Sunday, August 28, 2011

It Could Be Worse

Hello Everyone!
We had an unwelcome visitor this weekend and her name was Irene.
We had 24 solid hours of rain and wind that shook our floors. That was a 
 strange feeling. We had debris blown in the yard and some trees that almost
fell. A roof leak in our master bathroom will require some attention. Other than
that we did well. The power was out for about about 12 hours but we consider that
lucky considering millions are without power right now. If she blew your way I hope
you are doing well. Stay safe. How did you weather the storm? Share with us.
 How did I not lose this flag? I forgot to bring it in.
A path of leaves and debris. The leaves were stuck to all of the windows too.
We came very close to losing this cypess tree.
 The gutters are filled with leaves. The city will clean it soon.
My husband is trying to fix the tree. He may need to restake it.
We are thankful the roof held up well. Some of our neighbors lost parts of theirs.
Cool weather cannot get here quick enough. Go away hurricanes.
How did we not notice the missing shutter on our garage?
Our neighbor gave it back to us.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Neutral Rooms That Pop

Hello Everyone!
I had another blog design done in case you are wondering if you landed at the
right blog. Pay a visit to Jenn if you are interested in a new design. She is hands
down the best blog designer out there. Click here to meet her. Thanks again Jenn!
Grab my new butterfly button on the right column to display if you would like.

Many of you have asked about our upcoming move and the style change I plan
to make to our home decor'. What I'm thinking is a basic traditional style with
touches of old world warmth and pops of color. Does that even make sense?
I can see it in my mind. Here's hoping I can actually do it.
Join me to see a few of my inspiration photos of living spaces.
This is what I'm dreaming about... I love this room!
It's light, bright and airy. It has an interesting twist with color and unique items.
This is our current family room. You may remember back in January I purchased the
new sofas at Ashley Furniture. I told you the story of how they changed color on me.
You can read about it here if you missed that post. Since my hubby came home last
month we have also discoved that they are not comfortable at all. Needless to say
we will be selling them as soon as we move. Sometimes things work out for the best.
Between the color being off and the lack of comfort they have to go. Bye, bye sofas...:)
I have to find a chess set. Love the soothing blue colors on the sofa.
Beautiful! The arrangement of pictures and the animal rug are my favorites.
I adore the unexpected pop of the green vase. The chair fabric is gorgeous too.
All of the sofas shown are neutral but not boring. The bird pillows give it interest.
The mix of stripes and leather are unexpected and unique. I love this distressed red table.
The double tables and a striped rug look charming. I like the two lamp idea.
A rustic woven basket and the striped ottoman look good together.
I love the french doors and windows above them.
This has more color but the green keeps it neutral. The dark wood adds to the traditional look.
This room has comfort written all over it. I love that large clock.
Thanks for joining me on my dream tour of living spaces.
Which one is your favorite?

Keep the entire east coast in your prayers.
Between the earthquake and approaching hurricane I don't
know if I should be scared of the sky or the ground.  Lol!
I'm trying to remain calm and positive.
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Clearing Out The *Stuff*

Hello Everyone!
It's nice to be back blogging. Thank you for all of your kind words on my
husband and his recent deployement. He is very happy to be back home again.
We still have no definite moving date as of yet. Today is his first day back at
work so it's possible we should have orders to Maryland by next month. I hope...
We have our current home to sell and another one to buy so we need to get a move on.
In the meantime I have done some major de-cluttering. I plan to have a much
simpler, lighter and brighter style next time around. I have many ideas and am
ready to decorate a new home again. It will be fun and exciting to start fresh.
 Join me and I will show you my donating process.
First I gathered everything I no longer wanted into one room.
I used the breakfast nook in the kitchen as my landing zone. It's funny
 how we don't even realize we buy the same colors over and over again.
Everything here looks red, green gold or orange. I think it's time for an update.
All of the candlesticks had to go. I really never used them as much as I thought.
I'm thinking some type of special occasion candles for the next home.
A few more items from the formal dining room were added as well.
I'm not sure why I was hanging on to all of this stuff. I'm definitely not a clutter bug.
To view my post on home interior clutter and cleaning click here.
Next boxes were gathered and filled. We ended up with about ten in total.
Many items were large and did not even fit in boxes. My entire SUV
was full from front to back and everything was brought to Goodwill.
This does not include everything. I still have much more to go but since
we will be putting the house on the market I don't want it empty. Even after
all of the clearing and cleaning it all still looks quite full from room to room. 
We donated a couple of hundred DVD's and kept only our top favorites.
Do you clear out and donate regularly as well? 

My sister and her family moved into their gorgeous new home last month
and as soon as I get some done photos I'll post them for you to see.  I think you will
enjoy seeing her modern yet rustic decorating style. She has inspired me for sure.    
Their home has many unique features and a minimalist design that is stunning.

Stay tuned for my latest blog design coming this weekend.
Once again I was ready for a new look. I hope you like it.
Have a wonderful week!