Monday, April 26, 2010

Clean It Up!

Hello Everyone!
On a previous Q & A post I had many of you
ask me about how I keep our home so clean.
I thought I would take the time to share my tips.
First I will tell that I do not have a maid and that
I am a clean fanatic! My sister is reading this and
laughing very hard at that statement. Ha! ;)
I have been this way as long as I can remember.
I was always the neatest of the three of us girls.
1. The key to a clean home to me is "clutter free".
Do you watch the tv show "Hoarders"?
Well I can tell you that I am the exact opposite.
I am always recycling and cleaning out closets
and drawers. We donate to Goodwill constantly.
In fact sometimes it backfires on me and I'm looking
for it later. Oops! This is the best way to get organized.
Ask yourself do I really need this and then let it go.
2. Set up a cleaning schedule.
For me this means daily, weekly and monthly tasks.
Daily/ make beds, hand held swiffer, laundry, vacuum
Weekly/ change sheets, use lemon pledge, clean toilets
Monthly/ tubs, showers, apple cider vinegar the floors
Yearly/ pressure wash exterior, hose down inside garage
steam clean carpets, touch up paint exterior
I am consistent with this and it really works for me.
~Ah! It doesn't take that much time at all.
A clean and clutter free home feels so right.
I try to use natural products for cleaning such as
baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Mix the vinegar
with warm water and use it on your hardwoods and
tile. It works great! Baking soda is wonderful too.
A good book full of many household tips is
Martha Stewart's "Homekeeping Handbook".
I suffer from allegies big time! I really have no choice
but to have a super clean home. I must breath easy.
Here is one of my all time favorite cleaning products.
Do you have pets or spills?
It's the Spot Bot made by Bissell. We bought ours here.
I never get paid by anyone for advertising.
I just like to share what works for me.
Add some of this and tap water.
I have had this before but recently bought a new
one with the extra "heat" feature. It is amazing!
*Warning* cat vomit pictured below.
Don't look if you are sqeamish.
If you have a cat then you what I mean about hairballs.
Oh they are super gross. The change of seasons just causes
shedding and brings out the worst in our sweet kitties.
Poor Chestnut tried to hide it. He is so smart.
Really. Don't laugh.
Turn on the water heater.
I used the wand feature but you can also place it
directly over the spot and let it work for you.
A few minutes later and it's clean!
Bliss. This little machine is a lifesaver.

What are your cleaning and organizing tips?
I would enjoy hearing them. Please share.
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red Bird Tray Vignette

Hello Everyone!
Let's create a vignette today.
I found a bird tray at Pier 1 and had to have it.
I just adore red and birds so this was perfect.
The only thing was I had no idea where to display it.
Then I thought of the flowers Kristen made for my
foyer table and I knew this would be the right place.
Join me and I'll show you the steps.
It was on clearance and the last one.
Score! I just love the little birds.
First find a table top, mantel or shelf and clear it.
Next think about the items you want to use.
Do they have a theme or match in colors?
They should relate to each other in some way.
In this case I'm using birds, red and metallics.
Chestnut decided to help me by sleeping nearby.
He's good at that sleeping thing.
Start arranging your accessories in different ways
to see what works best for the look you are going for.
This can take a long time in my case anyway.
Step back each time and walk around to get different views.
I really like to add balance.
The floral arrangement is tall and so is the lamp so they
compliment each other nicely on each end of the table.
The center accessories are a metallic box and frame
and a red candle. I also used a red runner to anchor
the colors. The foyer table is a metallic gold color.
The bird theme is carried out with the gold
bird that is in the flower arrangement as well.
I decided to use the tray as a back drop to show
the design. I just propped it up behind the other
accessories and created a layered effect. Easy!
Another view from the stairway.
Here's the other side of the foyer.
I used more metallics and a feather wreath.
The bird theme is everywhere these days.
I hope you decide to create a vignette in your
own home soon. The possibilities are endless.
Show us your vignette creations.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lead Me To Your Door

Welcome Friends!
Does your home say welcome or come on in?
Curb appeal is very important to make your
home stand out. Try adding a path, flags, trees
and flowers to give your home some pizazz.
Join me and I'll show you our front exterior.
This round red path leads the eye to the entry.
We added it in a curved design for interest.
The recycled rubber pavers are found at Lowes.
Don't forget accent lighting placed around your yard.
This highlights special trees and dark corners.
A vibrant mix of flowers is always nice to see.
~Ah! We finally painted our porch rails again.
Fresh paint shows you care about your home.
An "M" mat, topiaries and door basket for interest.
I added the metal wall art last year as well.
The twist topiaries are from Home Decorators online.
Dress it all up for your guests!
A japanese maple tree is good luck.
Personalized garden flags are a fun touch of whimsy.
I purchased ours at a local store that has now moved
from here but I have seen them at Kirklands as well.
A close up of the colorful flowers.
They make me happy when I see them!
Add a rocker to invite guests to sit and stay for a chat.
Would your like sweet tea or lemonade?
I think I'm going to add an outdoor rug here.
This is my first succulent plant to care for.
Do you know anything about them?
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sprucing Up The Deck

