Sunday, August 15, 2010

Healthy Snacking

Hello Everyone!
If you have read my blog over the past year then
you know I made a healthy life change on 9-09-09.
I feel much better and grateful to be healthier.
Click on my sidebar photo to read my past weight loss posts.
I'll give you an update on my weight loss on my one year date.
In the meantime I thought I would share my favorite snacks.
Who doesn't love a yummy cupcake?
I definitely don't eat them now. I try to eat no refined sugars.
Well...except for some ice cream splurges this summer such
as a DQ Blizzard pecan pie flavor. Hey, it is HOT right?
Oh they were so good but the scale showed it the next day.
To overcome sugar cravings click here.
Healthy snacks can be just as satisfying.
I eat these with sliced cheese and a dab of sour cream.
Heat them in the microwave to melt.
My hubby LOVES cottage cheese. Me too!
It is packed full of protein and very filling.
Sliced cucumbers, cheese sticks and almonds I eat daily.
Baby carrots, celery and hummus.
This is a deliicious and healthy snack before dinner.
Bananas are one of the best foods for you.
They are loaded with potassium and vitamins.
A cold pear tastes refreshing on a hot day.

Juicy red strawberries...Mmmm..
Who doesn't love em'?
Slice them up and have them stored ready for snacking.
Blueberries are a super food loaded with antioxidants.
So good and good for you.
Cruchy apples are full of fiber and delish.
Oh I could eat this all day. Yum-O!
I have to hold back from eating too much of it.
This is some really tasty peanut butter.
I like to spread it on my sliced up apples.
It tastes like a delicious candy treat this way.
As with any snack don't overdo it but do have them.
Everything in moderation is key to long term weight loss.
We add variety with different fruits each week.
What snacks do you crave?
Please share them here.
Have a wonderful week!


Grandma Nina said...

Hi Melissa,
Congratulations on your weight loss. These are some great ideas for healthy snacking. My hubby and I try to eat and snack well, too, and I know it isn't always easy. My August 10 post is a delicious recipe for a low fat frozen raspberry dessert that you may like.
You're an inspiration!

Lisa said...

Great ideas! I love all your ideas! I even get plain yogurt and add my own fruit to cut the sugar! I am not a peanut butter person unless it is a sandwich, but I know others love it on apples too! I could eat fruit all day long! Enjoy!
Hugs, Lisa

Connie said...

It's so good to have self control! When I was on Weight Watchers 10 years ago, I couldn't believe the self control I had. Gradually, it went away and I need to get back to it!
You're an inspiration to be able to keep up with this way of living for a year! Thanks for the healthy snacking ideas.
Can't wait to read the update on 09-09-10!
Take care!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...I have missed you! I love love love the little red table here! Good thoughts about choosing here too...and that is my favorite thing to do to an apple too! :D

Samantha said...

You make some great snacking choices! I love to snack on fruit throughout the day, too, or I'll throw some fruit, OJ, and organic yogurt into a blender and make a smoothie. For breakfast, I've been eating peanut butter toast lately, and I'll have to try Jif's Natural PB. Sounds pretty delicious!

Debbie said...

Wonderful and healthy snack ideas...I love every bit of those. So glad you made that change Melissa...I am working on a better me too.

Paula said...

My favorite snack for in the car is grapes. I keep them in a lunch bag with a cold pack. When I'm famished after school or after the gym, they sure do taste good. I'm also a big fan of peanut butter. Yum!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Melissa,

I agree healthy snacking is the best and fruit and vegetables are so good for you. I always eat almonds too, better than a biscuit, when you are feeling hungry.
Great post and I hope that you have a happy week


Sandy Cooper said...

Great snack choices. I think I eat every one of those, too. I also love fruit smoothies, a bowl of organic whole grain cereal with skim milk, carrot sticks wrapped in thin turkey breast slices, yogurt and fruit, peanut butter and celery, peanut butter on whole wheat bread with a banana sliced on top, peanut butter by the giant spoonful....


p.s. I normally don't leave my blog address on comments, but since you wrote about your healthy lifestyle, I though you may want to know I have a new fitness blog, if you want to stop by to check it out.

