Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giveaway Sneak Peek!

Hello Friends!
Ca-uuute red rooster canister huh? :)
Here's a small sneak peek of my two years
of blogging giveaway that starts tomorrow.
Please stop by and enter.
It's my way of saying a big *thank you*
for reading along and leaving comments.
This one will be for friends and followers.
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I enjoy meeting new blog friends.
In fact that is the best part of blogging hands down.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU my friends!
I have comments turned off on this post.
Feel free to email me or comment on other posts.
See you tomorrow and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Little Leopard

Hello Everyone!
I hope your week has been going well.
Finally we will be back to cooler temps tonight. Yay!
Over the last few years I have slowly added
animal prints to our cheerful guest room.
Join me on a tour!
Here is the cheerful red and yellow guest room.
*Welcome to the Millers and enjoy your stay.*
All photos enlarge when clicked.
Look at the new bench I added from Ross.
It's a perfect spot for guests to put on shoes or place a purse.
I'll show you the new bench for the master soon as well.
A few decorative pillows and it was good to go.
The bedding is made by Wamsutta.
The vibrant yellow wall paint is called Rutabaga.
Do you think I love decorative pillows?
I added the leopard throw to the end of the bed.
It is beyond soft and snuggly. Love it!
A touch of animal print makes a room feel welcoming.
Do you use it in your home?
The console table is filled with family photos.
The red leopard lamp shade is what inspired
me to add the animal print to the room.
An animal print basket sits on the floor.
The iron corner shelf displays pretty accessories.
Dorothy's sign says it all. It's from Kirklands.
And of course here is our *little leopard* Mr Chestnut.
Thank you to all who read his story and your kindness.
My 2 years of blogging is on the 1st of November!
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I have an adorable giveaway coming up for you.
Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Master Suiteness

Hello Everyone!
Have you ever changed the furniture layout in a
room and then been pleasantly surprised at the result?
I decided on a whim this past week to do just that to our
master bedroom. After measuring the room we determined
the room would appear larger and have a much better flow.
Join me for my master bedroom metamorphosis tour.
Here is the *after*!
The bed and triple dresser changed locations.
All photos enlarge to see details.
Here is the *before*. The bed cut the large room in half.
It had been this layout for over 4 years.
I wish I had done this change much sooner.
We positioned the bed beween the 2 windows.
We now have a ballroom for dancing.
LOL! Not really but we could dance if we wanted too.
I'm going shopping for a new bench. I'll show you what I find.
I added the tassel vanity bench for now but it is too small.
The dark wood furniture is from Haverty's.
The accent table was moved next to the closet.
The armoire stayed in the same location.
I'm happy we did not have to move this piece.
It is very heavy.
I moved the half moon to serve as my night table.
The lamp and plate were added to the dresser.
It was fun using what I already had in the room.
Everything appears different when you move it around.
I hope you try it too!
I moved the slipper chair by my desk from Bombay Co.
The blue paint is called Misty from Sherwin Williams.
Most of the wall art found a new home as well.
I am really pleased with the new room layout.
I am only 1 week away from my 2 year blog anniversary!
I'll be having a great giveaway for my followers. Sign up now!
Thank you all for visiting. You're the best.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chestnut's Story

