expression and creativity. But then there came a point where sponsors and advertisers are asking to put a widget up on your side bar, etc. It's tempting. But I'm finding that the most I'm getting from it is stress. Anyway, I'm rambling, but I was so glad to hear your opinions and you're absolutely right.

Kristi said...

Hi Melissa,
Hope your finger is better! This is a GREAT post! I agree with you with everything you said. I have been approached for advertising (giveaways) and I just don't want to get into that. If I want to do a giveaway, it will be from ME, lol. I had music for a VERY short time and I decided against it. Also, no comment moderation, I cant' stand it and hesitate to post on blogs that have it.
When I first started blogging (NOT regularly at all) I did it almost to have a scrapbook of life for my family and I. But I also love to decorate, garden and shop. These last six months have been the most regular I have ever blogged since starting over 3 yrs ago! Once I started blogging for ME (and just about whatever I wanted) I noticed that people were stopping by because I was shining through the posts, not a giveaway, not advertising and etc. I am definately in it for the friendships! I think us girls need to stick together! :)

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend...

What an interesting topic! Well right up front I just want to say that you have one of the most delightful blogs in blogland! I do believe that you are loved by are truly a sweetheart, my friend!

Well...(oh my, that is a deep subject...right? Hehe!) I just love blogging! For has truly been a lifesaver!!! Because of my health issues, you know that I don't get "out and about" as much as I would like to...blogging has been a wonderful way to fill my time and share a few common interests! I have soooo enjoyed the friendships that I have made here too...and all the sweet people are the reason why I continue to blog! Don't know what I would do without all of you!!! Hmmm...maybe I'm a bit different! I really don't have any complaints! I always feel like everyone has the right to do with their blog as they see fit!!! I really haven't even ever ran into a blog that I don't like! Hehe! Of course, the blogs that I frequent are the one's that share my interests. It really doesn't bother me if they have music...or advertising...or whatever! I each their own! hehe! I will say that I don't buy very many decorating or cooking magazines anymore...simply because of all the creative and talented bloggers! I'm a tellin' ya...all of you talented people and your posts are better than looking at those magazines! Seriously!!!'s not worth much...but there's my two-cents worth! Hehe! I really appreciate you and your blog, Melissa...I know that it's heartfelt and sincere...and I love ya, Girlfriend!!!