Monday, May 16, 2011

The End Of The Road

Hello Friends!
As you may have noticed I have posted less lately. I have decided to take a
long absense from the blog world. I have thought hard about this and it's
 an easy answer as to why I'm doing it. I have simply run out of post topics.
When I started my blog over 2 1/2 years ago it took me some time to
decide what kind of blog I wanted. In fact I first started a much more personal 
type of blog but closed it after only a few weeks. My hubby really didn't like
the idea of sharing our lives unless I had it set to private. A few months later
I had so many friends from RMS starting their own blogs I decided to jump
on the bandwagon and start a new one but this time it would only be a home
decor' style blog. I have pretty much stuck to that topic with a few exceptions
such as my weight loss. Since I changed my lifestyle for health reasons I decided it
was important to share it with you and all of you seemed to really like those posts.
 You can read all of the posts on it if you are interested located on my sidebar.
My one year weight loss update remains my most popular post to this day.
Thank you to all of you who encouraged me during that difficult time.
I hope all of you who changed your lifestyle along with me are still doing well.
Feel free to let me know how you are doing and if you have questions.   
Our upcoming move to Maryland has me at a decorating standstill. I have many 
ideas swirling around in my head but they will have to wait for our future home.
No sense changing a thing in this home now. The real estate market has stalled and
it would not be worth our time or money. I feel fairly confident our home is going to
sell when the time comes. We are in a great neighborhood so we'll see what happens.
I'm going to start cleaning and donating to Goodwill over the next few months
to get ready for it. I plan to have a simpler, less cluttered look the next time around.
If anything comes up about decorating before we move I will be sure and share it with
you. I'll share our future house hunt with you when the time comes as well. I'm ready!
For now all is quiet on the homefront and that is not necessarily a bad thing.
I hope you will all be here when I come back and post again.
I thought about closing my blog, setting it to private or not posting at all
and in the end I decided to let you know the real deal.
I know I'll be back I just don't know when. Thanks to all of you for reading along and your
kind comments. I know it takes your valuable time to leave them. Feel free to stop by and
say Hi anytime. Just because I'm not posting doesn't mean we can't stay in touch through
leaving comments. My email is at the top right of my blog if you prefer. I'm here for you.
Flip through my old posts. You're always welcome here.
This was a hard post to write. I'll miss you guys. Stay healthy and happy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Show & Sell Party Time!

Hello Everyone!
My sweet blog friend Kristen has started a new link party.
It's called "Show & Sell" and it highlights your etsy shops or any
 handmade items. Any furniture or items you may have hand painted
are welcome to be shared for this link party as well. Stop by her blog
and introduce yourself. She is one of my oldest and dearest blog friends.
 You'll be glad to meet her if you haven't already.
Click here to meet Kristen.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving Up To Maryland

Hello Everyone!
Our upcoming move is getting closer and I can't wait. Hooray!
As you may have guessed by the post title we are moving to Maryland.
My husband should have his official orders in July, our home will be for
sale by August and we should be moving between November and February.
We sure hope everything goes as planned. We have been here for five years
and it's definitely time to move on. I realized that this home is the longest I have
ever lived anywhere. Isn't that crazy? My father was in the Air Force and with
my husband being a Marine I am always on the move. I'm ready to stay put.
Here are some beautiful images from our future home state.
Are any of my readers from Maryland? Let me know any details. 
A scenic bridge in Annapolis, Maryland.
Downtown Annapolis looks quaint and charming.
Baltimore is beautiful! I look forward to visiting this city as well.
We will be about an hour from Washington DC. I have never been and I'm excited to see it.
I thought this city view was DC at night. Oops!
This is actually San Diego, Ca. I did a search for DC and this came up for some reason.
A comment was left here telling me. Thank you! Well, maybe I'll visit this city one day too...:)
This is western Maryland and it looks great for hiking.
I'm sure we will explore a lighthouse.
And eat a crabcake or two. Yum! I love all kinds of seafood.
 I've already started home shopping and found a few I like.
We plan to buy brand new and possibly build quickly if we have time.
All of the homes have large basements and tons of square footage.
Way more than we need but we will deal with it. It's more to decorate right?
I'm hoping for a brick front but they seem to be rare in the town we are moving to. 
Here's another model to be built this summer. I liked it too!
I have never been to Maryland but of course an upcoming
house hunting trip will be in order. I'll show you the process.

Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend!