Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keep Calm and Gobble On

Hello All!
Enjoy this special time with your friends and family.
This image is from my Pinterest boards...cute huh? 
Have a wonderful Thankgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dress Me Up!

Hello Everyone!
Do I need some new dresses to add to my wardrobe? The answer is *yes*.
It's been years since I bought a new one. Seriously. For many years I worked
in the fine jewelry retail sales industry and that is all I wore. Dresses, suits and
 skirts all day everyday so I think I got very tired of them. Now I don't own a one.
Except for my wedding dress and a few MC ball gowns I have saved.
Join me to see what I've been finding and pinning to my Pinterest boards. 

A lively green cross wrap style. Love the color.
 Sweater dresses are very popular right now. This oatmeal colored fringe is adorable.
A plum color sweater dress with ruffled sleeves.
 This army green sweater dress looks comfortable.
One of my favorites is this taupe sweater dress. 
 A cute sweater and skirt combo. Love the royal blue purse too.
How about a fun ruffled pink dress for parties?
Isn't this sassy? I love the wide purple skirt and bow. The shoes are wow too!
When spring comes around I'm going to add a maxi dress or two.
For next years MC Ball I am searching for this red beauty. Love it!
Do you wear dresses all the time or only once in a while?
What is your favorite place to buy them?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Hello Everyone!
I'm dreaming and pinning these days so here is my wish list.
You know the list I mean. The one if I had endless amounts of money. He!
Join me to see what I'm wishing for. All images are from my Pinterest boards.
Come by and follow along if you would like. The P button is on my sidebar.
Dooney & Bourke tartan plaid purse.

 Shiny red ballet slippers from American Eagle
 Gucci watch in black and gold chunky links.
 A black and silver necklace with ribbons.
 A pink morganite ring in an oval shape with black diamonds.
A cashmere fushia wrap from Victorias Secret.

Gray boots with a bow. Adorable!
A snazzy lime colored trench coat. 
 Wired bird cloches. I have been searching for these. Yay!
They are from One Kings Lane online catalog.
 A numbered pillow from One Kings Lane. Love the dragonfly.

Lovely perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker. I've always wanted to try this scent.
Last but not least why not have the cutest pup ever under the tree.
What are you wanting Santa to bring you? Just for fun...:)
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Randomness...Beautiful Fall Days

Hello Everyone!
The fall weather has been spectacular here! I hope for you too.
The days are shorter and shorter and it is going by so quickly. Seriously, where
did this year go? It seems like yesterday my hubby was leaving for a deployment
and that was all the way back in early January. He has been home since late July and we
are playing the waiting game with his orders. The move will definitely happen in March, April
or May of 12'. That is all we know as of now. Including the fact that the location may change.
What? I know...
In case you have been following our story we thought we were set on moving to Maryland.
That is not the case as of a few weeks ago. Another location has popped up out of the
blue and we both could not have been more surprised. The problem is we won't know for sure
until mid January. Whew...I wish I could tell you where it is but I have to wait on that for now.
I can't wait to get going on this move and settled again. I feel sort of in "limbo" right now.
In the meantime I hope you will continue reading my blog even if I have varied post
topics instead of the usual decorating. I'm just not doing much of that these days.
Although, I should have some Christmas decor posts coming up soon. Stay tuned.
Thanks to all of you that entered my three year giveaway! I wish you could all win.
All of you are loyal readers and said the kindest things. I appreciate each of you.
And the winner is....Kelly from "The Essence of Home" Congrats Kelly!
I will be in touch and will get your prize right out to you.
If you haven't met Kelly she is a sweet lady. Go by and say Hello to her. You will
drool over her gorgeous home. She is the sister of Kim from Savvy Southern Style.
It must be in the genes. These two ladies can decorate like pros.
I have been spending more time on Face Book and Pinterest and not as 
much with blogging so forgive me if I don't comment quite as often.
 I'm still here waving at you!
It continues to surprise me how much I enjoy both Face Book and Pinterest.
Who knew? Please feel free to friend me and follow my pin boards.
The buttons are right over there on my sidebar.
You are always welcome my friends. I would love to see you there as well.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Glamorous Nails for the Holidays

