Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Fever

Hello Everyone!
I'm back from a week long blog break and I
am feeling great. I hope you are all the same.
The weather has been truly gorgeous here during
the last few days. Carolina blue skies for sure.
I didn't get any of the yardwork done I planned
on finishing during my break but my hubby has a
long weekend off and is planning to help me with it.
I'll share many more outdoor pictures soon.
I have spring fever going on with my weight loss and
changes and have started buying a new wardrobe. Fun!
I had to donate my entire closet full of clothes to Goodwill
last week since nothing fit me after losing the 45 pounds.
I also have fantastic news about my B/P meds as well.
I am officially off of them as of this past weeks doctors visit.
Woohoo! I am so happy and very grateful.
I am planning to post healthy recipes for you to try.
Any other questions or posts you would like to see?
I had a few questions from you all on my last post and
I am working on answering those for my next one.
What a clear blue day today.
Here is our bradford pear tree in full bloom.
If you enlarge it you can see I captured a jet
and it's trail flying by at that exact moment.
The grass is still mostly brown.
I'm ready for a lush green lawn.
Fertilizing is happening this weekend.
Our Fancy Japanese Maple is getting ready to bloom.
Here is part of my new wardrobe!
I was craving some bright colors for spring.
A white ruffled tee from Marshalls.
A champagne colored ruffled blouse from Marshalls.
I'm loving all of the pretty ruffles that are in style.
I ordered all of these tees from the Chadwicks catalog.
The shoes were a gift from my in laws last year so I'm not
quite sure where they came from. Kristen made the beaded
necklace and they are available in her Etsy shop.
The colors all blend so well with my new cotton tees.
I'm just getting started with my new wardrobe.
I'm loving this part. It's rewarding after all of the hard work.
Mr Chestnut decided he could not resist and was laying
all over my clothes while I was trying to snap a photo.
Silly boy. Here he is looking like he's sorry....:)
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break At Home

Hello My Friends!
It's time for a much needed blog break for me.
I am burned out and have no idea what to post on.
Does this happen to you guys too?
I would like it if you would offer me some much needed
suggestions of what you want to see or read about here.
I do have a few cool ideas that have been offered such as
*healthy recipes* and *how to create a vignette*.
Wonderful ideas Risa and Beth. I'll post those soon.
How about a Q & A? I have seen this on other blogs
and have never really posted much on my private life.
Do you have any questions you want to ask me?
We have had some beautiful spring weather and it's
time for me to start some yard clean up. I need ferns,
flowers and to paint our porch railings so I'll be busy.
In the meantime feel free to browse past posts and leave
me any comments or send me an email. I'll see you soon.
I'll leave you with some gorgeous garden inspiration.
Enjoy! I wish this was our backyard. I can dream.
Look at the darling bridge.
I adore the forest in the background.
A pretty stone path leads the way. It's so tranquil.
I'm going to try and plant some of these. I love red roses.
Thank you all for being good friends and loyal readers.
You are always welcome to visit me anytime.
I enjoy having you and reading your comments.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bunny Wears A Bow

Hello Everyone!
Happy 1st weekend of spring!
I hope your weather has been warm and sunny like ours.
While we didn't get anything done outside with yardwork
yet I did manage to create a vignette in the dining room.
Join me and I'll show you the cuteness.
Here's Mr Bunny! He's from Pier 1 stores.
He wears his festive yellow bow proudly.
I added white ball topiaries and moss rocks from Michaels.
The yellow chicks are by Valerie Parr Hill and
are available on QVC. My mother in law just
sent them to us. Aren't they sweet for Easter?
I added extra ribbon and some greenery on the sides.
Here's one chickie and his moss rocks.
Hello blog friends!
Another view of the vignette for spring.
I finally added some wall plates in here as well. I am
really enjoying the fun decorating possibilities of them.
The top gold colored plates are from Pier 1 and
the flowered set is from Kirklands. I'm hooked.
The scroll lamps are from Lamps Plus online.
The round mirror is from Kirklands
and the buffet table was an Ebay find.
Here are the decorative wall plates up close.
I ordered the invisible plate hangers from and they do work very well.
I added this gold topper from Touch of Class online.
I am still addicted to toppers. Love them all.
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Master Bath Storage

