Sunday, November 6, 2011

Glamorous Nails for the Holidays

Hello Everyone!
How was your fall weekend? Ours was nice and relaxing.
I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest. It's addicting.
I have been getting many inspiring ideas for our new home. I can't wait!
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One of my blog and FB friends recently asked if I would do a nail tutorial.
Since nails are definitely an obsession of mine I said I would be happy too.
Join me for my step by step process to glam nails that last.
 Cool! I thought this was a neat looking photo effect with the lamp shade.
 First, gather up your supplies. I have used Sally Hansen and OPI products for
a very long time. Through trial and error they seem like the best for the price.
OPI polish will last and last if applied carefully with a base and top coat to seal it.
I have early childhood memories of my grandmother giving herself manicures
while I looked on with fascination. I was hooked. I do my own nails and always have.
 1. Remove old polish and clean hands. To remove yellow stains use lemon juice. 
2. File your nails to the desired shape and length. 
3. Use clippers a few times a month if they grow too long. A medium length is important. 
I have to stress the importance of keeping all of your nail equipment clean. Use alcohol.
 4. Apply a clear, strengthening base coat to seal in nail moisture. This is key to healthy growth.
5. Apply the color of your choice. Two coats if you wish. Let dry.
I happen to have a fluffy orange cat pillow to rest my tootsies on...LOL!
6. Apply a clear top coat for shine and added strength.
If you are careful it will last for about ten days or even longer.
This warm shade is OPI's *Mrs O'Leary's Barbeque*.
It's a burgundy brown color perfect for the month of November.  
7. Enjoy your polished nails! Use different colors that you like.
I usually buy my OPI bottles at Target or the JCPenney hair salon.
8. Finally...Keep your hands and cuticles moisturized during the change of seasons. 
I forgot and paid the price with a hangnail that really hurt. Ouch. I'm fine now.
I posted about it on my FB. Thanks to all of you that gave me good advice.
All of these nail ideas were found on Pinterest.
Look at this matte finish dark OPI shade with glossy stripes. Gorgeous!
Gray is a popular look this fall in wardrobes why not nails?
Isn't this a lovely holiday party look? Clear nails with silver glitter tips. Pretty!
How fun is this look! Candy cane striped nails. It's adorable for holiday photos.
A classic Christmas-y red is always perfection. It looks good on everyone.
Do you do your own nails or go to the salon? I don't feel completely 
ready to go unless my nails and toes are polished. How about you?
What's your favorite polish, shade? ...:)
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The winner will be announced this Thursday evening.
Have a wonderful week!


SILVIA said...

Nice post Melissa.Im also obsessed with doing my own nails,lol..

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Great post, Melissa!! Can't wait to see your holiday nails!! LOL!!! You are a woman of many talents!

Lori Alexander said...

Do you use OPI products for the base coat and top coat also? Are they better than Sally Hansen products?

Karen said...

I am so impressed!! I could never begin to do my own but I love getting my nails done about every 12 days. Great post!
Ladybug Creek

Okio B Designs said...

Those candy cane nails are a-ma-zing! I hate to do my nails but I would love to try this. Great for nail touchups and oops - Beauty Fixation (Japonesque) Nail Polish Touchup swabs. Can't live without them! Coming over from Met Monday and your newest follower!


Jemsmom said...

I fell in love with that grey polish on PInterest and the candy cane nails! They are so cute, but my hand isn't steady enough to do that!!

Barbara F. said...

I used to go for manis/pedis all the to stay within my budget, I do my own! lol You have very nice nails. xo

Michele Smith said...

Great post Melissa! I saw the candy cane ones on Pinterest too! LOVE em.
I do my own nails also, except for major events. (like my wedding, haha)
I LOVE Essie nail polishes. My favorite color of the moment is Fiji! I bought several last month but the only colors I can think of are ballet slippers and mademoiselle. They're all pretty much similar in color. I get them at Target too.

Marla and Steve said...

I am sooooooo jealous. My nails are so ugly, really pitiful. I need to stop using them as cleaning tools :) Love all the colors. Every single one. Wouldn't they be great as stocking stuffers. Let me give you Steve's email address.........

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Beautiful nails are always wonderful!! Love all those inspirations too!!

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Your nails look great. I am ashamed to say I am a nail biter. Nothing makes them look good.

April said...

Thanks for the lesson, Melissa! I'll definitely be putting it to good use! Those candy cane nails are too cute!

Paula said...

Your nails are so pretty! I have great luck with getting polish to last on my toes but it's harder to keep it from not chipping on my fingers.

Love your nail inspiration pictures!

Tara G. said...

SO pretty!! My aunt has always done hers, too, and they look so lovely. My nails grow so fast that I gave up keeping polish on them all of the time! Plus, clicking nails on the piano is not attractive not a pretty sound!
When are you scheduled to head north? I'm trying to talk hubs into letting the kids and I fly into Raleigh in June and stay with friends so I can begin taking care of the house and getting it ready to sell.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You have beautiful hands and nails, Melissa. My poor hands are frightening! LOL! In the past six months a friend of mine told me about shellac (sp?) that she has done. It really lasts in an amazing way (I could never keep a normal manicure without chipping for 24 hours... I'm that clutz who is always into something). I have really enjoyed having 'manicured' nails for a change. Wish I could get by with doing them myself like you AND that I had hands like yours! ;) Thank you. blessings ~ tanna

Angela said...

You have beautiful nails, Melissa! I haven't painted my nails in years. You've just inspired me. I'm going to do it this week. Great Post!

Rosie said...