Hello Everyone!
How was your fall weekend? Ours was nice and relaxing.
I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest. It's addicting.
I have been getting many inspiring ideas for our new home. I can't wait!
Please feel free to friend me on FB and follow me on Pinterest if you like.
If you don't see me around blog land then you know where to find me...:)
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One of my blog and FB friends recently asked if I would do a nail tutorial.
Since nails are definitely an obsession of mine I said I would be happy too.
Join me for my step by step process to glam nails that last.
 Cool! I thought this was a neat looking photo effect with the lamp shade.
 First, gather up your supplies. I have used Sally Hansen and OPI products for
a very long time. Through trial and error they seem like the best for the price.
OPI polish will last and last if applied carefully with a base and top coat to seal it.
I have early childhood memories of my grandmother giving herself manicures
while I looked on with fascination. I was hooked. I do my own nails and always have.
 1. Remove old polish and clean hands. To remove yellow stains use lemon juice. 
2. File your nails to the desired shape and length. 
3. Use clippers a few times a month if they grow too long. A medium length is important. 
I have to stress the importance of keeping all of your nail equipment clean. Use alcohol.
 4. Apply a clear, strengthening base coat to seal in nail moisture. This is key to healthy growth.
5. Apply the color of your choice. Two coats if you wish. Let dry.
I happen to have a fluffy orange cat pillow to rest my tootsies on...LOL!
6. Apply a clear top coat for shine and added strength.
If you are careful it will last for about ten days or even longer.
This warm shade is OPI's *Mrs O'Leary's Barbeque*.
It's a burgundy brown color perfect for the month of November.  
7. Enjoy your polished nails! Use different colors that you like.
I usually buy my OPI bottles at Target or the JCPenney hair salon.
8. Finally...Keep your hands and cuticles moisturized during the change of seasons. 
I forgot and paid the price with a hangnail that really hurt. Ouch. I'm fine now.
I posted about it on my FB. Thanks to all of you that gave me good advice.
All of these nail ideas were found on Pinterest.
Look at this matte finish dark OPI shade with glossy stripes. Gorgeous!
Gray is a popular look this fall in wardrobes why not nails?
Isn't this a lovely holiday party look? Clear nails with silver glitter tips. Pretty!
How fun is this look! Candy cane striped nails. It's adorable for holiday photos.
A classic Christmas-y red is always perfection. It looks good on everyone.
Do you do your own nails or go to the salon? I don't feel completely 
ready to go unless my nails and toes are polished. How about you?
What's your favorite polish, shade? ...:)
Don't forget to enter my three years of blogging giveaway! It's my previous post.
The winner will be announced this Thursday evening.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tea For Three Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!
I can't believe it but yesterday was my three years of blogging anniversary!
Where does the time go? It really is true that the older we get the faster it passes by.
To show my appreciation to all of you for reading along I'm hosting a giveaway.
1. Leave a comment on this post that you would like to win.
2. Be a follower of my blog and leave a second comment.
I would like to get to know you better!
3. For a third entry post about this on your blog, FB or Twitter page.
Thank you very much to all of you for your support and kindness.
I'm so glad to "know" you all. Blogging is a wonderful thing! 
 Here are all of the fun goodies you might win.
 A cute bird catchall. I could see this for tea bags, rings while you wash dishes or office supplies.
 The yummiest candle I have ever smelled. It is delicious!
It took all I could do not to keep this one...:)
 Hot chocolate melting sticks for those cold evenings ahead.
 Two kitchen towels and two oven mits.
 An adorable recipe keeper!
 It has pockets for coupons and your own recipes.
 It's also filled with mouth watering recipes for the upcoming holidays. 

A tea canister, tea mug and milk pitcher all in white.
A box of six assorted teas such as orange spice, lemon and jasmine. Yummy!
I will select the winner by random number generator on Thursday November 10th.
Good luck to each of you!  
Have a wonderful week!