Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hostas & Container Gardens

Hello Everyone!
I finally started working outdoors this past weekend and still did not get that
 much done. We had a ton of rain. I have always enjoyed the one lone hosta we
have in our front mulch bed. That plant survives year after year. Even after it is
munched on by the numerous deer it grows back everytime. I had recently pinned
some ideas about growing hostas in container pots so that is what I'm trying outside.

I usually do well with ferns so I went with many of them in front and back.
I bought the striped pillows at Lowes. They have almost the same ones at Pottery Barn. 
I  did not judge correctly how many hostas I needed for each large pot.
They look a bit small but hopefully they will grow quickly.  
Do you have any tips on hostas?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shades Of Summer

Hello Friends!
Summer is here! Are you ready? The warmer weather always makes me think of color.
Greens, pinks, cool whites you name it, I love them all. You would think I had been working
outdoors and that is what this post is about but my allergies have kept me in for now. I'll get
started on that soon. Today I want to share with you my beauty finds, clothes, home stuff etc...
Join me!
 I bought a super soft coral jacket at Marshalls. Love it paired with black or white, maybe even aqua.
The bright coral and orange chunky jewels have a splash of leopard.
The little bow was the icing on the cake for me. They came from Belk Hudson.
 Some of you may remember these bead bracelets I bought at Michaels in almost every color.
For only $3.99 I had to go back and add a few more. The purple and royal blue colors are so vibrant.
 Cool chunky silver necklace and bracelet sets are perfect for crisp white outfits.
These are Vera Wang from Kohls.
 The gold set is nice for those romantic summer dinners.
 I carry a lighter handbag during the summer. It's a cream color woven style by Anne Klein.
 Oh my goodness the summer shoes! Don't you just adore the new cork wedges?
I bought this white flower pair at Ross. Love!
Another wedge shoe from Ross. I went with basic black to match everything.
 I bought some soft summer pj's in baby pink and white. Ah, sweet dreams...
My new lipstick shade for summer is a deep rose pink called "Very Currant" by Clinique.
 Summer nail shades! "Color To Diner For and "Senorita Rose-a-lita".
OPI always has the most creative names for their polish colors.  
 I ordered some new custom decorative frames from Kristen in our new "lighter" colors.
The dark wood frame has steel blue, rose pink and soft yellows. The colors in our master suite.
Please pay her a visit to place an order. She is very talented and easy to work with.
 I switched to a green vase and found a bouquet from Kirklands in lime green, oranges and reds.
It made me think of summer right away and makes me smile. It matches a wreath in our entryay.
 Another custom frame made by Kristen. This one may just be my new favorite.
She has made many lovely items for me over the years. Thanks Kristen!
It sits on our kitchen counter by the canisters and matches the new lighter color palette.
I bought a lime green tuscan style vase at Marshalls and displayed it above the cabinets. 
Pretty summer colors make me happy. How about you? Added any summer colors lately? 
Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blog Transition & Family Room Updates

Hello Everyone!
I have been on a bit of an unintentional blogging break. It seems that lately I have grown bored with blogging. I guess it's understandable after three and a half years of it. It used to be I would share at least three posts per week. These days I can barely come up with an idea for one post per week. 
I actually have two other topics of a more serious nature I could blog about but they are completely unrelated to home decorating. I have been toying with the idea of changing the direction of my blog or starting a second one but at this point I'm still not sure about it. It would mean opening up in a way I'm definitely not used to. Privacy is something I value greatly but at the same time one of the topics well scratch that make that both topics would probably interest you and may even help some people.
I'll let you know what I decide...
In the meantime I am in the process of having a new blog design done and I know that always
helps me to get a fresh outlook. Look for that in about 3-4 weeks. I hope you will stick with me
while I go through this transition. Thanks to all of you who have always been here. I appreciate it.
Here is the final room I am sharing with you on our home updating project. The family room was one of the first we finished but it's the last I'm showing you. I'm not sure why it worked that way. Whew! We are both happy to be done with home projects for now. You know how that goes.
Join me for a tour of the updated family room!

Paint - Bone Folder / Martha Stewart at Home Depot
Leather sofa, armoire, tables / Ashley Furniture
Leather curved chair and ottoman / Sams Club
Leather club chair / Kirklands
 Drapes / Bed, Bath & Beyond
Rugs, art, pillows / Kirklands, Marshalls
Have a wonderful week! 
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