Thursday, June 9, 2011

Savoring The Summertime

Hello Friends!
I've missed you all. I can't believe I couldn't hold off from posting any
longer. It's been over three weeks but I thought I would be gone for
at least two months before I posted again. Wow, blogging really does
become a part of our routine doesn't it? I hope you all are well and
are beating the heat. Whew! It's been a scorcher of a week for sure.
I have tried to comment on most of your blogs these past few weeks
and apparently some glitches have been happening with blogger. 
If you don't hear from me then you know why.
We still have no definite news on the move and I have not done one bit of
decorating. I haven't been to Kirklands in over a month. I'm having withdrawls!
Join me for a completely random post about random stuff.
I always enjoy eating fresh fruits and making more salads in the summer months.
This becomes my main meal of the day. It's been so hot it feels right to eat light. 
I found these new sugar free drink mixes at the grocery store and they are my new favorite.
They are really delicious and refreshing. They taste exactly like what the flavor describes.
I've been having a great time shopping for cool summer tops.
This ruffled royal blue is from Cato Fashions along with the silver jewelry.
I found a chocolate brown top at Marshalls to wear with my khaki capris.
I've been going gaga over fashion jewelry lately. It's fun and not very expensive.
What's not to like right? Do you wear chunky fashion jewelry too?
I found these little shrugs at Target. They are on sale this week for $14.99
and come in a many colors. I decided to go with basics and the orange for a pop of color.
Have your tried them before? Just so you know they run small. I bought the XL and wear M.
They also have the tanks that go underneath on sale for $7. I got a few of those too.
I love zebra and found the purse and silver jewelry at Cato.  
The ruffled black top is a jacket that goes over a black tee. They are from Marshalls.
This white flowered peasant top is from Ross and the hot pink jewelry is from Cato.
I'm still searching for a pair of brown capris or shorts to wear with it.
I love summer clothes and all of the bright colors. 
I ordered this decorating book from Amazon and it's giving me so many ideas.
I can't wait to move and get going on my many home decor' projects. 
Check out my previous posts in case you missed the update on our upcoming move.  
I've been searching the internet daily and have found another home I like.
This one is three years old and is in the target neighborhood we have in mind.
The garage is in the back and it's about 3500 sqare ft. Can you believe the size
of these homes? They all have large basements. We will have to make do with it.
 We definitely want a finished basement. They give me the creeps unfinished...:) 
I'm not sure I like the small lot. Oh well...we have time to look and we may build.
Chestnut says Hello to all of you too! He's been a silly boy full of energy one
 minute and the next he's sleeping in the middle of the floor with his belly up.
 That's our big ole' boy. Click on my sidebar if you have time to read his story.
Thanks for sticking with me. I really appreciate your patience while we go through
this process since I won't be blogging with any kind of schedule. Please feel free
to comment or email me anytime you would like. It's always good to hear from you!
Let me know what you are up to this summer. Stay cool!