Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tripping Over Tables

Hello Everyone!
I showed you my little red table recently and realized
I had a total of 33 tables. Wow! That is a bunch right?
It's time for a tour starting with the upstairs first.
I'll post a part two of the downstairs soon.
Join me!
The master bedroom night table.
My writing desk in the master bedroom.
A half moon table in the master bedroom.
An accent table in the bedroom reading nook.
A console for storage in the master bathroom.
This room also has a table shelf not shown.
A bookshelf/table in the home office.
A console table in the guest room.
Another night table in the guest room.
The room also has a corner shelf table not shown.
A small table in the bonus room reading area.
Another bookshelf/table in the bonus room.
That is 12 in total upstairs.
Stay tuned for many more downstairs.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Bitty & Bold

Hello Friends!
I found some cute new bath pictures at Kirklands
so I thought I would share our tiny powder room.
This is the one the guests use. It's quite bold in color.
Join me on a tour. All the photos enlarge when clicked.
I really liked the three dimensional frames.
What is it about chunky frames? I just love em'!
I thought the colors and theme went well in here.
The urn is from TJ Maxx and it's heavy and chunky too.
The scroll ring and towels are from BB & Beyond.
I chose a black swirl sink and faucet.
The gold wall color is called Chicory from Lowes.
A black and gold valance from BB& Beyond let's in light.
The bronze scroll light fixture is made by Minka.
I added an accent lamp and a bronze soap dispenser.
Here sits another chunky frame.
This is one tough room to take photos of.
I'm laying on the floor to get this shot. LOL!
We painted the ceiling to make the room glow with warmth.
Don't be afraid to try something dramatic in a small room.
You can always change it easily if you don't like it.
And the twallette...:)
I hope you enjoyed the itty bitty bathroom tour.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Kitchen's Crowing

Hello Everyone!
How was your weekend?
I went on an organizing frenzy and started cleaning
out all our desk drawer files and computer photos.
I love to be well organized. I just breathe easier. Whew!
Our kitchen started out with a grape theme and now
I have been adding rooster decor slowly but surely.
I showed you my red table from Kirklands recently and
I have updated it with a rooster arrangement and tassel.
Kristens Creations made them both. She is very talented!
I have bought many items from her. Pay her a visit to order.
I thought the warm colors were perfect for the fall.
I am definitely ready for it.
The jar is filled with cilantro/basil potpourri and it smells delish.
The red rooster plate and frame are right at home.
Roos are peeking out of and an open display shelf.
The mini rooster lamp casts a warm glow at night.
Don't forget to decorate the top of your fridge!
I added another lamp, floral and a wine rack.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be Our Guest

Hello Everyone!
I thought I would show you Chestnut's room.
Well actually it's our cheerful guest room.
He just *thinks* he owns it the big ole' stinker...:)
Hi! Come on in!
It's okay I won't bite you.
I added a console table and created a family photo gallery.
The drum shade lamp is from Kirklands.
Aren't I fluffy and handsome?
I weigh 22 pounds and am almost 7 years old.
One day I will tell you my entire story.
A wrought iron shelf holds decorative accessories.
Here is the double closet.
The paint is a cheerful yellow called Rutabaga.
The bedding is made by Wamsutta.
Does this pillow look familiar?
I bought the same one in brown for our master bedroom.
I really loved the scroll design. It's from Kirklands.
Scroll candleholders hold spice scented candles.
It is a wonderful scent and smells just like fall.
I am ready for it this year more than ever.
I know most of you feel the same way with this heat.
Dorothy's sign is the crowning touch.
Thanks for touring my room everyone.
Have a great week!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Healthy Snacking

Hello Everyone!
If you have read my blog over the past year then
you know I made a healthy life change on 9-09-09.
I feel much better and grateful to be healthier.
Click on my sidebar photo to read my past weight loss posts.
I'll give you an update on my weight loss on my one year date.
In the meantime I thought I would share my favorite snacks.
Who doesn't love a yummy cupcake?
I definitely don't eat them now. I try to eat no refined sugars.
Well...except for some ice cream splurges this summer such
as a DQ Blizzard pecan pie flavor. Hey, it is HOT right?
Oh they were so good but the scale showed it the next day.
To overcome sugar cravings click here.
Healthy snacks can be just as satisfying.
I eat these with sliced cheese and a dab of sour cream.
Heat them in the microwave to melt.
My hubby LOVES cottage cheese. Me too!
It is packed full of protein and very filling.
Sliced cucumbers, cheese sticks and almonds I eat daily.
Baby carrots, celery and hummus.
This is a deliicious and healthy snack before dinner.
Bananas are one of the best foods for you.
They are loaded with potassium and vitamins.
A cold pear tastes refreshing on a hot day.

Juicy red strawberries...Mmmm..
Who doesn't love em'?
Slice them up and have them stored ready for snacking.
Blueberries are a super food loaded with antioxidants.
So good and good for you.
Cruchy apples are full of fiber and delish.
Oh I could eat this all day. Yum-O!
I have to hold back from eating too much of it.
This is some really tasty peanut butter.
I like to spread it on my sliced up apples.
It tastes like a delicious candy treat this way.
As with any snack don't overdo it but do have them.
Everything in moderation is key to long term weight loss.
We add variety with different fruits each week.
What snacks do you crave?
Please share them here.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Table Lady

Hello Everyone!
Just call me the table lady...;)
I went shopping with my birthday gift card at my
favorite store Kirklands and what did I find?
Yes, another table. Every single time I go shopping I
find one to put somewhere. It's getting to be quite funny.
I counted and believe it or not I have a total of 31 tables.
What? I think I earned my nickname don't you?
I'll take you on a tour of them soon.
Join me and check out my newest one.
I love red and tables so this one worked perfectly for me.
It's a bump out wall in our dinette so this was a nice spot.
I added the fall flowers, word picture and potpourri holder.
I realized the coffee prints were not quite right here
anymore so I shopped the house and switched them.
I hung these tuscan style prints instead.
Much better don't you think?
I put the coffee prints hanging next to the coffee pots
and now it looks like a cafe. We do enjoy our coffee.
One more view. It's a cheerful corner now.
I can't believe I left it blank all these years.
Have a great weekend!