Hello Friends!
Once again I have been inspired by my fellow
bloggers to change something in our home.
Thank you Becca! She has a gorgeous bathroom.
We were in desparate need of towel storage in here.
We have no linen closet so this was a nice solution.
Join me for a tour. All photos enlarge when clicked.
This is a dark wood cane front cabinet from Kirklands.
It also has two drawers for extra toiletries.
I don't have anything like this style in our home but it
sort of reminded me of a bathroom with it's tropical feel.
We now have storage for our sheets and towels. Nice.
They had been stuck in our closet for four years.
It was about time huh?
The view of the bathroom from the bedroom.
The vanity area. The wood almost matches.
I added my silver mirrored tray and tiger towels.
I need some new perfumes. It's time to treat myself.
The white linen M towel is from Cracker Barrel.
This shabby chic bird tray is from Pier 1.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Colorful Wall Plates

Hello Everyone!
Thank you very much for all of your kind words
of support on my previous post. I do appreciate it.
I hope to post some new photos of myself soon!
I have been planning to add some plates to this
wall of our kitchen dinette and finally did last night.
I like the cheerful result. So many of you have them
hung like this and I was inspired. I'm officially hooked.
Take a look and see what you think.
The buffet and lamps are from Kirklands.
I removed the sconces and added the plates.
I love balance!
In fact I get a little too obsessed with it.
The red flower plates are from Pier 1 and
the green cabbage plates are from Ross.
Or are they lettuce? Does anyone know?
Red, green and gold colors are my favorites.
Here's a closer view.
I used what they had at Pier 1 to hang them.
It's a plate hook of some sort. They show a
little bit so I just ordered the invisible disks.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Living My Healthy Life

Hello Everyone!
If you have read my blog regularly then you know
that on 9/09/09 I started a new health journey.
For life.
I had been to the doctor and discovered my high
B/P was not going away and it was pretty scary.
I've been on two medications ever since.
It's now been six months and I'm ready to
report my newest health stats to you here.
Total weight loss 45 pounds.
B/P this am 98/65
I am t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d!
My goal when I first started was 43 pounds
and I have now passed it. I've lost 4 pant sizes!
I hope I helped to inspire you in some small way.
I promise you can do it too!
Join me here and I will share what I did.
The beginning is hard but worth it.
We should all treat our bodies well.
What was I thinking?
A normal blood pressure reading is below 120/80.
Mine was high for over 2 years and I kept ignoring it.
Bad idea. Mine is now super low and I am sure I will
be taken off at least 1 of my meds this coming week.
I feel fantastic!
My husband has been my biggest supporter.
He's my trainer! If you are wanting to start
a weight loss journey this is so important.
We walk our neighborhood together at least 3 times a
week between 3 to 4 miles. I wish we had this view.
I am not a runner at all but would really like
to work up to this goal. We also use our Bowflex
weight machine another 3 times a week.
We vary which muscle groups we work each time.
My legs are really shaping up well!
I still weigh every single day.
I have a notebook with each days recorded weight.
This helps me to stay right on track.
It must be my detailed nature at work.
Everyone is different but I would weigh
at least weekly to keep track of yours.
Many of you have asked me what we eat?
At least it feels this way when you eat well.
We have excluded all refined sugars and cut way
back on salt. I don't follow a certain book or plan.
We just eat fresh and healthy meals every day.
For me just being simple in my thinking is working.
Plenty of water and not eating at night is key for me.
My cut off time is right after dinner. Around 6:30.
I brush and then absolutely no late snacking.
It really works!
It is important to snack during the day
and one of my big favorites are cheeses.
I have sticks or I just slice some up and enjoy.
Sometimes I add a little fruit or nuts with it.
Another favorite snack are nuts of any kind.
Almonds, cashews and walnuts are my choices.
Just a few. We also add them to our salads.
We enjoy hot tea. It is so good for you too.
I drink a cup during the day and decaf at night.
I love earl grey and peppermint.
Don't these look good? This is what we do not drink.
I have not have a soda for 6 months now.
I was such a fanatic too. I don't even miss them.
Take time for you. Relax and think about what your goal is.
I'm glad I have finally taken charge of my health.
This is our way of life from now on and it is wonderful.
I am certainly not an expert but if I can help by answering
more detailed questions please feel free to let me know.
You can comment here or email me. I will get back to you.
Have a fabulous week!
I'm off to buy some more new clothes.