Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pray For Peace

Hello Everyone!
I am reminded everday how precious peace is to have
in our lives. As a military wife I hope for the best for
all of our servicemen and women. I know we all do.
They are all brave to have this job.
I worry but it is nothing compared to what they go through.
Let us all take a moment and pray for world peace.
Join me to view the peaceful vignette I created today.
The formal dining room buffet table is always
a good place to change things with each season.
All photos enlarge when clicked.
The tapestry coat wearing deer is from Pier 1.
The runner looks like new fallen snow.
The mirror is from Kirklands and the hanger from Michaels.
I added a berry beaded wreath and pinecone redbird.
*Peace* to all of you.
The striped stockings are from Lowes.
A few beaded topiaries from Michaels.
I added the red ribbon.
Another view of the entire Christmas vignette.
The scroll buffet lamps are from Lamps Plus online.
Even Chestnut seemed to be in deep thought today.
Actually he may have seen another kitty....:)
Thank you to those of you who entered my redbird tassel
giveaway last week. The winner is...Poofing The Pillows #23.
Congrats to Stacey!
I really enjoy hosting giveaways so look for another one soon.
Thank you for visiting.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Visions of Sugarplums

Hello Everyone!
I am dreaming of a Christmas bedroom. I have been
inspired by my blog friends Becca, Marla and Denise.
Check out what they have done to theirs. Stunning!
Before I get started shopping I surfed around for even more
lovely inspiration. Pottery Barn also has the most precious
Christmas bedding ever. Take a look at these photos.
Which one is your favorite? I love the poster bed with garland.
Precious wreath in the window.
Aw. Look at the little frame ornament tree.
What a darling chandy and fresh colors for the holidays.
Oh so amazing and dreamy....:)
Giant snowflake love.
Neutrals and big angel wings. Gorgeous!
Love the textured basket too.
A decorated mantel in the bedroom. Sigh....:)
They make me want to live in each room.
Hanging wreaths above the bed with cheerful striped bedding.
Goodness how Christmas-y is this room!
We have pale blue bedroom walls...Hmmm...:)
A cozy Christmas classic. It looks warm.
What about you? Do you decorate your bedrooms?
You still have time to enter my redbird tassel giveaway.
The winner will be announced Sunday evening.
I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is wonderful!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Redbird Tassel Giveaway

Hello Friends!
I was doing some house cleaning and rearranging today
and decided to offer a handmade redbird tassel as a thank
you to one of my followers. I purchased it from Miss Nancy
at *Southern Graces* about a year ago and he is so stinkin'
cute. I know plenty of you love red, birds, toile and tassels.
He's been hanging in the dining room and looks brand new.
Rather than put him away I know one of you will enjoy him.
1. Leave me a comment here that you are interested.
2. Be a friend and follower!
Please join me only if you really want to though.
I welcome you but I want you to enjoy your visits.
3. Please leave only one comment!
It is much easier to pick with the number generator that way.
The winner will be chosen Sunday, November the 28th.
I have many other Christmas items to mail on Monday
so I will mail your sweet redbird tassel to you then.
This is a fun and easy giveaway!
Thank you to all of my readers and commenters.
You're the best. Good luck to all of you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy this special day with family and friends!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

If The Frame Fits

Hello Everyone!
Do you display decorative frames in vignettes?
I could put them around every inch of our home.
I just love em' and many different styles too.
Join me for a tour. All photos enlarge when clicked.
We have a lighted niche in the hallway and it was
just calling out to me to display more frames.
Look at the tiny ones I found at Marshalls.
At $3 a piece I had to have the little guys.
They matched the other one I had displayed here.
Aren't they mini and precious?
For now I added each past years Christmas photos of us.
Is it bad I'm thinking of getting a few more?
Where in the world will I put them?
We need a bigger house just so I can decorate more...:)
I created a gallery wall of wedding photos in the hall.
Why not use a place you would not expect to be a focal point?
Every spot in your home should be something you enjoy seeing.
Another view of the entire hallway.
A ribbon *M* frame custom made by Kristen.
Kristen is talented at making the prettiest frames.
Check out her etsy shop on her blog.
I like to find frames with unique shapes.
A gold rooster frame fits in well with my kitchen decor'.
A few gold scroll frames in the living room.
Here is my latest purchase from Kristen's shop.
Look at the lovely jewel flower and ribbon details.
I added a frame gallery to the guest room.
How do you decorate with frames?
Let me know some of your ideas.
Thank you for visiting.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the jungle room complete with a
small lion and a tiny yellow bird who is wild. Ha!
Actually it's our bonus room/pet lounge/workout room
and reading nook. We really do use this room every day.
Join me for a fun tour! All the photos enlarge when clicked.
Chestnut is doing what he does best. Lounging.
He says come on in blog friends. His buddy Lloyd the cockatiel is hanging out too.
He's over ten years old now.
Our Bowflex weight machine folds up for easy storage.
I give full credit to this machine in helping me to lose weight.
If you are thinking about getting one they are worth the money.
The television is nice to have while working out.
I have my exercise dvd's in here too. I need to pull those out.
The cheerful blue paint is called *Birdbath* at Sherwin Williams.
The black color scheme and silver accents work well with it.
My cozy reading corner. The pillows and throw are from Target.
Chestnut is guarding his food and water bowls.
He has his own initial plaque on the wall.
He is only a little bit spoiled...:)
He's ingnoring me while I took this photo. Silly boy.Chestnut is all comfy and cozy in his tower.
Thanks for visiting!
I posted our laundry room earlier today in case you missed it.
Check it out!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings in the Laundry

Hello Friends!
I do consider a laundry room a huge blessing.
Can you imagine washing clothes by hand? Whew!
Thank you for nice W/D's and yummy smeling soaps.
Join me for a tour!
All of the photos enlarge when clicked.
A *Count Your Blessings* sign reminds us all.
It's from Kirklands. I added the ribbon and hanger.
On the shelf I added decorative baskets for storage.
One holds Tide Free & Gentle and Downey Lavender Serenity.
Another stores the iron. My least favorite chore. Bleck...:)
At least the topper from Michaels is pretty to look at.
The Whirlpool front loaders. Love em'!
The powder room has another topper above.
The door out to the garage and a scroll mirror.
I'll be back this evening with another fun post.
This will be a first for me posting twice in one day.
Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.
Have a wonderful weekend!