Sunday, October 30, 2011

Warm Eats and Sweet Treats

Hello Friends!
I hope your weekend went well and you are staying nice and warm.
Most of the east coast had an unexpected winter blast. Brrr....
It made us want to stay in and cook and eat.
Join me for the recipes,
Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup and Pumpkin Swirl Brownies.
 Here are the simple soup ingredients. Thanks to my sister Michele for sending me this one.
2 cups of tender cooked chicken breast
2 cans of Cream of Chicken soup
4 cups of water
1 pint of half and half
broad egg noodles
2 tsp of salt
 Mix all the ingredients except the egg noodles in a large pot.
Bring to a boil and then add noodles. (the amount depends on how thick you like your soup)
Stir frequently until noodles are done. (about 10-12 minutes)
 It's rich and very creamy. It's yummy on a cold evening.
I could see adding carrots and celery or even mushrooms would be good.
S/P to taste. Serve with crackers. Enjoy!
 Here are the ingredients for the Pumpkin Swirl Brownies by Martha Stewart.
What could taste better at this time of year? If you like pumpkin anything you will love them!
You could omit the cayenne pepper if you would like and they would still be spicy.
Click here to go to Martha's site and find the entire step by step recipe.
Thanks to my new friend Carla for posting the recipe on her blog and giving me the idea.
 We measured the chocolate.
 Melting the chocolate and butter.
 Mixing the eggs, sugar and vanilla.
Here are the finished brownies on Martha's site.
They came out delicious and super moist. Yum!
 I could not get the lighting right to take a photo of ours.
I still have so much to learn about my Canon camera...:)
Join me later on this week for my 3 years of blogging celebration.
It's giveaway time!
Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Time for Scarves and Sweaters

Hello Everyone!
Are you ready for the cooler days and nights? You know what that means...
It's time to break out your fall wardrobe. I have been updating mine the past few
weeks and thought I would share my finds with you. I love fall clothes. Join me!
 I bought the ruffled cord jacket at Marshalls and the brown paisley scarf at Cato.
Thanks to Pinterest for giving me the idea to add a flower pin. Love it!
 On a recent post I cleaned out the closets in our master bedroom and I was trying
to figure out a storage solution for my many scarves. Here is the before photo. 
 And here is the after! Thanks to the ladies at Cato for giving me the idea.
I ran over to Ross and grabbed an over the door robe hanger to drape them on.
Genius! Why didn't I think of this idea years ago? :)
 Here's a close up view. It was $10. They had many different styles and finishes.
 Pinterest had also given me this idea for hanging them and it's a good one too.
This is colorful ribbon but scarves, jewelry anything would work here. 
Here's another Pinterest idea. It's a wine cork frame for hanging jewelry. So cute!
 I bought the soft teal sweater, belt and fashion jewelry at Cato.
I'll wear it with my black leggings and short black suede boots. 
 Here's a close up of the chunky strands. They are my new favorites! I love the teal color.
 I bought the orange ruffled cardigan at Belk. It's super comfy and warm.
 The beaded necklace came from Belk too. Look at the little brass leaf. It's perfect for fall.
 I found a cranberry jacket at Marshalls and added the gray beaded jewelry to wear with it.
Last but not least on my way out of Ross I spotted these big silver keys on a ring.
For $5 I had to have them. They are super heavy and vintage looking. I love them!
Well that's about it for now. Once again if you haven't joined my Face Book or Pinterest
please do. I'm having too much fun over there. The buttons are right there on my sidebar.
Now is a good time to follow my blog since next week is my 3 year blogging anniversary.
 Stay tuned for a great giveaway!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pinning For The Fall