Great all those different nail ideas. I've always done my own and have been using Sally Hansen for awhile....I haven't tried OPI yet. Love your fluffy cat looks familiar!

Heather's Stitches said...

I like that color!

When I was growing up I was such a tomboy and didn't see the need to paint my nails but now that I'm in my 30's I'm having fun with my 12 year old daughter!

Although what do you recommend for weak nails? My nails bend so easily!!

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Lovely post Melissa, gorgeous nails and colors you choose. My nails are shorter, since nursing school, many moons ago and kiddies, they don't grow longer!I love Sally Hansen Diamond Chip deep colors, I received Estee Lauder gift set for my birthday and a beautiful deep color Enchanted Garnet came with it.Also at CVS is a brand Confetti with deep rich colors.Maybelline has nice quick dry colors.I will buy the Sally Hansen products you showcased. Thank you for sharing!!!

Amy said...

Just found you on Facebook and sent a request. I love following your blog and can't wait to try some of these great nail ideas!!! The candy canes are ADORABLE!!!!! :)

Denise said...

I very rarely paint my nails because I just think they are going to chip really easy while I'm doing housework etc! but these all look gorgeous :)

Justabeachkat said...

I used to go to a salon all the time, but now I only go about once a month for a manicure. I love OPI too. My favorite fall color is Royal Rajah Ruby.


ps...Pinterest can be very addictive. I haven't had much time for it lately but when I do I get carried away. So many great ideas!

Traci said...

I always did my own nails & then I started getting gel nails. I just like the way they look & they always are the perfect shape. I do my own toes but I will periodically get a pedicure at the salon.

Lisa said...

So pretty, Melissa! I love every single one! Perfect for the Christmas elf.:)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Your nails are so pretty, Melissa. I take great pride in mine, and in doing them myself, too. Tried acrylic ones for about 6 mo. but liked my own better and know they are healthier. Yours have that awesome curved shape. I saw the candy cane nails on Pinterest and want to do that for my granddaughter's nails this season!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Maria Elena said...

Great post, Melissa! I used to do my nails every other day when I was working, but I have slowed down since then. It seems I am always doing something with paint or stain, so, now, I keep them shorter and just put a clear coat on them for shine and to keep them protected.
Thank you for sharing! You reminded me of how much fun it can be to do your nails.

Lorna said...

Great post! I have done my own nails since I was a little girl. Sally has been a favorite of mine for several years, but I have just discovered OPI and Essie and love those as well.

~Shelle said...

I wish I could do my own nails, but even with your good advise I can never have that professional look. :( Of course I could have this mental/physical skills block because I really enjoy the massage chair at my nail place, too.

Connie ❀ said...

Your nail look just lovely. I don't think I could sit still to have mine done, though I once heard someone say it is relaxing.
You are a real nice lady !

Allyson Pecilunas said...

Gorgeous nails!! I wish I had pretty nails, but I dont. I want to grow them out though you do such a good job with yours love them!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Great post, Melissa! Like you, I have memories of my mom always doing her nails. I get my done at a salon. I get acrylics just so the polish stays on longer, and I always get a French, or more of a pink and white - I like my beds a little pinker than natural. The only time I switch it up is at C'mas where I get a more natural bed and a sparkly red tip. Maybe a little "tacky" but a little bling's okay for a couple weeks around the holidays, right?!

Thanks for sharing. I especially love the nails with the chunky glitter. Wonder how long that would last?

Karen At Home said...

Such a fun post Melissa, you are blessed with beautiful nails!!!

Val said...

I love fun nails....cute post.

Vicky said...

I don't remember the last time I painted or manicured my nails! My nails grow fast and strong and I just never take advantage of it.

Gypsy Heart said...

Very nice! I have an addiction to pedicures so I go for a professional one about every 6 gift to myself. :-)

I have such thin finger nails and lots of problems trying to get them to grow. Nailtiques is a great product and I'm trying to be faithful in using it. I also like Solar Oil to use before going to bed.

Color? The perfect red is always my choice, even though I try to change. :-) OPI is my favorite, however, I found a gorgeous shade ~ Rich In Heart ~ by Sinful Colors and another ~ Femme Noir ~ by L'oreal that I love. Both are brownish with a reddish many compliments on them!

Thanks for sharing ~

Nancy from OHIO said...

Hi Melissa... I have done my own nails but since I am a Pre School teacher and my hands are always in water (washing hands or painting with little ones... I have Acrylic) It just works for me. I get them done about every two weeks.

Now on another note. I just purchased 2 sweaters from Boston Proper...!! You once again inspired me! Too funny! I need to meet you one day. Love seeing you on facebook... you have great posts! Take care, Nancy

Jessica Washburn said...

Wow! I'm loving all your holiday nails ideas. Makes me think I just may have to grow mine out a bit. I used to love having painted nails, but have just gotten pedicures for the longest. I too love OPI and Sally Hansen. Good to meet you too, thanks for introducing yourself. :)

Natasha in Oz said...

I just had my nails shellaced recently and love it! It stays on for 3 weeks and doesn't ruin my nails!

I might follow your tips for my toes though. Summer is here and I need to start prettying up my tootsies!

Best wishes,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

Roz said...

My have nail color is "OPI Red", I can't imagine the Christmas season without wearing it. At work I wear more natural colored OPI shades. Recently however, I wore some of OPI's super dark plumish brown shades. Gorgeous! Even old fashioned hubby liked the dark color!

When we go to Hawaii in the summer I always go to a salon and have professional gel French manicure nails applied with tropical flowers painted in white on each ring finger.

Hope that you're having a lovely Christmas season!