Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Formal Dining Room In A Nutshell

Hello Friends!
How was your weekend? We had a very nice one and finally were able to
celebrate our anniversary with a dinner at The Melting Pot. Have you been?
It's fondue and very good. Yum! Afterwards we went to Home Goods and of
 course I found some new goodies. I'll share with you soon. In the meantime
I'm showing you our rooms with the new paint jobs. Here is the dining room.
Join me! Warning, picture overload once again. :)
The new taupe/green paint is called Nutshell by Martha Stewart.
I decided to keep the same color on the top and bottom of the chair rail this time.
I also kept the cafe' prints. They were my inspiration for color, style, etc...
 Here is the before with dark red and gold paint. It was time for an update.
 The buffet table after. I kept the same lamps and mirror.
 The same table before the new paint.
 I  kept the centerpiece simple with an urn and orbs from Kirklands.
 The cream shell plate is from Kirklands.
 The scroll iron chandelier is made by Qorum.
The new rug is from Home Depot. I was happy to find the colors I wanted.
 I added new taupe pillows from Kirklands.
 Here you can see the ceiling was painted a light cream color called Bone Folder.
You can also glimpse a view of the freshly painted kitchen cabinets. I'll show you next!
 The new drapes are a deep moss green from Bed Bath and Beyond.
 Another view.
 The buffet table.
 The view from the kitchen.
 And from the hallway entering the room...
Finally. The. Last. Photo. :)
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like the changes.
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Light and Airy Entryway

Hello Everyone!
We are finally nearing the very end of our home sprucing. As you may recall
about 5 weeks ago I made a very long list of things "to do" around here.
The only things left are the outdoor landscaping, waiting on the new furniture,
and the new hardwood flooring. At this point we may have changed our minds on
 installing hardwoods for a few reasons. The first being the expense has not kept up
with the housing market here, the hassle of tearing the rooms apart...again, and the
darker floors would not contrast with dark leather furnishings in the room. I know
I can add a light area rug but still I'm not quite sure. I'm still thinking about it.
I'm tweaking a bit but for the most part everything is finished. Whew!
Join me for a tour of the newly painted entry. It's so different to us. We love it!
 After! The view as you enter. It's much lighter!
This cream paint is called Bone Folder by Martha Stewart. I used it in many rooms.
 The view from the family room.
 I bought a spring wreath at Kirklands. Spring is definitely in the air here.
 The view into the hallway and formal dining room. I'll share that room next.
The opposite direction from the formal dining room.
 Here is the same view "before" with a darker sage green paint.
Once again we liked it but after six years it was time to change things up. 
 The foyer is two stories high. Here you can see the light color well.
 Here is the same view with the old paint colors.
The deep red was very dark and it carried all the way up the stairs. 
Mr Chestnut is hanging out in his "old" room wondering where the new furniture is.
He does like his "new" room too. Look at his glowing eyes. My hubby took this with his phone. 
We are really getting tired of sitting on the floor to watch American Idol and rental movies.
Tomorrow the tv cabinet arrives and for the family room downstairs but no sofa yet.
Of course it's on backorder. I have no patience. I need to work on that.
I hope you are having lovely weather where you are as well.
Happy first day of spring!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet Dreams In Chocolate and Aqua

Hello Everyone!
It's been one month ago exactly since we started our home sprucing up and I'm
happy to report we are almost finished. Can I get an amen? Whew, it has been one
month I don't want to do over again. Just ask my husband. Ha! Poor guy, I begged him 
to get the room painting finished quickly and he did a fabulous job. The only rooms left
are the master bedroom and bath. That will be next weekend. Our new furniture arrives
next week and then it will be on to the outdoor landscaping. I have many before and afters
to share with you and today is no exception. Join me for a tour of the guest room and bath.
Warning, picture overload. :-)
Aqua paint is calming and is a nice compliment to the deep brown.
 I bought the damask lamp at Kirklands.
The new paint color is called Arrowroot by Martha Stewart.
 A console table holds family photos that are dear to me.
Many of the accessories you may recognize from our master bedroom.
Since I am going in a different color direction in that room this worked out. 
 The drapes were previously in our master suite and are a perfect match to the walls.
 The iron corner shelf holds accessories.
 A bench at the end of the bed is nice for seating.
 Gold scroll candle holders hold ocean waters scented candles.
 The urn trio in my three new colors.
A plate from Kirklands says it all.
 A new silver and aqua lamp also from Kirklands.
 Chocolate brown and aqua pillows. The bedding came from Marshalls.
 A white ceramic cross tassle in chocolate and aqua.
 I bought the damask shower curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond.
 A teal blue urn from Marshalls and night light from Kirklands.
 Chocolate brown and aqua blue towels.
A view of the vanity area.
Here is a before shot of the room so you can see the changes.
I liked it but I was ready for the new colors. Stay tuned for more!
     Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poppies In The Powder Room

Hello Everyone!
Painting and more painting has been going on around here.
Let's not forget carpet cleaning, power washing, donating, general deep cleaning
and the fun part...shopping! Finally this past week a ton of progress has happened.
 Here is the finished powder room. Join me!
 I started with cheerful poppy prints from Kirklands.
It ended up that the entire room has a nature feel to it.
 A sage green flower valance from Bed Bath and Beyond.
 The scented oil is jasmine and it smells wonderful.
I hung hand towels in a soft sage green.
 The lid cover is moss green. Oops. I forgot to add the matching rug. 
I will grab it soon. The white flowers are from Kirklands.
 Here you can really see the true paint color. It's called Sisal by Martha Stewart.
What a difference! Wow, this room was very dark before.
 The sink and mirror.
I wish I would have chosen a lighter sink six years ago but it stays.
I placed a gold frame in front of the lamp cord to hide it.
Here is a before photo of the room.
Our next big project... 
 The kitchen cabinets are being painted cream on Tuesday. Hooray!
Have a wonderful week!