Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basics For My Winter Wardobe

Hello Everyone!
How are you? We are doing well but still waiting for our official moving date.
The day is actually getting closer and closer and I'm more than ready.
How about this warm weather? Is it really January or even winter?
I picked up a few new wardrobe essentials and thought I would share them.
What I like about them the most is that I can mix and match freely.
Join me!
 A deep plum peasant blouse from Cato along with a ruffled gray scarf.
Look how cute! Cato is now carrying ballet flats in sparkle colors for $13.99.
I wear a size 6 and this is the only color they had in my size. I also added the plum jewels.  
 I bought a denim ruffled shirt and paired it with boot cut dark denim jeans.
The navy striped scarf and brown woven belt complete the outfit. All from Cato.
I bought the brown ankle boots from Etienne Aigner at Marshalls. 
 I paired a gray shirt with a bright tomato red blazer from Cato.
 I will wear it with gray and red bead chunky strands.
 I just love peacock, aqua, turqouise blue right now!
I found a soft cotton jacket and matching tank at Cato.
 I found three silver necklaces with this blue color in it.
It's hard to see the true color here but this is a very vivid blue.
 I like to wear the basics like black and white together. I found a white ruffled
cotton blouse at Cato that I paired with a black velvet jacket from Dillards.
 I'll wear this chunky link gold jewelry from Cato with it.
 I bought a basic khaki cotton sweater and paired it with a Vera Wang dotted scarf.
The khaki stone jewels and sweater are from Cato. The scarf is from Marshalls.
Mr Chestnut had to see what was up and he thought it all was all a bit strange. Silly boy!
 A soft cotton wrap sweater in ivory and black button up blouse go well together.
Both are from Cato. I paired it with an animal print scarf from Marshalls.
Large size gold and black stone drop earrings complete the look.
How about a warm and comfy red velour workout suit from Marshalls?
I think I payed about $15 for it. You can't beat that!
I have been walking and weightlifting this week. I'm sore today. Ouch!
It's Chestnut approved this time.
I thought I would share this steal of a jewelry deal that I found at Michaels.
I had no idea they carried jewelry. Did you? They also sell it so you can make your own. 
Look at the sparkle stone bracelets for $3.99 a piece. Love em'!
 I am feeling blessed, grateful and truly lucky this week since I won not one but two
amazing giveaways from Shabby Apple and my blog friends Shenita and Barbara.
Here is the pretty black vintage dress called Boogie Woogie. Thank you Shenita!
I cannot wait to get it. It is adorable with the wide satin bow.
Here is the beautiful gold feather necklace I won. I received it yesterday.
Thank you Barbara! It is darling and I plan to wear it this week.
Have you been buying new clothes lately? Where do you shop?
I seem to be sticking with my favorite stores Cato, Target and Marshalls.
I'll probably expand my clothing store horizons very soon.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration For Our New Home

Hello Everyone!
It seems this new year is already starting to fly by as usual. How
are your resolutions going? I'm starting off slow on my exercise plan
but I'm hanging in there. With our moving day getting closer and closer
I can't help but find new ideas that I envision using in our future home.
I have been pinning away on my Pinterest boards the last few months.
All of the photos shown below are on my Pinterest board called "Inspiration For 
Our New Home" with the original sources attached. Feel free to follow my boards!
I'm having way too much fun with my new pinning addiction. Click here to find me.
This large mirror and greenery looks beautiful in the formal dining room.
This lovely dining room buffet table belongs to Jennifer.
 I would like to try a black and white collage wall somewhere.
It does look really great on the stair landing.
 This deep gray paint by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful color. It's called Knoxville Gray.
 I absolutely love the light neutral sofas and square leather ottoman together.
I'm keeping my eye open for the mercury glass candlesticks as well.
 A sofa table is something I have always wanted to try in the family room.
I also like the double mercury lamps. We just got a Bose stereo so I would set it up like this.
 This iron crystal chandy is my dream for the dining room! 
A pop of zebra print will be a nice accent. I'm thinking in the master bedroom maybe?