Beverly @ said...

These are great ideas and great reminders! With getting ready to head back to school I need to stock up on some healthy after school snacks. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Stopping by from Met Monday!

madge1967 said...

Hey Ms. "M!"
I love these snack ideas! Thanks!
Boy do I need help in this situation. I also used to fix the peanut butter with apples for my mom.
Try this one:
Peanut butter over apples just like you do, but, add "Green Grape Raisins” on them. Slice them across like a full moon shape and place the whole thing in the microwave for "5" seconds. It will melt just little. Then eat them!
My mom love that snack and she was diabetic and it kept her glucose down!
Have fun Girl!

Melanie said...

I have gained 4 to 5 lbs. since last November and I have to get back on track. I know that it isn't that much to lose but if I don't get ahold of it, I am in trouble. You have done such a great job by changing your habits and I am going to take inspiration from you.

I have to get off the sugar and walk. That is my first thing on my list:) Great tips.

Richella said...

Melissa, these are great ideas! I don't have trouble with meals--I rarely overeat at mealtime--but snacks are really a challenge! Thank you for sharing some of your tried-and-true solutions.

I really am so happy for you. I think you're very courageous to share the story of your weight loss and journey to health here. I hope many women will be inspired by it. I am afraid that there are many women who suffer from dangerously high blood pressure that could easily be brought under control with weight loss and exercise. You're a wonderful example!!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Good advice, Melissa! I need to do the same thing! Mostly I need to exercise more...ugh! LOL

Happy@Home said...

Such great tips for healthy snacking you are sharing. Your story is so inspiring and it's so nice of you to share your success strategies with us.
I have been enjoying greek yogurt with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey. I also like to make up little snack sized baggies of almonds and dried cherries.
Look forward to reading your update next month.

Krista@thegatheringplacedesign said...

Thanks for sharing! You are always a reminder and motivator to eat healthy. Summer has been HARD for me.

bj said...

How Do You Do, Mrs. Miller?
Hope all is well in your world...thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you left a comment on the giveaway post. You would have fun shopping on line with 70 big ones!! Uh would. :))
Excuse me now, I am off to the kitchen to see if we have an apple...but no HEALTHY peanut butter like yours. I'll be sure to buy it NEXT time, tho...
xo bj

Jill said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I'd almost forgotten about cottage cheese. It's going on my grocery list right now!

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing some of your ways of healthy snacking. Until menopause, I never had a sweet tooth. Now I crave ice cream and cookies. However, if I abstain for a while there is less of a craving. In the meantime, I do love fruit. Strawberries, blueberries and peaches are some of my favorites.

bookaddict4real said...

Congradulations on your weight loss
I know how difficult that can be . thanks for sharing the info.
My kids love the peanut butter so I will have to try some with apples
My favorite snack lately is the wasabi flavored almonds by Blue Diamond they are spicy so I cant just binge on them(

Denise said...

Hi Melissa, I've gotten really off track with my healthy eating this summer and yes indulged in some 'blizzards' and McFlurries a little too often! You've listed just about all of my fav healthy snacks, and I must get back to eating them. School starts next week and I'll start walking again after taking Kristen to school, but I should make the effort this week to eat better. I did get some blueberries in this week and have celery in, I should make my own hummus again which I often do, it's a WW recipe and has no oil in it. Have a lovely Monday, stay cool.

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Hot air popped corn is a life saver for me sometimes when I want something to munch and crunch....If I am having a sweet craving, I reach for 3-4 Reduced fat vanilla wafers...I know there are other alternatives, but these little crunchies do it for me. I made the healthy lifestyle change in May of this year and have definetly felt better as a result...I'm still working on it everyday and have had success and not so much (never say failure!!) but I'm aware and that is the biggest part of the battle I think. Good luck to you and way to go girl!