Hello Friends!
I'm back!
I didn't mean to take such a long break from blogging but I discovered two new
 addictions called Face Book and Pinterest. Lol! Do you pin? It's really fun!
It's kind of like creating your very own decorating magazine. Fashion, food or
 whatever you are interested in anything you find can be pinned to your boards.
If you are on Pinterest or Face Book join me if you haven't already.
My new media buttons are right there on my sidebar. Click them to visit me!
Thanks again to the talented Jenn for my newest blog design update.
Join me to check out some of my fall decorating finds from Pinterest. 
 Eeek! A scary Halloween door. I'm now on the lookout for twine pumpkins.
What a neat idea to add the lanterns. They seem to be the new decor' trend.
 How about hanging some mason jars with sand and candles. Neat!
 Wheat bundles look dressed for fall tied with ribbon and perched in a stand. Adorable!
How simple and festive this looks. It's leaves as name tags for Thanksgiving dinner.
 I love this acorn leaf frame! What a unique and simple idea. 
I'm not a craft type person but I actually think I could make this one.
 Most of you have seen the pretty velvet pumkins by now. Love them!
 Lovely leaf cupcakes. The silver stands are little candle holders. Pretty!
 Acorns in glass jars and topped with mums. So simple!
How beautiful this looks with the twine pumpkin and candle.
As you can see Pinterest gives you so many ideas. It's endless.
Are you done with your fall decorating?
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Dreams

Hello Everyone!
Do you ever browse the internet, blogs, books or magazines and
dream of homes you would want to live in? I'm raising my hand!
With our upcoming move next spring I can't seem to stop looking.
Join me for a tour of beautiful homes. I'll take any one of them.  
 The red door grabbed my attention. I want one in our next home. Love it!
 The garage doors are perfect. I like the arches and hardware.
 The mixture of stucco and stone looks great. The grass is so green!
This front porch is dreamy. I'll take some sweet tea please.
The soft gray is a really nice exterior color. I like the peaks at the top too.
How about this amazing exterior lighting. The home glows with warmth.
Wow! This one is gorgeous. I'm really dreaming now....:)
The arch above the front door looks fantastic. It gives it character.
Which one is your favorite?
Come and join me on my new Facebook and Pinterest. I'm hooked already.
I'll be having some minor blog changes done this week. Pardon the dust.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

De-Clutter, Clean & Organize It!

Hello Everyone!
What are you up to this month? I hope your weather has been nice and fall-ish.
I'm on a decluttering, cleaning and home organizing mission with our upcoming
move next year it just seems like the right time. Join me to see what I've done.
 My hubs closet was long overdue for a good clearing and cleaning.
Now it looks almost empty. He needs some new clothing items.
I like closets to have different levels and sections for display. It's easy to see. 
 In the armoire the television was removed.
In it's place I added his sweaters, jeans and shorts.
We have decided no television in the bedroom works best for us. Now it's in the bonus room.
Our next home will probably have a family room and a basement tv. That's it.
 I bought a little office organizer from Target and use it for... 
 OPI nail polish! I love this stuff. I paint my nails a few times a week.
 The kitchen canisters from Kirklands work as holders for Q-tips,
cotton pads and cotton balls. It's nice to use them a different way.
 Also in the master bathroom I decluttered and organized the shelves.
 An outdoor plant shelf sits in my master closet and displays fashion jewelry. 
 I call this organizing "step two".  Look at the shelves as "step one" in the process.
You can buy these cloth jewelry organizers at Marshalls.
 Wooden shoe shelves work well. They came from Bed, Bath & Beyond.
I hung my winter scarves on the wire closet shelves. I wear them often.
I'm still working on this part. I think I need a better way to display them.
I'll let you know what I come up with. Do you have any other ideas?
Sweaters and t-shirts are folded nice and neat.
Above them are jogging suits and jeans. The shelves go to the ceiling.
I'm working on the other side of my closet.  I'll share that soon.
Do you donate and organize with seasonal changes?
Recently a few of you thought that we have already moved. I thought I would
 update you all on the exact status. Things have been up in the air for the last
few years as far as exactly when and where. Sorry for the confusion. As of now
I know for sure we are moving in the spring or early summer of 2012. Delays
have happened with others moving out of the Maryland base for my hubs job.
That is why we are waiting and waiting. Sigh. I'm ready. Can you tell? Ha!
I will keep you posted when we sell our home and the buying of a new one.
I'm in the process of setting up a Facebook and a Pinterest account.
I'll let you know when I can get them up and running. It looks like fun!
Have a wonderful week!