 Our next fireplace I'm looking for a more traditional style. I want a lighter, airy look.
 We should have a fully finished basement for the first time.
I found this photo and was really inspired. I don't know if we will have a kitchen though.
 I have always like drapes and plan to use them everywhere once again.
I liked this idea of using smaller ones as accents to the window. Like a frame.
Teal, aqua and or peacock blue colors are definitely on my list!
I plan to use it as an accent color "everywhere". Love it!  
These long silk panels had me at Hello..:) 

Here is a photo I found that I'm envisioning for the guest room.
Time will tell how it will all come together. I can't wait!
We still have about six more weeks before his official orders come through.
After that it should start to fly by at record speed. Whew!
What are your decorating ideas for 2012?
Are you changing things around, remodeling or moving? Please share.
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration, Motivation...Where are you?

Hello Friends!
It's a brand new year and most of us are de-cluttering our homes along with 
 trying to lose weight. Most of you have read my weight loss posts from the past.
You may know I lost 50 pounds a few years ago. Click on the top of my header under
"My Weight Loss" if you have not read them. I'm happy to report I've still kept it off.
Give or take about five pounds. The main problem is my lack of sticking with my
exercise plan consistently. I have been laaazzzy, and or "pinning". You know that
fun site that completely draws us in for an entire day. My ultimate goal would be to lose
about ten more pounds and have much more energy. Exercise helps to increase energy!
Who's with me?
Join me for some motivating photos from Pinterest.
 Inspiration? Where are you? I've had low energy for a long time now.
 Um, I'm trying...:)
 Right now this is me minus the cardio oh and the weights too. Ha!
I do enjoy power walking. I will start again with that.
Some days I feel like this guy. Too funny...:)

This is very true. Should ten pounds really make me feel this way?
Overall I just want to be in better shape and have more energy.

 Eat more of these!

 And these!

 And remember this...
I would cross out the "skinny" and replace it with "healthy" though.
 I could do this right now...!
 Weight lifting was the key to my weight loss. The bowflex will get some use again.
Here's me in 2012!
I'm more than ready for a new year of challenges.
How about you? 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing Desks and Bookshelves

Hello Everyone!
Happy 2012! I hope your start to the year has been a good one.
Mine has already started out on a very high note. I could not have asked for better!
  We are still waiting on my husband's official moving orders but this is "the" year.
Finally! As you know we will be moving sometime in the late spring or early summer.
I have already purchased a new aqua geometric shaped lamp and pillows that I plan to add to
 the chocolate brown guest room. They came from Kirklands with a gift card I got for Christmas.
Hooray! You gotta love getting a gift card to your favorite store. I miss decorating and
posting more often. Please stick with me! I appreciate those of you that have. Also don't
forget I'm always on Pinterest or Face Book if you don't see me here. Come join me!
Join me to see my bookshelf organizing along with some inspiration from Pinterest.
 Most of us start out the new year with some cleaning, organizing goals.
I really enjoy organizing our home and am always looking for new ideas.
 I already had the blue polka dotted fabric boxes and when I spotted
the same style of photo album and scrap book at Target I was inspired.
A very special family has recently come into my life and I need a place for keepsakes.  
 I bought them into the bonus room and decided to rearrange my little bookshelf.
This was the perfect opportunity to donate the books I wasn't reading anymore.
Here is the after! It's clean and fresh with a pop of fun color.
 I ended up with an entire bag full of books ready to go to a good cause.
Even Chestnut got a new snazzy black frame. It fits him well...:)
 Here is a unique idea from Pinterest. A double sided desk unit.
I really like the hanging blue baskets for magazines or artwork.
 A built in desk and shelving unit in a deep chocolate brown.
The roman shade is a nice touch along with the accessories.
 This is perfect for a teen! An armoire desk in aqua blue. Very cute and stylish.
The shelves are arranged neatly with storage boxes in white. The framed prints look pretty too.
 A bright white office looks airy and very inviting.
The pop of warm red gives it a homey feel.
 How about multiple memo boards for large families?
This is a terrific idea for a desk in a kitchen.
 A cozy reading nook, shelves and a ladder adds a little something extra.
I have never been good at crafts but this precious room makes me want to get started.
Love those striped chairs and floor along with the ribbon dispenser.
How about you? Have you started any new organizing projects for 2012?
I'm more than ready to face the challenges of a brand new year!
Have a wonderful week!