Mississippi Girl said...

Hey Melissa,

The apples and peanut butter look soooooooo good! As for me, I'm a chocolate lover and I buy the little Jello low-fat pudding cups. They are very tasty and not that many calories. I also like grape tomatoes. I take those to work with me and snack during the day. For some real indulgence, I'll get a Weight Watchers dessert. I usually enjoy one of those on Friday nights as a reward for eating healthy during the week.

Keep up the good work!!

Jo said...

This is the best time of the year with all the fresh and healthy options available.

You've done an amazing job the last few months ~ congrats!


KATHY said...

Congratulations on your weight loss.I know sometimes it's really hard to eat healthy,but all your healthy snacks looks so good.Keep up the good work....Kathy

Lisa said...

These are great healthy snack options. Lately I have really been lovin' hummus. I can eat anything dipped in it! LOL! Thanks for being such an inspiration.:)

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Gosh. Now I feel horrible. I promise my Dr. I would loose 30lbs for our next visit in a year. That was in March and I have not done ANYTHING to accomplish this. I need to, but I'm an emotional/stress eater and these couple of months have been hard.
Maybe now I would have the inspiration to do it.

Josh said...

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Bringing Pretty Back said...

Melissa, Thank you for the snack info! I need it! You are such an inspiration to weight loss! THANK YOU!
Have a pretty day!

Kim said...

Thanks for the healthy reminder and encouragement. The photos you found make those foods look even better.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for sharing your healthy snacking idea! I'm always on the look out for new ones these days! One of my new faves is Cracked pepper and Olive oil flavored Triscuits...Yummo!
I've never tried peanut butter on apples...just on celery, but it sounds good!
I also found that products with "Splenda" are really good too, and don't have that "diet" taste like some other no calorie sweetners do!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Sherri:)

Designs on 47th Street said...

Good for you Melissa for coming up on your one yr. anniversary of healthy eating. That takes much will power for sure! I do like many of the snacks you have pictured. I panic if I'm out of bananas OR peanut butter. I share your problem...I love pb and literally eat it off the spoon.

Happy Snacking!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Melissa, those are all great looking snack ideas. I love triscuits and apples and peanut butter is oh so good.

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Charon Benton said...

I love a good piece of stick cheese!!!!! Veggies don't entice me, but fruit sure does!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

I love healthy snack ideas like these. Right now I'm craving cinnamon graham crackers and milk, but that's not very healthy, is it?? You are awesome!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Melissa, thank you SO much for you Oh So Kind words on my latest post! {heart} Donna

Shelia said...

Hi pretty Melissa! Oh, I'm so proud of you!! Great ideas for snacks!! It's so hard when you like to eat as much as I do!! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I do crave the peanut butter on the apple slices. But since you said that's good for me, so be it! I'm so proud of you! I've lost 8 pounds this month. I've done it by cutting down portions, cutting out soft drinks, and ordering Weight Watchers snacks.

The Blonde Duck said...

I used to be a real sweet tooth person, but now I crave salt. Blue corn tortilla chips and pico de gallo/ bean dip are my downfall. Or pimento cheese or this olive dip I have....oh Lord.

Manuela@TPOH said...

These are great snack ideas! I like those 100 calorie popcorn bags and I love hummus with 1/2 a whole wheat pita.


Valerie@Losing10PoundsAgain said...

Hi Melissa! Great post on healthy snacks. It is always wonderful to get some good new ideas. I'm looking forward to your September anniversary post. You've been so very inspiring!

shelley said...

Hi Melissa,
Just popping by to say "hi!" You know i love looking at your site and checking in and seeing how you are doing. So are you ready to write that guest post for my site? maybe about your year of a healthy makeover the ups and downs? drop me a line! We just spent a week down at Canyon Ranch it was "inspirational" you would love it!
shelley :)