Hello Everyone!
I'm back from my break! I know that was quick huh?
I have been meaning to write this about our special boy
for the last few weeks and since it is his birthday month
I did not want to miss it. This month is just flying by!
So many of you have asked me about Chestnut since
I started blogging almost two years ago. Here goes...:)
Join me to read about his sweet life story.
Oh my goodness isn't he just the cutest here?
He was about 4 months old in February of 04'.
One cold December day in 2003 I was walking my shih-stzus
Teddy and Bear in our backyard when I came across a cat family
living in the woods behind our house. They were strays.
I spotted this little kitten right away. He was playing with a moth.
I had never had a cat before but I knew instantly he
would be living with us soon. I tried to pet him or any of them but they
were wild and ran from me. For the next few weeks I put out food and
watched as they slowly came around our back deck. This was a different
home than where we live now but it was still here in North Carolina.
With my husbands blessing I decided today was the day to catch him.
It was December 23rd and I put out a saucer of milk and waited.
He came out from under the deck to drink and I reached out
and just grabbed him. He was so startled. It was truly precious.
We rushed him inside and bathed him and then went to buy supplies.
That was interesting. I had no clue what to do with a cat.
The next day he went to the vet and was dewormed and given
an otherwise clean bill of health. He was officially ours.
The vet said he was about 2 months old and he weighed
exactly 2 pounds that day on Christmas Eve 2003.
What a wonderful Christmas gift he was.
He was named after the street we lived on at the time. It suits him.
Here he is scared and getting his very first bath.
He was so tiny.
This is Chestnut's pretty Mommy from the stray family.
A few months later I tried to catch her but she was too feral.
It made me sad and I still wonder what happened to her.
The huge guy laying out there is his Daddy.
You can now see where Chestnut's large size is from.
He looks like a small lion out there in the grass.
He ruled that family. Those are a few other strays beside him.
We moved in the summer of 04' and had to leave them behind.
The woods have since been torn down and homes are built now.
Chestnut was a very spoiled and happy kitten!
Here he is saying *mine* about his giant new tower.
He loved his toys and would play with them non stop.
Teddy and Bear were both very old and in early 2004 Bear passed
away and then Teddy soon followed. To this day we have never
decided to add another dog to our family. One day...:)
I still miss them both. They were such good boys.
As a young adult cat Chestnut would hide...
And hide some more...
This cat LOVES his tower. Can you see that sly smile?
He was about 2 years and was getting bigger by the day.
We were living in Ohio and he loved to watch the snow falling. was cold. I don't miss that part of it and I am
happy we are back living in North Carolina again.
Today Chestnut is 7 and is happy, healthy and thriving.
He loves to lounge, watch birds, chase *buggies* if they get
inside and drink an occasional milk treat. He's an indoor only cat
and loves to be held and brushed. Even his teethies...:)
We are blessed to have found him and he is forever grateful.
Thank you for reading our kitty's life story.
Have wonderful week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaves and Berries

Hello Friends!
It has been a perfect fall weekend. I hope you
are all enjoying yours. While I was at Marshalls
this past week this tuscan vase in red caught my eye.
It reminded me of Willow House and for $8 I was sold.
I decided to try my hand at making an arrangement.
Don't laugh. I am so not the creative type...:)
I found the red leaves and berries at Michaels.
Join me and I'll show you the result.
I displayed it between the red lamps from Kirklands.
This is the console table in our dinette area.
All photos may be clicked for details.
The console has been a nice addition to the kitchen.
I use it for extra linen and plate storage.
I really liked the detailed medallion.
It's a good match to the red rooster plate.
The rooster frame and tassel complete the vignette.
I have been super busy this past month and see no signs
of it slowing down. I decided to take a little bloggy break.
I will see you all in about a week.
Thank you for coming by and your kindness.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pull Up A Chair

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my home office...:)
Notice I said *my* home office. Funny how rooms
change identity as you use them differently and that
has certainly happened. My hubs *office* is at work
and he has a new Macbook so he rarely uses it.
This is now my official blogging room. Love it!
Maybe I should paint it a warm red.
Pull up a chair and join me for a tour.
As you enter you see our wall unit desk from Ashley Furniture.
All photos enlarge when clicked.
The desk chair is from Sams Club.
Another chair for the corner view.
I added a crown pillow from Kirklands.
The plaid drapes are from Target.
The bookcase is from Lowes.
The large red vase and sticks are from Target.
My husbands uniform storage closet.
Our fish babies. We have a silver hatchet fish
that is almost four years old. He's a tough old guy.
Yes, we name our fishies. Don't laugh...:)
I tired to get picture of Corona our orange
betta sitting on the desk but he was hiding.
One more view of the room.
The neutral paint is called Shortbread from SW.
I have been very busy this past month.
I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit all of
you as much as I would like. I really appreciate
your comments. Thank you for leaving them.
I'll be by as soon as I can.
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Little Red Box

Hello Everyone!
How has your weekend been?
Ours was really busy and fun. We traveled to a
nearby city and went shopping at a new outdoor mall.
It was so quaint. We really enjoyed shopping and dining.
I finally found a dress for our upcoming ball. Whew!
While shopping last week for fall clothes at
Cato I found some home decor. Who knew?
Here is a little red box for the entry table.
The table is from JCPenney and the lamps Kirklands.
I thought it was sweet and it's my favorite color.
I also found this wine plate and stand at Cato.
I added it to the dining room buffet table.
Look at the feather napkin ring on my reed diffuser.
Isn't this a neat idea? Pier 1 has them.
I added another napkin ring to a diffuser in the bath.
I think they look like tiny pearls.
Thanks for coming by! I always appreciate your visits.
I meant to thank you all for your advice on my room
switch ideas. At this time we decided to leave it alone.
My husband is super busy at work and it would be
too much to do right now. Maybe in our next home.
Have a wonderful week!