Hello Everyone!
It's that time of year. Warm weather means it's
time to start spring cleaning. Here is our covered back
deck off of the family room. I have spruced it up with a
complete cleaning and adding new pillows and flowers.
Join me and I'll show you the results.
This is the view from inside. This is the first time
I have used red and I'm enjoying the warm look.
I hung up ferns for the second year in a row.
The hummingbird feeder is red and yellow and
matches the new Pottery Barn floral pillows.
Here is the new rug I ordered from Ballards.
I just love the color red.
The multi striped pillows are also from Pottery Barn.
Do you remember when I won the PB gift card from
Cathy at The Stylish House? This was part of what
I ordered with it along with a few other things I will
show you very soon. Thank you again Cathy!
Here is another look at the vibrant floral print.
A mix of spring flowers fits the round table.
I added many red flowers to attract the hummingbirds.
We have not seen any yet. I can't wait to see them again.
I added knock out roses to this large planter.
They are really doing well so far.
The first mow of the season. Ah it smells nice.
Thank you to all that commented on my last post.
You made me feel better with your support for me.
I really appreciate each of you and your friendship.
In the spirit of blog friendship look what happened
to arrive in the mail today from my friend Kristen.
Isn't it adorable? What a perfect saying as well.
Thank you for thinking of me Kristen.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finding Blog Friends

Hello Everyone!
What a wonderful place the world of blog is.
For me the new friends I make daily are the best part
of the experience. I wanted to take a moment to express
my sincere thanks and gratitude that you are reading along.
I have been feeling a little down about losing so many readers
lately. I do realize I have many blog friends and followers.
I'm not concerned with the *number*.
I just want you to enjoy your visit here and stick around.
I can't turn my blog into crafty stuff I make since I don't
make anything. I have also promised my hubby not to turn
my blog into a personal family journal.
This is due to safety reasons, deployments, etc...
This pretty much leaves me showing you our home and
the changes we make, recipes and fun giveaways.
I hope it's enough.
I really don't want to post the same things over and over
and then bore you to tears but I feel I have run out of ideas.
This isn't meant to create a pity party.
I just wanted to be honest and let you know how I'm feeling.
I will post about the post ideas you all gave me very soon
and if anyone has anymore please let me know.
Thank you again for your kindness and understanding.
You are all always welcome here anytime!
Join me to see items from dearest blog friends.
I ordered this beautiful flower arrangement
for my foyer table from Kristens Creations.
She is so talented! If you have not paid her a visit
check out her blog and Etsy shop. She is about to
make new items from her recent trip to market.
Look at the precious bird and lovely urn style vase.
I really love it and the height for this special location.
Thank you being such a sweet friend Kristen!
Another wonderful blogger friend is Gloria at Happy To Be.
She is the kindest heart to all and my blogger "Mom"...:)
A few months ago I won a special giveaway of hers
and have treasured these darling bluebird plates.
They are a set of 4 and I displayed them in the bookcase
in our bonus room. They mean so much to me.
Thank you very much Gloria! Pay this lady a visit.
I added a stand and pretty plaid ribbon.
Another sweet blogger friend of mine is Sherri
at Jack & Jill Interiors for Children. She makes
beautiful handpainted creations and created this
large M. I won this from her on a recent give away
and couldn't be more pleased with it. Thank you Sherri!
Please pay her a visit to meet an amazing lady.
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Mantel Party

Hello Everyone!
It's a mantel party over at the Nesting Place
and I thought I would join in with the fun.
Pay her a visit to view more decorating inspiration.
Join me and I'll share the heart of our home with you.
Here is our mantel stained a dark cherry. I added a sage
runner, a tuscan style print, scroll candles and topiaries.
A home sign from Kirklands is placed on a stand.
I bought the print at Kohls. I love the warm feel of it.
The topiaries and the candles are from Home Goods.
A trio of candlesticks from Pier 1 and jars from Kirklands.
The wrought iron screen is from QVC.
Here is the view of the family room as you enter the room.
I really adore warm colors and a welcoming feeling.
In the 4 years since we built our home I have not felt like
doing the room over as of yet. I would have chosen a better
layout but this is what works with our large television armoire.
Mr Chestnut decided to show you his hang out by the door.
He loves to sleep and stretch. He is huge!
He meaures 3 1/2 feet long and weighs 22 pounds.
Have a wonderful week!